Toned & Curvy Body Workout - Exercises to get Curves


Calorie burn:

210 to 350





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, Mat

Workout type:

Low Impact, Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This is a fun routine for any body type that maximizes the time spent exercising because of all of the dynamic movements. Throughout this video, you wont do just a squat, or just a chest press. Instead, we combined the best exercises to get curves in order to make a total body routine that utilizes functional strength training to get fit and toned in minimal time.

With that said, if you are naturally slender but don’t want to have a shapeless or straight up and down body frame, this Curvy Body Workout can help you to build an hourglass figure that has definition, shape, and curves in the places that you most want them.

Workout Structure:
There are 9 exercises in this 30 minute video. We do 14 repetitions of each, and three rounds through. In order to do this routine, you’re going to need some kind of weighted objects, dumbbells are preferable but water bottles are better than nothing.

Exercises in this routine:
Butterfly Bridge + Chest Press – This hybrid motion turns into a total body exercise that will build & firm the glutes and the pectoral muscles, which keep both muscles from succumbing to the dreaded sagging due to gravity. Kicking your knees outward during the bridge so that the soles of your shoes are actually pressed together more effectively targets the outer thigh & hits the glutes in a different way than the regular bridge does.

Dumbbell Pullover – Two of the primary muscles worked during this exercise are the pecs and the latissimus dorsi (along with the obliques, triceps, and rhomboids to name a few). By engaging the pecs, you are again fighting back against gravity & sagging. Engaging the lats can create a more shapely upper body that makes your waist look smaller in contrast (which is actually a big component of the curvy body shape)

Side to Side Lunge + Front Shoulder Raise – Glutes, inner, and outer thigh & shoulders are all working during this high calorie burner.

Sumo Squat + Heel Raise & Overhead Press – Make your squats deep to really target those glutes. Don’t forget the overhead press at the top of the motion or the raising of the heels at the bottom of the squat.

Reverse Fly – These predominately target the rhomboids and trapezius. This makes the list of exercises to get curves because of the way that it improves your posture, helping you to keep your shoulders back instead of them rounding forward, which can diminish and distort the look of curvature you already have.

Crossover Lunge + Dumbbell Curl – Inner thigh, outer thigh, glutes, calves, your entire core, ankle and knee complexes, and biceps are the focus of this exercise.

Straight Leg Dead Lift – Do this exercise properly and you will feel it in your glutes, especially as you come back up from the downward motion. This is a great exercise to get a rounder butt that is firm and shapely.

Pilates Side Plank with Leg Raise – Because you hold a side plank during the leg raises, this targets your obliques as well as your outer thigh muscles (which is good for creating a smaller waist, which is conducive to looking more curvaceous overall).

Push Up – Whether you do a full push up or a half one from your knees, this is a great exercise for targeting the pectorals using only bodyweight.

How many calories does Fitness Blender’s Curvy Body Workout burn?
In the 30 minutes of this routine, you can burn between 210 and 350 calories, depending on your height, weight, gender, muscle mass, and more.



04/13/15 2:39am

Love this workout! But it must be one of your earlier ones as there isn't enough time to switch weights if using an adjustable set. Would love it even more if you re-recorded it with more time to switch weights. Keep up the great work! I tell EVERYONE about you!

04/01/15 4:16am

Oh My! I didn't think it would be THIS challenging! I suffered and I don't know how I went through the 3rd round! Absolutely loved it lol


02/08/15 6:07pm

My legs are so sore after doing this workout, it was the first time I incorporated weights with squats! I still really enjoyed it :) It's going to take me a couple days to recover but I will be definitely doing this workout again! Thanks Kellie :D


01/31/15 1:59pm

I used 2 of 1litre milk bottle as weights and my husband's 15kg for deadlift, I can feel my leg even though I have just completed 1 round out of 3. I personally prefer doing 3 round of an exercise in a row then move on to the next, to doing all exercises then repeat all in the next round. But that is just my personal preference :)


11/03/14 12:18pm

great workout ! But I must say, to me this was more of an upper- than lower-body routine (my shoulders and arms are dead) :D


11/01/14 2:16pm

loved this workout...i tend to lose my curves when i lose weight, so im trying to lift weights

great workout


09/14/14 1:30pm

I'm naturally slender and trying to get curves and i really love this combination!!


08/10/14 7:20pm

Wha! Forgot how challenging---awesome this one is!!!


07/28/14 8:59am

I have been working out with you guys for over a year now. I just discovered this workout...Dang!!! This one is HARD!! In a good way i was not prepared for this one being as difficult as it was. I did have to remind myself to slow down and not worry so much about the repetitions as my form. But this one's crazy good bad hard. Wow! Can't stop my shaking hands!!!


07/23/14 3:20am

Hey! first of all i think you're doing a really great job in your videos. I've been doing the 100 squat challenge for the past two months and it's really working out for me. Only problem is i've lost weight which is something i never wanted to happen beacause i have curves and i think i've kind of lost weight from my breast too. What i wanted to do is maintain my curves while toning my butt and make it bigger. Is this the appropriate workout? because i'm really avoiding weight loss...


05/22/14 6:36am

Hi, I just recently started doing this workout and I wanted to find out if I could still do this workout without the use of dumbbells or any other equipment as I already have a slim body but I just want to slim down my stomach to accentuate the curves and do I need to do any other exercises aside this one as I also want to get a rounder butt and build chest muscles. However, I noticed that I tend to eat more carbs than proteins and I wanted to know if that could be hindering my progress and if so, please how can I cut down on the carbs and eat healthy foods? as I already eat healthy but when I carbs I tend to get a bloated progress which is making it a bit hard for me
Thank you :)


05/14/14 12:13am

Hi! I am having a problem with my sides. My left side has a curve but the other is straight. Is this workout appropriate for my problem? I want to have nice curves on both sides. Thank you! I really wanna try to do this workout. :)


03/28/14 10:18am

Does this workout burn belly fat????


03/17/14 5:26am

I couldn't believe how much this workout raised my heart rate and got me so out of breath - and with no cardio component! It also completely wore out my muscles - getting ready for work seems like a daunting task right now. And I thought this was going to be an easy one! Killer workout, guys. You rock!


01/25/14 9:21am

It took me 1.5 hours to do it. I took 3 long breaks and could only do 6 of the exercise on most of the sets. The workout is GREAT, I"m in lousy shape!


11/09/13 10:39am

Also, what workout would you recommend to have your sexy back?Thanks again! :-)


11/09/13 10:34am

Hi kelli! Ive been doing your hiitworkouts for 2mos. :-) i've lost 10lbs so far:-) thankful to find you and your workouts! I admire your attitude and how friendly you are :-) nway, i'm getting married next February and ive been looking for a workout that TARGETS THE HIPS coz my hips isnt proportioned with my widE shoulder and with my waistline, could you give me some/several workouts for that?i also have 2lbs dumbells. Not to mention that we're going to have our honey moon at the beach so i want to boost my confidence wearing bikinis :-) hope you'll see my comment! :-) thank you again :-)


10/08/13 3:35pm

I was sore after this one! Felt great!


08/21/13 9:05am

Hi,I really like this workouts. What weight of dumbbells Kelli is using here? Are there any suggestions about weight in in regards with body weight?

noura mesfer

08/17/13 7:26am

Please i need yourhelp, How many times per week should we do those workouts? And would make my chest smaller?

fiona mccallum

06/05/13 2:47pm

hi I have been really enjoying your workouts I would like a curvy shape but what exercises do I do to obtain this but keep my legs looking lean but I still want a larger rounder but


05/18/13 4:40pm

[2013-05-18] I like this one :-) except I couldn't hold the side plank, which hurt my right elbow so much I couldn't even do wall push ups!


04/18/13 8:52pm

I really liked this one. :)


01/16/13 5:50pm

Favorite workout by far! I really hope this can help me reach my goals! :)


12/12/12 11:41pm

One of my favorite workouts! I also like the strength training for weightloss one and the cardio and strength mix one! I love a ton of the workouts on this site tho! I would love to see some more hardcore ones that incorporate weights! Great workouts overall! This site has really helped me in the past year to shed my baby weight from my second and get toned and muscular. I recommend it to a ton of people! Thanks fitness blender, you guys rock!


12/06/12 2:37pm

What size dumbells should be used to see results?


10/28/12 9:23am

How often should we do this workout? Everyday, every 3 days?


10/08/12 2:00pm

I am very slender and have a boyish shapeless frame. I don't want to loose any weight just want to tone up my thighs and legs. What is a good workout plan for me?

fitness blender

04/24/12 7:27pm

@ Lisa - Try workouts that build up the chest & the glutes to create the look of curves. You can search routines by body part/muscle group under "Full Length Workout Videos". Do them 3-4 times per week. Glad you liked the workout.


04/23/12 5:36pm

Awesome work out, I am definitely one of those girls that has a natural slenderness and needs more curves! I was wondering which other routines I should be doing along with this routine to obtain this more curvy body shape and how often I should be doing the routines. Please get back to me thanks! :)

fitness blender

04/04/12 8:08pm

dmh - Awesome. Let us know what you think.


04/04/12 5:20pm

This looks fantastic. I will do this tomorrow and incorporate it twice a week along with my couch to 5k plan for the next few weeks.

fitness blender

03/06/12 12:34pm

Doing this workout with a cardio routine would be an excellent combo for lowering body fat. Could it be possible you are eating more than you think you are? On the flip could even be that you aren't eating enough. If you are stuck at a plateau even though you are working out regularly, take a good look at your diet and eating habits. Hope this helps. - Kelli


03/05/12 12:49pm

hey guys!!!!loooove it!!!it's great!i just have to ask...i am really looking forward to lowering my body fat percentage and i wonder if doing this workout combined with a cardio routine will be enough or i need to have more options...i am exercising for about a year and a half now and my body gets used to the exercises real quick...i have lost weight and now i just seem to be stuck ...:| i feel the muscles beneath but i don't see them ...much :)..thank you so much for what you are doing !!^^

fitness blender

02/28/12 9:39am

That is a great suggestion. It will definitely go on the list of routines. Look for it around the end of the month to early next month.


02/27/12 8:49pm

I think i like this combination because is like a total body workout that why,can you please do some total body workout with dumbbell

fitness blender

02/27/12 8:45am

What is it about the combination that you like? We can definitely make some more that are put together in a similar fashion.


02/27/12 5:00am

I realy like the combination on this workouts keep doin some more like this please

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