I was scared and nervous but I hit "play" and pushed myself

I was scared and nervous but I hit "play" and pushed myself

First, I just want to say that @fitnessblender helped me save my life! 

I had always been the “thicker” girl growing up. I always struggled with my reflection or letting pictures be taken of me. I always tried to hide everything but my face in any that were taken of me. In March of 2015, the picture on the left was one of the first times I had seen a full body picture of me in a very very long time. I didn’t like it one bit but I kept it in my phone anyway. It still took almost another year to get my booty in gear! It took putting on another 10 lbs., getting to my highest weight of 212 lbs., before I would make the changes. 

Jan. 26th 2016 was the day I changed it all…I started with just changing my diet and being more mindful of how much I was eating. At times this felt impossible but I kept pushing. I wanted to make myself, my family, and most importantly my kids proud of me. I wouldn’t be able to achieve that if I gave up. 

I finally made the decision to start adding workouts into my day (this is where @fitnessblender comes into the picture). 

I wasn’t confident in my body and was feeling too embarrassed to go to a gym again. Not to mention it seemed like each time I would get a gym membership I would find a way to get out of going. So I waited till I was home alone to not let anyone hear how bad I was about to struggle, got on YouTube, searched for cardio workouts and low and behold Kelli and fitnessblender popped up. 

I was scared and nervous but I hit play and pushed myself as much as I could. From that first video I was hooked! I have never felt bad about the effort I could give and could feel I was getting better with each day!!! I have lost 60 lbs. so far! I still have work to do, I will always have work to do! I can always get stronger, build up more endurance, push farther. I still get sore after workouts with Fitness Blender. And I oddly love that feeling! It tells me I pushed myself just a little farther than I could have before. 

I am always telling people about how much my life has changed thanks to a random search and click on YouTube! I feel so much happier now! I actually allow a picture to be taken of me no matter what (mini victory for me). 

My kids never miss a moment to tell me how proud of me they are! How could I not keep pushing just for that reason alone? (The picture on the right is from yesterday after my #fbsweat workout). 

If this has happened in just a year with @fitnessblender I can’t wait to see what the rest of my journey will bring me!! #journeyisneverover #excitedforthefuture #grateful #fitnessblender #workoutcomplete #earnit #loveit #repeat