Best Dumbbells for Home Workouts - What Type of Dumbbells Does Fitness Blender Use?

If you're serious about home workouts and/or quitting your gym membership, dumbbells are the one piece of equipment that we recommend splurging on. As long as you have weights at home, you're set! And, outside of the initial purchase price, you're going to end up saving money by cutting out a monthly gym membership fee.

So, if you're in the market for a set of dumbbells, and if you've ever done any of our strength training videos, you may have noticed that we always use the same adjustable dumbbells.

We use & recommend Powerblock's Adjustable Dumbbells. We love them. Here's why.

Quick, smooth transitions between strength sets: Because the dumbbells are nested, everything you need for your strength workout is in one place. The plates glide smoothly, and all you need is a flat, solid surface to set them on; the changing of weights takes less than just a few seconds.

Space saving efficiency: Instead of having an enormous (and expensive) collection of different dumbbell weights that take up a great deal of room, an adjustable dumbbell offers everything you need in one set. Some Powerblock versions have upwards of 25 different increments you can select from just one set.

Weights that readily scale with your strength: Each set varies in the number if increments available, but it's a huge advantage to be able to switch rapidly back and forth between very light and very heavy weights (and everything in between), relative to your own strength. It's a benefit in the case of strength variances between exercises and muscle groups, as well as for the times when you need heavier weights because all of your workouts are leading to increased strength.

Very durable and high quality: We have used the same sets heavily for around 4 years (we misspoke by a year in the video above). After all the usage, they work just as well as the day we got them. 
An upfront investment that saves you money in the long run: These dumbbells are not cheap, but if they're replacing a gym membership, they're worth it many, many times over, as you're getting rid of a monthly bill. You can certainly find cheaper options - whatever you choose, make sure to read reviews (honest ones!) so that you don't end up having to rebuy the same thing a short time later.

In our videos, Kelli started out using the Sport 2.4 (but has recently switched to the U-32 in our newer workout videos) and Daniel uses the U-50. Find either version of the PowerBlock Dumbbells here.

In summary, if you're looking for adjustable dumbbells reviews and/or recommendations, we are not hesitant to tell you how much use we've gotten out of ours, and how satisfied we are by the quality of this particular brand. In the end, you have to think about what workout equipment is going to benefit you the most, and that you're going to get the most use out of. We hope this was helpful!