Can You HIIT like a Girl? 22 Minute Cardio HIIT Workout Challenge

Workout Details

Here’s a challenge for all of you who like to push yourself; can YOU HIIT like a girl?

If you do this whole routine, you’re looking at burning a whopping 12-15 calories per minute, or 264-330 calories in just over 20 minutes. That’s not even considering the afterburn effect that you get from high intensity interval training workouts that leave your metabolism reeling and revved up for 24-48 hours after you’ve finished the actual workout.

For that reason, this routine is great for those looking to get lean or stay lean, without spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical (which would actually be far less effective than this short workout in helping you lose or maintain weight).

All of these exercises are dynamic and demanding full body movements that require a lot of effort, balance, and energy. There are a lot of new combination moves in this routine that we haven’t done before. It might feel a little strange learning the motions at first but all that means is that your muscles are going to be used in new ways that they are not used to, which is a good thing for coordination development and calorie burn.

Workout Structure
10 Bodyweight exercises that target multiple muscle groups
20 Seconds On; 10 Seconds Off, X 4
22 Minutes Total
Warm up & Cool Down are not included, but both are recommended

Exercises in this routine
Burpees + 2 Reverse Lunges – Deceptively difficult for balance when you are trying to move quickly; do 2 burpees and immediately drop back into a reverse lunge on each leg; repeat.

2 Momentum Jumps + 2 Counts Quick Feet – Powerful arm movements to generate upward movement + a quick interval of low-squatting quick feet makes for a unique move that challenges the muscles without burning them out completely.

Rocket Squats – Drop down lower & lower in a 3..2..1 count, and then jump upwards from your squat explosively, bringing your thighs up high enough that you can slap your legs. We also show an easier modification in the video.

High Knees – A simple, highly demanding cardiovascular challenge. Get those knees up high and move them quickly to make this harder.

3 Log Jumps + 3 Pulse Squats – Good for coordination, good for all of the lower body muscles; do 3 up & over side to side jumps, tapping the toe of the inside leg in front of the body before jumping back to the center to do 3 low pulse squats.

Cross Crunch Get Up – Abs, thighs, glutes arms, shoulders, and lower back all pull together to take your body from fully extended in a stretch, to up in a crab position, reaching for the toes of the opposite foot.

Jack + Cross Toe Touch – A high cardio, high calorie burning exercise that especially targets the muscles of the thighs and glutes.

Mountain Climbers – Move your feet quickly to make this total body exercise that much more demanding. You can also make it easier by actually placing your feet on the ground under your body, instead of just briefly allowing them to hover there.

Lateral Jumps + Knees – A regular lateral jump gets a twist that puts more demand on your core and your balance.

Double Butt Kickers – This. Will. Hurt. But it only lasts briefly and after this last move, you’re done. We have shown an easier modification in the video.

So, can you HIIT like a girl? Tell us on our Facebook page, YouTube, or below.

Think it was too easy? Step up the intensity by moving faster, or hold onto weights while you do the workout.

This HIIT workout challenge is great for combining with one of our 20-40 minute strength workout routines for the upper or lower body (or both combined). Remember, for best results you need to combine Fitness Blender cardio workouts 5-7 days a week, with our strength training workouts 2-4 times per week (targeting the upper and lower body muscles each twice a week). Cardio alone will not provide the metabolic boost that strength training does, so make sure that you combine our different types of training for your body’s best health & condition! Our fun and functional stretching workout videos are also an easy way to make sure that you are not neglecting flexibility and range of motion exercises, which should be a priority to every individual, regardless of what your specific fitness goals are.


ncmichael Blender Account

awesome! Great start to the day.

ag369 Blender Account

This workout was just what I needed this morning! A month ago I hated burpees but they weren't that bad today and I thank you guys for that!

kelseyjones Blender Account

I love your shoes! What kind are they?

adesha Blender Account

Ok I'm definitely trying this workout later........will keep you guys posted ;)

Theresa Google Account

I loved this workout! It was difficult but amazing. Butt kickers HURT! :-) You guys should make an app! I get up every morning and do one of your workouts from my iPhone.

nessiepop15 Blender Account

you can use this site from an Iphone... I use it from mine :)

kiddo Blender Account

Hi. My friend turned me onto this website and I'm so glad she did! I don't have a long lunch period so I do the 20-30 minute workouts. If I do these 4-5 times a week, will I see results? I want to lose weight and look leaner. I'm also trying to watch my diet. Thank you!

ladysafe Blender Account

Just finished this and I'm sweating like crazy!!! Kelli, when I watched this video, u made it look so easy that I decided to try it out... This workout kicked my butt! I am so tired, but I feel great that I made it throughout the whole thing!

mhegedus Blender Account

I thought I was getting "tough" (been doing alot of strength training) and this workout kicked my butt - in a good way!!

jwhite10 Blender Account

Love this workout! The interval structure makes it somewhat manageable, but still exhausting!

kglpounds Blender Account

I work full time, am in full time school and have a husband and young child. Thank goodness i have finally found a decent at home workout that makes me really sweat!

lpdubz Blender Account

This workout is fantastic! I actually can't wait to do it again.

miamiink89 Blender Account

I used to hate burpees, now I hate mountain climbers and double butt kicks!! However I loved this video and I am now dripping in sweat!

hollyrae Blender Account

I found that I cannot HIIT like a girl, but I can HIIT like a mature middle aged lady, lol! Had to modify some moves but I stuck to it.

Ugga Google Account

Thanks for the awesome workouts! Is it ok for a 13 year old boy to do one of these exercises every day? I don't struggle or get sore the next day. I just want to get rid of 2-3 percent bf so I can get to 10 percent. And can it stunt my growth?

runninggirl81 Blender Account

I can HIIT like a girl!!! (kind of, my shoes kept slipping off for the mountain climbers! I guess I need to tie them tighter)

vegjen Blender Account

This is one of my favorites! Thank you!

ting.ruan Facebook Account

I have just HIIt like a girl! The mountain climbers was the toughest all! great work out thanks so much!

cheezebot Blender Account

Did this at night time since i have no time to workout in the mornings. But it's awesome i love it so much!!!! Cheers :)

Maya Google Account

Im proud to say that i can HIIT like a girl, and sweat like a pig :)

annette.stevenson.37 Facebook Account

Just finished this and yes I can hiit like a girl!!!

sarahroe Blender Account

It was good, but wouldn't give it a 5...maybe a 4? THank you for a free workout!

stephanie.felder.52 Facebook Account

WOW! I just finished the workout and the sweat is pouring off of me! Awesome workout! I will be doing this a few times a week!!

angie.czemerynski.holcomb Facebook Account

That was awesome! 20 minutes and what a great workout!

angela.boerkoel Facebook Account #1 of getting my body back on track and this kicked my butt!!!

hml2wake Google Account

I know fitnessblender says to switch up your workout routine often but I have been doing this video once a week as part of my routine for about 3 weeks now. And when they say to switch up your routine is it necessary to change your entire routine or just aspects of your routine? Like for example can I keep doing this video as part of my cardio workout but change up my strength training workout? How often do you switch up your routine?

julie.gross.37 Facebook Account

Holy Schmoly! I guess I can HIIT like a girl!

dkssud Blender Account

Intense workout! At least for me...I nearly died! But what matters is that I finished it. :) Thanks for the awesome workout.

meg wants to get healthy Blender Account

HI i'm just wondering what you mean by "This HIIT workout challenge is great for combining with one of our 20-40 minute strength workout routines for the upper or lower body (or both combined). Remember, for best results you need to combine Fitness Blender cardio workouts 5-7 days a week, with our strength training workouts 2-4 times per week (targeting the upper and lower body muscles each twice a week)"

do you mean that in one session/day you should do this and a strength workout, or do you mean over the week do this for 5 days and then strength for the other 2 days?

sorry i'm a total noob to this - the information is just so overwhelming when you google balanced workouts for weight loss and general health
- thank-you so much for putting all of this into videos so that we can fit these workouts into our daily busy home life without paying for expensive gym memberships or finding the time to drive to a gym, workout and then get back home...all of your efforts are greatly appreciated - thanks again

mihaela84 Blender Account

Amazing workout! Really made my heart work hard :) Great bank for your time in this one.

torygetssvelte Blender Account

I can HIIT like a GIRL!!! But at the double butt kickers--I thought "there is NO WAY I can do those." And then Kelli switched to the one leg butt kicker and I said out loud "Oh God Thank you so much KELLI" Thanks for the substitution!

akmg Blender Account

Very challenging but definitely my favorite work out

cristina.musat.528 Facebook Account

Guys, I usually do half a HIIT routine after my warm up, do my strenght training and then do the other half then move on to the cool down. Is this going to make the HIIT less effective? My goal is to lose a little bit of body fat and build some muscle... to get fit, basically . Thank you!

fitness blender Blender Account

it is fine to break your HIIT routine in half, especially if you would skip it other wise. You should know however, that breaking up a HIIT routine will lower the overall cardiovascular challenge/benefit as you are giving yourself extra "rest" in the form if a strength training routine..if you can really call that rest. Also Typically we try to do our more dynamic motions that have a higher chance of injury first (HIIT exercises) then strength training because you can more easily control the difficulty of typical strength training exercise to avoid injury.

The main point you need to take is that even if a specific combination may not be the most efficient way to do a routine as long as you enjoy it and you get it done, that is all that really matters. You can worry about efficiency if you decide to become a competitive athlete. Ha.

Hope that helps answer your question.

drogers13 Blender Account

Just did this one with my 2.5 year old. Just a bit awkward but definitely entertaining trying to do butt kickers while he's running around me in circles and me trying not to kick him in the head mid air :). Did one of your warm ups too. It was a bit challenging trying to do push ups and back bows with him on my back lol!. Got my heart rate up and am still drenched in sweat so I'd say I accomplished what I wanted. lol! Great Workouts!! And great times creating memories sharing your workouts with my son too - Building a great foundation for him :)

holly.winwood.3 Facebook Account

Great! Just tried this one (2/8/14). Did one of your warm ups then a cool down. Perfect!

alexsinclair12 Blender Account

This was awful. Awful as in super difficult, did lots of groaning noises through it, but I pushed through and I'm sweating like crazy. great!!! A+

rebecca.bleck.9 Facebook Account

I've been doing your workouts now for months already and I think I'm in a pretty good shape, but yet not able to do those double butt kickers ... :-/

hannahrivkah Blender Account

One of my favorites!

iamwhoiam Blender Account

hiit like a girl 2 I managed, this one is harder for me. Those mountain climbers and double butt kickers, I had to do regular butt kickers and one leg at a time mountains after the first round of each.

anitaanita99 Blender Account

love it! it seemed more like a 5 to me though

TennilleCourtenay Facebook Account

I can HIIT like a girl! Haha, just finished & that was really good. Is it strange that I found it kinda easy? I have finished Round 1 of the 8 week programme & am on week 3 of Round 2 :) I guess I am getting fitter by the day! Thanks guys.

shareemc Blender Account

Great workout. so sweaty right now

apples'n'endorphins Blender Account

Apparently I can HIIT like a girl haha. I'm drowning in sweat and I hate hate hate double butt kickers haha. But hey, a month ago I said the exact same about burpees and now they're not that hard anymore. So I guess I'll just have to do loads and loads of double butt kickers (oh yay..!). Thanks for this workout (actually thanks for all your workouts!), quick and painful but soooo good. :) X

laurenchonka Blender Account

yup I can HIIT like a girl! with a few pauses... ;) thanks guys for another fab workout

orourkesullivan Facebook Account

I did this for the first time this morning and I have to say I think I will et more out of it as I get used to the individual exercises. You know, the awkward first time. With that said it had me sweating bullets by the end. Loved it!

lucii6 Blender Account

A little bit scary first, but yes, I made it!

3ts Blender Account

Yeah!!! I just HIIT like a girl! I was actually scared that I can't make, but I did it:) my heart is racing with a heavy sweat all over.

d-ray Blender Account

Yes I can hiit like a girl! I loved this routine and I am sweating like crazy

julie.hilton.353 Facebook Account

If I combine this workout 5x week with a strength training workout 2x week, is it ok to not have a rest day at all? I thought it was necessary but it suggests doing this workout
5-7 a week along with strength training

jivens Blender Account

This is my second level 4 routine since I started working out 1.5 months ago and I can proudly say I hit it like a girl :)

Very generic question: are you guys planning on showing us any bloopers one of these days =P ?

heidio44 Blender Account

I love this workout (and the other HIIT like a Girl Workout), and I like how you have the double butt kickers as the grand finale, but I often get a sharp pain in my knee when I do them and have to switch to another exercise (which is disappointing because not many other exercises are as tough as the double butt kickers.) I'm a runner and I exercise a lot, so I'm in good shape. I'm wondering if many other people experience this with the double butt kickers, and if not, maybe my form is off?

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