I've found a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for me

I've found a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for me

Hello Kelli and Daniel!

I would like to thank you for all your hard work in Fitness Blender. It has made a huge impact in my life, both physically and mentally.

I stumbled upon Fitness Blender in April 2016 when my weight hit a record high of 73kg (~161lb). At the time, stress from school messed with my diet and sleep, and I gain 5kg (~11lb) in just 2 months. I had always struggled with my weight as I grew up as I tried to achieve the Asian standard of beauty imposed on me, i.e., super skinny. However, I have tried many ways to lose weight, but none of them were sustainable. With the weight gain in such a short amount of time, I decided that I had to do something again and I found Fitness Blender.

I lost 13kg (~29lb) in the first 4 months, and I have continued to workout with you two since then. After 14 months with you, I have lost 16kg (~35lb) in total and feeling so much stronger and capable in terms of my fitness. While the workout videos helped with my weight loss, your philosophy on fitness and healthy lifestyle made a tremendous impact on me. I have come to appreciate my fitness level rather than focusing on my weight. I value much more about what I can do rather than how much I weight. I also realize that my struggle was not only about weight but also about my self-confidence and perception of beauty. With your help, I have found a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that works for me.

Living a healthy lifestyle seemed unattainable because I never had the time and motivation to go to the gym. I live in Canada, and walking 15 minutes to the gym in -20 degree Celsius (-4 F) in winter is just demotivating. The 30 minutes workout programs have been both efficient and effective for me. The videos are short also fun (using Kelli's liberal definition of fun here). You two are approachable and real, which made the workouts delightful :)

I cannot say enough good things about you two and the workout videos, and I have recommended Fitness Blender to many of my family and friends. Then I realized that I have never told you about this. Thanks Kelli and Daniel :) I'm looking forward to all the awesome workouts ahead!