Standing Abdominal Workout - 34 Minute Cardio & Core


Calorie burn:

204 to 272





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

If you often feel tension in your neck or lower back while doing traditional core workouts, these standing ab exercises could be a great option for you.

You guys liked our short Standing Ab Workout so much that we decided to treat you to another one – this one much longer than the first.

In the 34 minutes of this routine, we first get your heart rate up to get your muscles warmed and your calorie burn up. Next, you are going to twist, rotate, and reach your way to a slimmer waist – all without ever sitting down on a mat for a traditional crunch.

What’s in this video:
3 Minute Cardio Warm Up
7 Standing Ab Exercises
3 Rounds Total

Exercises in this routine:
15 Standing Oblique Crunches – Balance on one leg while you bring one knee up to that same elbow. Make sure that you focus on squeezing through that side. Repeat on both sides of the body.

15 Bent Over Torso Rotations – Bend over at the waist, and extend your hands out in front of you. Keeping your back flat and torso as parallel to the ground as possible, rotate slowly back and forth from side to side. Make this harder by holding onto a weighted object.

15 Standing Toe Touch Crunches – Balance on one leg while you bring the other up and out in front of your body in a slow controlled lifting motion. Once your leg is at the top of it’s range of motion, crunch forward and reach for those toes. Alternate back and forth between which leg you are lifting.

15 Diagonal Crunches – Lean forward while you rotate your shoulders, reaching that elbow to the opposite foot. Come back up the same way you stretched down, and repeat on the opposite side.

20 X Pivots – Place your hands behind your head and lean forward and across the left side of your body, down towards the left foot, then make a straight line to the right side of your body, where you pull yourself upward in the same manner that you went down on the opposite side. Once you are back in the starting position, repeat the motion, this time starting by leaning down and across to the right side of your body & pulling back up on the left side.

15 Bent Over Back Extensions – Bend over and get your back and torso as close to parallel to the ground as you can. Once you are in this position, round your upper back forward, and then extend it back upwards. This exercise looks deceptively easy, but you will definitely feel this in your lower back.

10 Corkscrew Squats – Bring your hands up to one side of your body and then rotate downwards to the opposite side as far as you can, then come back up to the starting position. Do 10 reps in each direction.

How often should I do this routine?
Do this routine 3-4 times a week to keep your body trim and your abs toned, all without a single traditional crunch. This particular video would go really well with a short, intense cardio workout – one of our HIIT videos would be a great choice.

Calorie Burn Estimations
We estimate that this upright ab workout burns between 6-8 calories per minute, or roughly 204 – 272 total. These estimation ranges are based on a women weighing 130 lbs and a man weighing 180 lbs. If you weight more or less than that, your expenditure may be over or under the figures we have listed.



07/16/14 12:27am

You have to mind your posture very well with this exercise! Keep your hips straight and your weight in both legs all the time to prevent pain in your knees. My knees are my weak point, so that's why I've directly noticed this. After all a fun workout with some different standing abs moves.


06/07/14 5:03pm

As someone with a tight back and very tight hips, this workout was not for me. I had trouble engaging my abs in the forward bending exercises because I could not bend far without compromising a flat back. I also found myself using momentum for the toe touch crunches, which isn't effective or healthy. I'd much rather do traditional floor work. The only exception was the standing oblique crunches. Also, DEFINITELY recommend some lower back stretches at the end of this.


04/25/14 11:48am

Hi. My name is Kelly and I'm 25. I'm new here and I love the full length workout videos. I've completed the Standing Abs Workout only once so far but it was great, the movements were so simple and instructions were easy to follow without getting left behind. I'm feeling a bit sore but I felt great immediately afterwards. It's such a relief to have workout videos where you can just starting exercising and not feel like you're being sold an unrealistic end product. Plus Kelli looks great and healthy. Thanks for not being false!! :)


04/18/14 2:55am

I love this! Thank you.


03/09/14 4:20pm

Hello. I am new to this workout and really appreciate the efforts that has been put into it. Currently, I am in the Month 1 workout schedule. I wanted to know which Cardio activity should i opt for on Day 5 which is optional Cardio. I want to have maximum effect on a beginner level.


02/13/14 9:18am

I didn't feel anything in my core/abs with this workout, but I definitely felt it in my lower back. Maybe I'm doing something wrong :-/ We'll see if I feel it tomorrow?!


02/06/14 11:58am

I keep going for the harder workouts and have been ignoring the 2 and 3 workouts. Then I saw your Q&A about low intensity days. Now I'm going to check out the different 2 and 3 workouts.
I feel like I've found the city of gold. I think your website is tremendous and I've been working out to it almost daily. I have to force myself to take a day off and on those days, I fast-walk a whole lot.
I can't wait to send a contribution and order some of the items on your shop list.

Thank you Daniel and Kelli for your knowledge, and altruisim in sharing it with us.

Love Val


01/21/14 10:27am



01/06/14 4:10pm

I am doing the 8 week fitness plan and did this as part of that plan. Both while doing the workout and after the workout, my lower back aches more than my abs. Am I doing the excercise wrong or is it just that my lower back is weak? It is not unbearable, I was able to workout next day as per the plan, but just want to know if it is common.


08/18/14 11:28am

I also felt a back ache and had to stop the workout. Side bends never sat well with me. Can you recommend another abdominal workout video more or less in same level that can replace it? I don't want to break the program flow but this particular workout didn't feel good. The others so far were great. Thanks


04/10/14 4:24am

I have a sitting work and have experienced the same. I do not think we did anything wrong, but there is a signal we need to train our back more! I am rather petite and my office chair does not fit me well either, making my posture worse. I will try to do some Bent Over Back Extensions in my office when sitting for a long time. That one was an eye opener. :) On the plus side, I have rather durable abs. Takes a lot for them to hurt (that probably comes in week 2 of the 8 week fitness plan we are doing, lol?).

Clearly, people with any serious back condition should be careful with this exercise.


01/27/14 7:58pm

This is also engaging those lower back muscles from all the bending and whatnot, so your lower back is probably a bit weak.


11/27/13 9:00pm

Me again! Cool workout, including the Toning & Cardio Boot Camp! Liked them both! Thanks for this! No trouble with the vertigo, even with the wicked plank.


11/27/13 10:17am

I am in the 8 week fitness plan and really like it very much. I have vertigo and my main challenge is doing any workout on the floor looking up, and then flipping over, really sets me off for the rest of the night. Yest. I could handle the Body Firming HIIT workout, but had to stop the Upper Body strength training about 8 minutes into it :( Not happy about that, but to much looking up. So went out and walked/ran a mile on the treadmill. I am REEEAAALY looking forward to tonight's workout, the Standing Ab and Cardio & Toning Butt ;) Camp. Love this site and so very much REALLY like this e-book! Genius PURE GENIUS!!


10/27/13 2:47pm

Hi, I just finished JM Body Revolution and was wondering what I would do next.... .... thankfully I stumbled across Fitness Blender on YouTube!!! I am so excited, I have now started your 8 week fitness plan round 1. My question is, is it ok that I do not get very sore from workouts? I am burning plenty of calories according to my heart rate monitor.


07/09/13 8:21pm

Twice I've done this workout, once on my own and the second time with the 8 week fitness series, and each time I've had to cut it short because its made feel uncomfortable and rushing to the bathroom to "clean myself out"! All of those bent over rotations really do a number on my body! I like the workout but I'm not sure that I will ever do it again because of how it makes me feel. Sorry if this is TMI but I can't be the only one that has this experience while doing these exercises!


06/20/13 7:12pm

I love fitness blender! I was doing one of Valarie Waters programs before but was getting stuck in a plateau. I'm new to frequent exercise and looking to loose a little and tone a lot. I just started the fitness blender program one and had to comment on how awesome it is. Great setup, e book with links to the corresponding videos. It takes the guess work out of what videos you should do and what order to do them in. If your thinking about trying it, do it! It's so cheap you have nothing to loose. Thanks Kelli and Daniel!


02/26/13 11:04am

Day #4: This video is definitely going to improve posture. I worked so many different muscles in my lower back that I didn't even know I had! Great workouts!


02/23/13 12:23am

I normally do these workout a few hours before I go to bed (because of my availability). I want to guarantee that I lose weight, are there any videos you can suggest that I can do in the mornings before I eat breakfast?


01/24/13 5:00pm

Hi there..I did this workout this morning and I agree with "lacker". I didn't really feel anything in my abs. I think maybe my form could have been wrong?? I tried to hold in my abs while doing the workout like how insanity shows you to do..which I'd like to add-is NOT for people who are just getting started working out. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Starting Feb, I plan to start the 8 week program. Thank you for all you do :)


11/29/12 5:25am

I just wondered if anyone ever said that this workout bothers their knees from being locked out in so many positions? It could be for me that I am still pretty overweight but fit and that causes extra stress on the knees in these positions.


11/21/12 3:50pm

I just did the entire standing abdominal workout and I really don't feel anything in my core/abdominals. I have a pretty strong core, but I still feel that I'm working my abs when I am doing more traditional ab workouts like russian twists. Is my form wrong?


10/08/12 10:35pm

I just did this video as part of the 8week program and I am seriously in love. I'm taking a quick break before going into the next video and I just wanted to give a little feedback. I am coming up on my 22nd birthday and I gained a little unexpected weight during college. My sister told me about this program and I am seriously excited, not just for the results that I'm expecting, but because it is so enjoyable and obviously changes your whole lifestyle without seeming outrageously drastic or expensive. Thanks so much!

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:34pm

@jennybond - Great for toning & if you couple it with healthy eating & cardio it can definitely help shrink the waist.
@fit2themax - Thank you for sharing with your mom! Thoughtful of you to think of her, too.


07/12/12 11:13pm

I just want to say how great this workout is. Thanks for putting up this one. My mother who is around her 40s want to get fit too but alot of exercises are too hard for her. This one is great because its gentle and not too hardcore.


07/12/12 3:33am

Hi! I'm currently working on shrinking my waist a little bit and doing these amazing standing abs workouts ( I found three of them). Are they really good for making waist smaller or they just tone the whole abs and obliques area? Thanks a lot!!!

fitness blender

07/08/12 11:08am

@ Melissajustina This workout uses much more than just your abs so it is not uncommon to find that you are sore in an unexpected area. This could just be a weak spot that this routine happened to find. Just be sure to stretch really well before and after this workout the next time you do it.


07/07/12 12:35pm

When I did this video I was really sore they next day in my hamstrings, I wanted to know if this was normal? Or was i doing the exercises incorrectly? Thank you!


07/07/13 10:01am

I'm on the 8 week program and after doing this my hamstrings were really sore and tight for 2 days after, it was a killer! :-)
There is a lot of bending with the legs straight in this routine so that could account for some of the soreness.

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:37am

@chana24 Try any of our lower body workouts, particularly the ones with "butt lift" in the title. I would also recommend our 8 Week Fat Loss Program.
@phoenixfit We could possibly do that and some of the exercises in this routine would be okay with a KB. We also have a lot of KB workouts already that you should check out.


06/28/12 12:52pm

Hello, I wondered if you could use kettlebells with this workout? Or are you planning on doing a standing abs workout of this length using kettlebells?

Many thanks,



05/01/12 7:41pm

Hi, I'm new here, so far I've done the Standing Adominal Workout, and the Brazilian Butt Lift. I'd like to add variety to my workout, but I'm not sure where to start there's so many videos here. All I know is that I want to tone/lift my butt and flatten my abs. Which videos would you recommend for me??

Thank you

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