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Weight Training for Fat Loss - 33 Minute Functional Strength Training Workout

33 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    We operate under the concept that if you are taking the time out of your busy schedule to do one of our workout videos, we are going to do our best to make sure that it is maximally effective and that you get rewarded for every second’s worth of effort that you put into your sweat session.

    Why do just a regular squat when you could add in a ventral raise for the upper body, or a simple, traditional lunge when you could add in a torso twist to further challenge your core?

    Looking at the combination of exercises below, you can probably tell that this routine is not only great for building functional strength & balance, it’s also great for burning calories. This workout for fat loss and increased strength is a great program and a relatively quick and efficient way to get stronger and leaner.

    You are going to need a set of dumbbells for this routine. If you don’t have any dumbbells, you could also use a medicine ball, kettlebells, resistance bands, water bottles, or a set of small to medium kittens (though dumbbells are probably the best option for this combination of exercises).

    Here’s what this routine looks like:
    - 8 Exercises
    - 3 Rounds
    - 33 Minutes total

    Printable Workout Routine:
    14 Push Ups
    14 Dead Lifts + Reverse Flys
    10 Single Arm Pullovers + Opposite Leg Raises (repeat on each side)
    14 Squats + Ventral Raises
    14 Alternating Lunges +Row Kickbacks
    14 Squat Crosses + Presses
    14 Alternating Lunges + Torso Rotations
    14 Crunches with Cross Punches

    Common Questions

    How many calories does this workout burn?
    Because of all of the muscle groups engaged simultaneously, this one is a calorie torcher! We estimate that in the 33 minutes of this video, the vast majority of the population will expend 8-12 calories a minute. That’s roughly 264-396 total. Here’s the thing; you can easily step up the burn even more by grabbing weights that are heavy & challenging for you to lift. Just make sure that you don’t ever sacrifice form for a heavier weight.

    How often should I do this routine?
    It depends on the weight that you lift, what your goals are, and how sore you are after each workout.

    Here’s a quick reference guide:
    Lifting heavy & want quick results & gains? Do this 2-3 times weekly
    Lifting lighter, or for toning and/or weight loss goals? 3-4x/week will do the trick.

    With that said, make sure that you don’t do the same workout video over & over again. Mix up combinations of Fitness Blender videos for the best results.

    We recommend that you do the workout routine along with this video, at least the first time through, just to be sure that you are familiar with all of the moves and that you have been exposed to the tips and pointers for proper form.