Keeping Fitness Effective, Cheap, Fun - Get Fit for Good - 2017 Sneak Peek



01/10/17 7:53am

Powerful message! I have been trying to articulate this to a family member who thinks along the commercialized/ fad diet mentality. I will be sharing this with them. Thanks as always, Kelli and Daniel!


12/30/16 6:19pm

Hi guys! I just have a question I've been wanting to reach out to ask you guys. I'm finishing up the 4 week vegetarian meal plan and I absolutely love it and want to make clean eating a lifelong priority. I am going to repeat the plan again but know I'll have to do it on my own eventually and I'm nervous about it. I know the main point is to eat real food but the meal plan is so precise with amounts and variety and I'm not sure how to replicate that on my own. I guess my real question is how do you guys make sure you are eating the right number of calories and have a good variety to make sure your body is getting all the nutrition it needs? Any tips you could share with me and the FB community would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for all that you do!


12/28/16 10:05pm

I enjoyed this vlog! Though I eat very healthy whole foods the vast majority of the time and have been working out regularly for years (with FB for about 3), this vid had great reminders :)

I love how Kelli has her own Instagram, and how she posts personable things on the site (e.g. her weight loss story) and through your social media. Her progress inspired me to do FB30R3 (I've never completed one of your programs, but I'm almost done with it and LOVE it!). It's great to feel like I know the person in the video. I'm curious - does Daniel also do your own workout programs? I'd like to hear more personable type things from Daniel. Both Daniel and Kelli have excellent workouts and seem to have a style of their own, both which I love. We are lucky to get to know Kelli's but I'd like to get to know Daniel (my other trainer!) more in 2017. Perhaps it's just a personality thing, so I don't mean for this to sound like pressure, but just wanted to throw that out there! Also love the workouts that have more single leg exercises in them (e.g. single leg deadlifts and assisted pistols). Great work. So happy FB exists!

12/28/16 3:12am

Hello, Kelli and Daniel! I've been meaning to send you a message for so long, the one that you'll both receive and, hopefully, read.

First of all, thank you for the great easy fitness tips provided in the video! I am finishing your program called "FB Fit round 2" right now (only a couple of days left), and I am looking forward to purchasing the new "FB Sweat" as soon as it comes out.

I am a little upset that the program is only 4 weeks long as I've learned from this video, but that's a minor thing as compared to the possibility of choosing the length of daily your workouts. It is especially valuable with our hectic and busy lifestyle. You've done an amazing job compiling workout programs so far!

I have a long experience of working out at home (almost 8 years, with a one-year break due to health problems). I've started working out with you after I've beaten anorexia and gained normal weight again. I lost all my strength and endurance during the last year, my muscles were completely gone when I started working out using your videos. It's been only 3 months now, and I am almost back to the shape I had before my illness. I cannot find words to describe how grateful I am to you, Kelli, for your positiveness, support and motivational thoughts, and to you, Daniel, for your wise tips and thoughtful health and fitness recommendations. You both have helped me clear my thoughts and change my world view after struggling with anorexia. I've FOUND MYSELF again, with your help. THANK YOU! Please continue doing what you do, as you change people's life in ways you can't even imagine. I wish you both happiness and health in the coming year 2017.

Sincerely yours,
Victoria (victory_s in Fitness Blender app)


12/28/16 12:51am

Thanks guys for your video, I've already lost over 40 pounds and I'm having some problems with my weight and lifestyle right now but this has motivated me like never before, thank you so much!

P. S. I hope that one day I will upload my before and after story so I can inspire somebody else :-)

12/27/16 6:33pm

I'm excited to hear there will be more vlogging! Will you please make a music playlist? I have the hardest time finding good music to work out to.


12/27/16 4:58pm

Super excited for FBSweat! I've never done a Fitnessblender Workout Program before, but definitely would love to try this one! Happy Christmas and New Year, Kelli and Daniel!

12/27/16 2:56pm

So looking forward to the new program. You two are the best and absolute life-changers! Thank you.


12/27/16 11:54am

You two are dynamite! Great message as always! You have changed my entire outlook on life, health, and fitness with your workouts and vlogs! Keep up the great work!

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