Remix: Fast and Slow Cardio Intervals - Fun Fat Burning Cardio Workout

10 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    This is a fun workout that's going to sneak right up behind you and kick your butt. I was surprised at how badly my muscles were burning by the end of some of those intervals. Try it, and you'll see what I mean.

    In this quick cardio workout we have six groups of two exercises; A Exercise & B Exercise. We'll be doing both of the exercises in the group for 20 seconds apiece, with no rest at all in between, twice through. Exercise A is a slow, low impact "recovery" version of Exercise B, which requires a full blown HIIT level of exertion.  

    It's a nice way to mix up your workout and it goes by really quickly. You wont ever be still during this routine; I want you to be doing at least a boxer shuffle for the entire length of the video.

    Workout Structure
    6 Groups of 2 Exercises; 1 Slow interval, one Fast interval
    20 Seconds each, twice through, no rest at all
    No equipment
    No warm up or cool down, both are recommended

    Printable Workout
    High Knee March
    High Knees

    Slow Burpee

    Lateral Step Lunges
    Lateral Jumps

    Squat Jumps

    Calf Raises

    Side Lunge
    Side Lunge Pops

    Remember to choose both a warm up and cool down video using our search tool for that category.

    We recommend using this cardio interval workout to get a good dose of cardiovascular work on days where you might otherwise be sedentary. It is so short! It takes almost no time at all from your day and you'll feel so much better by the time you're done. Actually, I hear from a lot of you that on days where you really don't feel like working out, but you talk yourself into doing just one of our little 5-10 minute workouts, you end up doing more of our videos, because by the time you're done with what was supposed to be just 8 minutes of working out, you feel more recharged and motivated than you have all day. Just remember when your motivation starts to waiver, that you always feel so good when you're done.

    This routine also goes great with strength training workouts, as it burns off calories quickly but isn't long enough to interfere with your time spent lifting.

    Even though filming this cardio workout video caught me off guard in my expectation of how challenging it might be, I enjoyed it. If you guys enjoyed it too, let me know and I will make you guys a new one, this time a longer one. I also think we are overdue for some new versions of our more unique, signature workouts like When I Say Jump HIIT or Red Light Green Light cardio (if you haven't tried these before, you're missing out). What do you guys think?