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Tank Top Arms Round 2 - Upper Body Toning Workout

12 Min • Upper Body
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    • Training Type Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment Dumbbell
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    Tank Top Arms Round Two!

    These upper body exercises are great for toning and shaping the muscles of the upper body, specifically the arms and shoulders. Far too many women avoid strength training for fear of "bulking up", but the truth is that working to build lean muscle doesn't make a woman bigger or bulkier - instead, it helps increase overall metabolism (helping you burn more calories all day long), creates shape and definition, and makes you much more capable and strong. There is absolutely no reason why women shouldn't strength train, especially when one considers the long list of health benefits - all things superficial and appearance related aside, wellbeing is most important.

    All you're going to need for this upper body strength workout is a set of dumbbells - but really any kind of extra weight will work for these exercises.
    10 Exercises
    10 Reps each
    1 Round - 12 Minutes total
    Warm up and cool down are not included; both are recommended

    Upper body exercises in this routine:

    Lateral Raises

    Tricep Extensions

    Ventral Raises

    Bicep Curls

    Close Shoulder Presses

    Tricep Kick Backs

    Dumbbell Jerks

    Over Hand Curls

    Arm Circles

    Tricep Dips

    You can use this routine in rotation with any of our other upper body workouts (variety is great for both mind and muscle), or you can also do this one three times through for a full workout.

    Pay attention to all of the cues on form throughout this video. Making sure that you keep perfect form throughout all of these upper body toning moves will help you get the most from each exercise.

    In this video we've provided how much weight we're using for each exercise. It's important to realize that this number is for estimation/guideline purposes only and is by no means a suggestion as to how much weight any individual should use for each exercise. Choose a weight that challenges your own strength; aim for a weight that makes it very hard to complete reps 8-10, without sacrificing good form. Once that weight gets easy, it's time to bump it up again.