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Upper Back, Arms, and Chest Workout - 23 Min Tabata Upper Body Workout

23 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    Twenty-second active intervals sound like a piece of cake, but after three times through with these exercises your muscles will be burning.

    Research has shown that 20 seconds of maximal exertion is the most that the body can take before it’s capacity to sustain that effort (particularly with proper form) starts to drop severely. The combination of the short duration of effort with a short rest interval increases your ability to sustain that maximal effort, which in turn allows you to burn calories at a continuously elevated rate.

    Workout Structure
    -3 Minute warm up
    -6 Upper body exercises done in a Tabata format

    Printable Routine

    Warm Up Cardio – 1 Minute of each
    -High March
    -Tap Jacks
    -Side Toe Touch Lunges

    Tabata Routine: Upper Back, Arms, and Chest Workout
    20 Seconds Active, 10 Seconds Rest; 3 Times

    Bicep Curls – Isolate your biceps with this simple move, make sure that you use perfect form in order to make this exercise effective.

    Tricep Extensions – Get rid of flabby arms with this tricep toning exercise that also incorporate the upper shoulder (deltoid) muscles.

    Reverse Flys – Great for strengthening the rear deltoid & rhomboids (across the shoulder blades).

    Chest Flys – For improving the strength and tone of the pectorals and bicep muscles.

    Pullovers – Latissimus dorsi, tricep, and chest are all engaged during this move.

    Overhead Presses – For deltoids & triceps.

    How many calories does this burn?
    We estimate that you can burn 5-10 calories per minute of this workout, or 115-230 calories.

    We know that’s a huge variance, but it’s because the number of calories burned is largely going to depend on how heavy of a weight that you choose to use. Choose a weight that makes it hard to complete the last few reps of each 20 second interval. By the third interval, you should be struggling to lift that weight – however, do not give up proper form of the exercise.

    Women; do not be afraid to lift a heavy weight that challenges you. As mentioned above, if you choose a heavier weight you’re going to be burning calories at a higher rate, as well as building lean muscle (which bumps up your calorie burn even while you are resting). Because of the lack of certain hormones, women have to try very hard to “bulk up”, and often have to take supplements. Do not avoid lifting heavy weights in an attempt to stay “thin” as it will only end up making it harder to stay lean in the long run.

    Make sure that you do a cool down & stretch after you finish this workout.