Jumping Rope Workout; At Home Cardio Boot Camp Workouts

Jumping Rope Workout; At Home Cardio Boot Camp Workouts

If you already know the benefits of jump roping for a good fat burning cardio workout, then you will love this cross training, jump roping interval boot camp. If you haven’t yet played around with working this simple cardio tool into your routine, here is a kick butt workout for you to try.

If you are a veteran at the jump rope, then just follow the routine as is, however, if you are new to it then you may want to replace all of the jumping styles & variations with just one style that you are most comfortable with, at least until you become proficient in the others.

How to do this Routine
This is a high intensity routine that will get your heart pumping, so take as much rest as you need between sections, but try to keep any breaks as short as possible to get the most benefit out of this cardio drill. Switch between exercises in each section as quickly as possible; there should be little to no rest between exercises in a single section. Each section should take around 5 minutes if you move quickly from exercise to exercise. All four sections together, including rest in between, should take roughly 30 minutes depending on how long you rest. Expect to burn 300-500 calories for this routine depending on your height and weight and how hard you push your intensity level.

Jump Rope Interval Boot Camp

15 sec - Rope Swing (swing rope side to side to warm up)
60 sec - Two Foot Hop
60 sec - Run in Place while jumping rope
60 sec - Back Bow Crossover
60 sec - Crisscross Crunch

5-15 sec - Rope Swing
60 sec - Running in Place
60 sec - Crisscross (hands cross in front of body while jumping rope)
60 sec - Mt. Climbers
60 sec - Jumping Lunge

5-15 sec - Rope Swing
60 sec - High Knee Left Leg
60 sec - High Knee Right Leg
60 sec - Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raise (30 sec each side)
60 sec - Jack Knife Crunch

5-15 sec - Rope Swing
90 sec - High Knee Alternating (two on each side)
30 sec - Double Under (jumping two rounds of the rope at once)
60 sec - Agility Dots
60 sec - Burpee

This jump rope workout blends bodyweight toning moves with cardio to give you a metabolism boost and a high calorie burn in a short amount of time.