"Fitness Blender help me to become the real me"

"Fitness Blender help me to become the real me"

"I would like to share my story with you. 

I was never overweight but I wasn't happy with my body shape because my lower body was too shapeless. My upper body was very thin but my lower body was opposite. And after giving birth to my two kids, I gradually gained weight especially at my lower part. 

I was depressed and looking for permanent solutions. I tried various diets, but these diets only helped me to lose weight from my upper body and the results were not permanent. Besides, I would never be able to diet all my life.

Then I finally was introduced to Fitness Blender through a friend of mine. I started with round 4 (of the equivalent of 8 Week #FBfit) in October 2014 with 172 lbs, and then I did round 5 twice. I dropped to 108 lbs in 8 months. And the best thing about the program was I didn't lose weight from only my upper body, but my body started to transform into its original shape which I really like it because I discovered that I wasn't born with this shape I simply ruined with unhealthy lifestyle habits. So Fitness Blender help me to become the real me. {the picture on the left was taken just before I started with @fitnessblender and the other picture is the result.}"

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