Total Body Tabata Workout - 45 Min HIIT and Toning Routine


Calorie burn:

322 to 507





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Fitness Blender's 45 minute tabata training video targets multiple muscle groups, builds endurance, and burns off a great deal of calories.

This time we do HIIT intervals (20 on, 10 off) eight times through for a whole four minutes for each exercise. It’s tough, and a bit different from our usual structuring of HIIT workout videos up until this point – we usually do two minute intervals, but mixing it up like this is a great way to keep your body on it’s toes.

What I really ended up liking about this workout was that it was great for calling out weak spots in your body in terms of strength and endurance. It’s definitely a total body workout, and if you pay attention, the exercises that you really struggle with in those long 4 minute intervals are likely the places that you need to work on most. For me, I had a very hard time with the push ups (try not to laugh as you watch me trudge through those...). Upper body strength is definitely my weakness and something that I know that I need to work on – as you can probably tell from the video, after a few rounds of active intervals my push ups started to slow down and my form started to waiver. If I put a little extra effort into training my upper body muscles, I will likely find that the next time I try this workout, this part will be a little easier.

Be mindful throughout this workout and pay attention to the intervals that you find the most challenging – core, upper and lower body, and cardiovascular endurance are the main components of this routine; being aware of which one is hardest for you may be revealing of muscles and training types that you are neglecting in your normal program.

Cardio Warm Up
Tabata HIIT Cardio + Toning Workout
Cool Down & Stretch

Tabata Routine
20 On, 10 Off x 8 for each exercise
20 Seconds rest in between the different exercise intervals

Wide Burpees + 3 Squat Jacks
Push Ups – The hardest version that you can manage
Kettlebell or Dumbbell Swing (basic squat or squat jump if you don’t have access to any equipment)
Toe Touch Crunches
Jumping Jacks
Alternating Lunges (We used extra weight to make this more challenging, you can do the same or step up the cardiovascular demand & calorie burn by doing jumping lunges, instead)
Static Planks
Double Pulse Squats

Don’t skip the warm up, and don’t skip the cool down; both are important and help you avoid injury and can even help improve your performance.

How often can I do this workout?
Depending on what the rest of your regular program consists of, you can do this routine 3-4 times a week, as long as you are waiting until those same muscles are not sore before attempting it again. Do remember that in order to get the best results, you need to mix your program up frequently. Also, while this is definitely a total body routine, it only touches on each muscle group briefly, exhausting them, but not necessarily from multiple angles or ranges of motion. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make this a part of your regular routine, but make sure that you aren’t doing only this routine.


04/18/15 5:59am

x8? daaaaamn. kicked my butt. thanks k&d!


04/03/15 6:19pm

This workout was HARD but doable and I got a great workout! Definitely doing it again.

04/03/15 4:32am

First time I've tried a Tabata workout. Found it hard but great fun!

03/31/15 9:13am

Absolutely loved this workout! Loved the balance between HIIT and strength with the focus on core.

clover 94

03/20/15 3:21pm

One of my #throwbackfavorites. :)


03/08/15 7:45am

First workout back after a week of being lazy. My arms are still shaking as I type this. Love it!


03/06/15 5:18am

on the push ups - I get 1 less each 20 second round, lol. my goal is to keep the amount consistent. Love you two!!

Tara Chantal

03/06/15 12:47am

Not crazy about burpees but I love Kelli and Daniel and for how you encourage and push us:-) I feel this workout throughout my body, more than some of the others I do. And I was drenched in sweat! Thanks, you two!


02/11/15 7:40am

Completed my favorite workout. (Victory!) Thank you so much for this video!


02/06/15 7:30am

Love this workout! It did leave me with pretty severe pain in my triceps (both arms) though. What did I do wrong?


01/24/15 1:08pm

Just made a contribution after doing this workout, how can one not?
Health club = monthly dues, sometimes long term contracts (and try and get out of one) , and always some personal trainer trying to hard sell themselves. FB= free membership, amazing workouts, and 2 personal trainers at your disposal.
Thank you, thank you !!


01/16/15 11:00am

After using this video for a short time and doing some yoga my posture has improved immensely! My favorite fitnessblender video for sure.


01/06/15 6:13pm



11/27/14 4:28pm

I'm pretty fit and still found this very challenging, even harder than many of the level 5s! Looking at the moves first I thought it wouldn't be so bad, but any one of these done 8x through burns like hell. I'm not a big fan of this workout but that's precisely why I'll be coming back to it to push me out of my comfort zone. I was very surprised that the toe touch crunches were the hardest round for me!


11/22/14 9:23pm

This is one of my very favorites. Used weights for the lunges(23) and crunches(8). Was sore for 3 days and im not one to usually get sore. The push ups got my chest good. Will be doing this one every so often. More of these please;)


11/12/14 5:54pm

This was brutally hard! I probably shouldn't have done this while still getting over a cold, but I did as much as I possibly can without overworking myself... I'm going to try again tomorrow morning, assuming that I'm at least a little better... thank you, Kelli and Daniel! This was almost unbearable in the first round. But once it was done, I thought, "There's no more?" then I felt the soreness.. haha

kma lana

10/24/14 6:19pm

Great workout once again! Started push up military style but after round 3 had to switch to girl push ups, then had to stabilize on shoulders during planks, how brutal, but I will thank you when I can hardly put on my T-shirt tomorrow:-)))


10/15/14 9:06pm

literally crying through the last half of the push ups and planks! made me feel better actually and able to push through when i did! :) good release!


09/22/14 2:40am

Holy crap that was good!!


08/18/14 7:04am

Ouch! Wicked workout. I think it's the hardest workout I've ever done.......


08/12/14 9:44am

I LOVE this workout. The burpees/split jacks I love great to get the heart pumping at the start, so much better than normal burpees - the only thing I find i don't like/not tough enough is the kettle ball swing, but I normally swap that for squat jumps (which I too, sadly love doing).


07/14/14 9:59pm

The Wide Burpees + Squat Jack were a killer!! But really anything of those exercises done 8x hurts! Best of sore!!! :) tip: when doing the Alternating Lunges combine it with a Bicep Curl ;)


07/02/14 10:45am

This one was a killer! I upped my difficulty level from 3 to 4 with this one, and it was challenging to keep up with. GREAT workout!


06/24/14 6:25am

Loved this workout! It pushed me to the limit but only *just* to the point before I collapsed haha! Those wide-burpees and squat-jacks were a killer!


06/19/14 3:03pm

Love this workout! The push up section kills me. I was laughing at myself because I just physically couldn't do one more push up at the end of the last round


06/15/14 12:48pm

Thanks for a great workout and it wasn't dreadful! Will do again!


06/12/14 8:42am

This was a wonderful workout! The sweat is literally dripping off me! I really struggled to do the push-ups, but I did at least a few in each interval. Thanks for encouraging us to just keep moving.


06/02/14 5:12pm

Doing this tonight, I mix it up but this is one pf my faves :) Thank you guys, you're amazing!! Ps - Kelli totally reminds me of Samantha from "Bewitched" :)))


05/10/14 11:46am

Finally able to do this entire routine!! It kicked my butt, but in a great way! Thanks to you guys for creating great videos I can do at home to reach my fitness goals!!


03/24/14 7:16pm

I've done this one several times & love it! This time I did the original Ladder of Pain as a finisher and was a brutal hour! I was feeling it everywhere the next day!


03/07/14 3:58pm

loved the kettlebell swing in it. please make more of these


02/22/14 10:17pm

great workout


01/12/14 1:20pm

I did this 3 days ago and I'm still sore!!! :( Maybe cause I'm just starting a workout program, so I don't know if it was a really good idea lol... anyway I think it's better to keep with low impact workouts before jumping into this kind of training again. Thank you for this videos!


12/06/13 8:18pm

I just switched up my routine and added this one to the mix, it's definitely one of my faves! Fun in the most agonizing way!!


12/05/13 7:45pm

Intense for sure but in an awesome way! Great workout, loving the timer on top and the calorie bar on the left!


10/01/13 10:25pm

Umm ouch! That was intense. And painful. So all in all very effective.


09/17/13 5:24pm

Thanks for the video!!
One question: When you say to make sure not to only do this workout, what othe routine can I combine it with to get a full workout?

Thanks again!!


09/05/13 3:28pm

Thank you so much, I really love this workout!!!!!


09/02/13 10:46pm

Thanks FitnessBlender for making workouts so much more fun & interesting!! (Not to mention EFFECTIVE!!!) I've been recommending you guys to all my friends who are interested in blasting their unwanted fat away!!

Huey Ning

08/31/13 3:51am

Awesome workout! To be honest, I knew an ass-kicking was coming up but didn't know it'd be the push-ups that would kill me, haha!
Those wide burpees were killer as well. Love the site and love the workout guys, thanks for all of it! :D


08/30/13 4:26pm

Great workout but not my favorite. I don't like 8 rounds of's a mental thing for me. Thanks so much for creating and letting me do it for free though! Appreciate it!


08/30/13 5:08am

Absolute beauty! Just finished with this workout and am feeling wonderful and energetic! :D


08/04/13 9:09pm

I did this workout last week - had my heart rate monitor on, and really did sweat out 500 calories. SO much better than spending the same amount of time on my elliptical. Thank you for this awesome workout!


07/16/13 5:35pm

you have no idea how much i love this workout!!!!


07/11/13 12:21pm

I love this workout but can't seem to find the "add to favorites" button...

fitness blender

07/17/13 2:49pm

Look in the blue section next to the body outline.


07/06/13 12:10pm

This is such a great workout, thanks to the two of you. I'll be 61 in September and am so happy to be able to keep up. Working out is like a little bit of heaven. GOD bless! dabl


05/15/13 1:07pm

This is my favorite workout so far! You guys have an amazing website, keep up the great work!


04/24/13 1:12pm

Hi guys, just came across your videos and they are really good, will keep excersing with them regulary. I have a question, is it better to do one type of the workout for several weeks or can i do every time different video? Which way is more effective? Plus i m also jogging quite a lot, is it good for weight loss to do one day jogging and one day of these workouts or is it more effective to just do these workouts? thanks for the answer. Keep the great job going! thank you from Czech republic :)


07/25/14 1:02am

I'm also from the Czech Republic :)! To your question, I think that variety of workouts is always the best, so don't stop jogging and doing these workouts, do both ;-)!


04/21/13 1:55pm

Love this workout!! One question though- how many calories does it burn??


03/24/13 1:59pm

Loved this! Tabata style workouts always keep me on my toes and sweating


09/02/13 10:44pm

For a moment I thought you said it keeps your toes sweating! LOL cos' mine definitely did!! :D


03/18/13 7:47pm

I consider myself to be in very good shape. I do Turbo Fire and weight training on a regular basis and workout 6 days a week; usually at a pretty high intensity. This workout was such a surprise! I felt like I really worked hard, and I definitely felt it in my inner thighs and arms/shoulders the next day. Thank you so much for this, I'll definitely be adding it into my rotation.


03/15/13 8:08am

I did this for the first time today, whoa! great workout. Thanks so much for the huge variety of free workouts!


03/01/13 6:15pm

Great workout! My arms are tingling they are so tired. :)


02/24/13 3:51pm

I absolutely loved this work out! I love this site. It has really helped me on my 10lb drop! I will definitely continue to spread the word! Also will be making a donation!

Thanks for all you guys do!


02/22/13 7:35pm

This workout kicked my butt, but I was able to finish. I feel so accomplished! I did learn that my upper body and abs are the weak links :(. I will keep at this workout so I can perfect my ability to do it.


02/22/13 11:30am

Great! I thought I was in the clear with the jump n jacks but then the planks came!! Thanks for another great workout! Couldn't bounce back from baby without you!


02/21/13 6:13pm

That was an awesome workout!!!
Thank You

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