Fitness Blender 1000 Rep Workout: Challenging 500 Calorie Home Workout

I like the kind of routines where I know that I most certainly, unquestionably just worked out. I have tried my hand at yoga (it has it’s health perks, but it’s not really my style), and I love traditional strength training, but by far and large my favorite workouts are the ones that leave both my muscles and my lungs screaming. For me, bodyweight exercises done in quick succession with very little rest are what give me the most satisfying workouts.

1000 Repetitions sounds like a challenge…a painful one, but in a good way. This routine is intense enough to be an a cardiovascular challenge, but because of the bodyweight moves that call upon your body’s different muscle groups, it’s also great for toning. This is a no equipment home workout routine. All you need is some loose, comfortable clothing and possibly a little music to help keep you motivated all the way through 1000 reps.

Below is another, printable version of this routine with different exercises. This is just short of a full hour long routine (approximately 55 minutes); the exact time it takes for you to complete the entire thing will depend on how quickly you move through the exercises and how long or short you keep your rest periods between sets. This is a great routine for anyone looking to firm up and/or lose some weight; this is roughly a 500 calorie workout; you may burn more or less depending on your bodyweight, muscle mass, gender, current fitness level, etc.

Muscle Groups Targeted
• Glutes
• Hamstrings
• Quadriceps
• Upper and Lower Abdominals
• Obliques
• Biceps
• Triceps
• Chest
• Lower Back
• Calves
• Deltoids
• Rhomboids
• Outside Thighs

As the list of muscle groups targeted above indicates, this is a very comprehensive total body toning routine.

How to do this routine
It’s important to do 10-15 minutes of warm up cardio before starting this or any strength training routine to avoid injury. Once your muscles are warm, start in on this routine by doing each of the listed ten exercise for 25 repetitions. Do the entire list four times through, to make for 100 repetitions for each exercise, and a 1000 Rep Workout in total. Follow the links on the demonstration videos if you need a modification of an exercise that is harder or easier.

Take as little rest as possible between exercises. Allow yourself 1-2 full minutes of rest between sets, if necessary.

FB 1000 Rep Workout

10-15 Minutes Cardio Warm Up (Walk, run, or try our short 8 Minute Warm Up Video)

Sumo Squats
Wide Push Ups

Jackknife Crunches
Jumping Lunges

Side Planks with Leg Raise (Right)
Side Planks with Leg Raise (Left)

Backbow Crossovers
Tricep Dips or Tricep Push Ups

Supine Push Ups or Reverse Flys

Cool Down & Stretch

You end up doing 100 reps of each exercise in this workout; depending on your fitness level and your body’s weak points, you may be doing some of these exercises to what feels like exhaust. If you need to stop and take a break before you complete a full 25 repetitions of an exercise, stop and take a quick breather before jumping back into the routine. Do remember that doing an exercise with proper form is always going to be priority; choose the level of difficulty of each exercise that allows you to execute it correctly.

If this is too much for your current fitness level, or if you have a packed schedule that doesn’t allow for a full 60 minute workout, break this routine apart into four 15 minute (or two 30 minute) calorie blasting, metabolic revving segments by just doing one or two rounds of 25 reps at a time.

Bodyweight or lightweight high rep workouts like this one blast fat, burn a high number of calories, tone the body, and boost cardiovascular endurance. This one is also fun, delivers a good energy boost, and doesn’t require a single piece of equipment.

Getting fit doesn’t always feel like a walk in the park; the FB 1000 Rep 500 Calorie Home Workout definitely embraces that concept.