Tight & Toned Beach-Ready Body Workout


Calorie burn:

245 to 420





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Summer is coming! It’s the time of the year when everyone feels the most pressure to look and feel fit. This home workout is a combo of bodyweight cardio and toning moves that target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, helping you look firmer and leaner, faster.

This routine starts off with a 4 minute Cardio Warm Up. Once your muscles are warmed and your blood is flowing, we move into the core of the workout; 30 minutes of bodyweight toning moves. There are three rounds total.

Warm Up, 1 minute each:

-Jogging in Place
-Rear Lunge + High Knee – 30 seconds on each side
-Lateral Jumps
-Jumping Jacks

Exercises in this routine:

-10 Outside Thigh Circles – Lie on your side as if you were going to do a side leg lift. Lift your outside thigh but instead of going straight up and back down, use your straightened leg to “draw” a large circle. Once you reach the starting point, draw another circle, this time in the opposite direction of the first one. Repeat on each leg. This is great for glutes and outer thighs.

-10 Crossover Plank Rows – Start in a full push up position, and walk both hands to one side while crossing one leg over the top of the other to tap the ground on the opposite side – at the same time, pull one arm up & back at a 90° in a row. Continue this motion, going back and forth from side to side. You will feel this in your arms, glutes, hamstrings, abs, chest, rear deltoids and rhomboids.

-15 Side Cinchers – Go into a side plank, and extend both the top arm & leg fully. Now “pull” them both in together as if you were cinching something. Your elbow should come in towards your side and your knee will do the same. You will feel this in your obliques predominately (top and bottom sides), but it also targets your hip flexors, lats, outer thigh, and glutes. Repeat on each side.

-14 Flutter Kick Reaches – Lie flat out on your back with both arms extended overhead, and then crunch upward with one arm towards the opposite leg. Continue alternating reaching diagonally for the toes of the opposite foot. This is a light toning move for your whole body, but your abs take on the brunt of the workload.

-10 Scissor Bridges – Lie on your back and go up into a bridge position (place your feet flat on the ground and press through your heels to lift the hamstrings, lower back and glutes up off of the floor). Holding this position, extend one leg straight out. Using a smooth and controlled motion, pull your leg out to the side, and then back in. Repeat for the set number of repetitions before switching to repeat on the opposite side. This is an excellent exercise for glute, hamstring, quadricep, lower back, outer thigh and inner thigh toning.

-14 Static Squat Circles – Go into a Ski Squat and extend one leg in front of you. Use that foot to draw a half circle (in each direction) around your body – all while maintaining the squat position.

-10 Sidewinder Mountain Climbers + Leg Raises – Start in a full push up position and then jump your feet up towards your head so that they land on one side of your hands. Jump your feet back out to the full push up position before hopping them back up to the other side of your hands this time. Go back out to a full extension and do a leg raise on each leg before starting all over again. This one is a calorie roasting total body workout.

Just how many calories does Fitness Blender’s Beach Ready Body Workout burn?
Aside from toning you up, giving you a healthy boost of feel good endorphins, and making your stronger, this workout burns a good deal of calories. We estimate that it burns between 7-12 calories a minute, or 245-420 total.

Make sure that you cool down and stretch after this workout.


03/03/15 3:46am

does this burn fat?


07/20/14 12:43am

I've done this workout today as the "optional cardio" from your 8 week program. Good low impact workout, still a tough one! Thank you.


06/21/14 11:03am

I can never manage to do more than 2 rounds of this :(


05/28/14 2:29pm

Loved it! Now, question please, what other workout would you RECOMMEND so as to mix it up to avoid doing this one workout over and over again? Thank you.


05/21/14 1:59am

Absolutely loved this! Not too hard,but there was definitely sweating :)


04/11/14 10:44am

This was a fun one! I am still kinda sore from one of your 1000 cal work outs but had the energy and strength for a workout today and found this gem. there was a lot of exercises I have not done before which I really liked. Thank you thank you!


03/27/14 12:15pm

Definitely focusing on strength more than cardio here. Which is harder for me personally. Ouch lol.


03/13/14 3:21pm

This was an awesome *rest me joints* day work out that still gave that nice strong muscle burn. Thank you :D


01/16/14 1:19am

I felt really negative and down and low energy today, so I was going to take a rest day...until I saw this video and made a deal with myself - if I was 10 minutes in and I wasn't feeling it I wouldn't do it. Guess what? I finished it and feel FANTASTIC, the best I've felt all day. THANK YOU Fitness Blender for creating workouts that are actually fun to do! You two are absolute angels.


09/29/13 12:02pm

I discovered your site a few days ago and I absolutely love it!! I am thinking of doing the 8 week challenge but for now the different workouts I have done are kicking by butt!

This one was a so hard omg! the scissor pose ..if I was able to do like three per leg was a lot.. so I just did the bridge and went up and down. it felt like like level 5 haha!

Anyway the point is to be active and break a sweat and here we can for sure accomplish this! Congrats and thank you!


09/01/13 9:06am

Hi guys! i just wanted to let you know i love your site and this is my absolute favorite workout! but during a few of your workouts during a break when the ads come up it wouldnt let me skip them so i ended up doing high-knees for two minutes while the ads played in the middle of my workout


08/02/13 12:39am

Im wondering how much would the average women weigh who is burning 245 calories in this video? please help!


08/01/13 8:19am

I did this work out yesterday, wow :) !!! By round 3 my legs felt like complete Jello!! This was a tough work out for me, I'm surprised its only a level 3. I did take about a month off, I've only been back in the game for a few days, maybe that's why it felt so difficult for me. Anyway it was a great work out, thanks!!


08/01/13 8:24am

While my one leg was holding me up in the bridge position (scissors bridges) I noticed sometimes it would start to cramp and I had to stop, do you know why it happened?


05/19/13 11:49pm

i love it!


06/23/12 9:27am

you're really great. I've just discovered one of your videos on youtube and thought woov great. then find out your website:)) I'm like in a heaven of greatest workouts. thank you

fitness blender

06/12/12 8:30am

@Erista - Dually noted & thanks for the kind words :) @Romeolittle - Don't do the same workout over & over again - mix & match our workout videos to get a balanced representation of core, upper, & lower body (2-3x/week), with cardio on most days. @Hsg - Same to you; mix & match these workouts, and eat healthily.


06/07/12 8:05am

is there anything more I could do to get a great and fit body for summer??


05/24/12 2:09pm

thx this really helps me? How many days and time should i do this to see a difference and how should i eat?


05/24/12 11:25am

Great workout-I loved that the warmup was included in the workout and I didn't have to go searching for it on the website somewhere. Loved it!! Thanks for this great FREE website, can't wait to workout tomorrow.

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