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Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

8 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    The most commonly named reason for the vast majority of people who do not make regular exercise a priority is a “lack of time”.

    Yes, you are busy, really busy - maybe even way too busy, but this butt busting cardio workout that requires no equipment and takes only 8 minutes to complete is going to blow all of your time related excuses out of the water.

    8 Minutes is quick; lunch break - baby is down for a short nap – my boss isn’t looking – dinner is almost out of the oven - two commercial breaks of your favorite show quick.

    And it will go by quick with this fun workout that burns belly fat off by torching calories, bumping up your metabolism, and calling upon muscles that you didn’t know you had.

    Routine Essential Stats:
    8 Exercises
    45 Seconds
    10 Second Rest Intervals
    1 Round
    8 Minutes

    Here’s the lineup:

    Delayed Pendulum Swings – Hop, swinging your legs back and forth like a pendulum by alternating which leg is supporting your body weight. Instead of the regular rhythm, this time follow this pattern; single leg hop, single leg hop, double leg hop (hopping twice on the same leg). This slows the motion down a bit and helps you practice body control and balance.

    2 Hooks + 2 Upper Cuts + 2 Jumping Jacks – Take out a bit of pent up aggression with this cardio kickboxing inspired move. This one is fun & a great calorie burner. It’s just like it sounds; 2 upper cut punches, 2 hooks, and then 2 jumping jacks.

    Lateral Jump Toe Touches – This one gets the heart going and is great for toning the thighs and glutes. Jump laterally (to the side) and place the non-leading foot behind your body, nearly going into a lunge to tap the toe of your leading foot.

    Lateral Burpees – Everyone just loves Burpees, right? Right? No one? Anyways, they are a fat burning exercise that targets multiple muscle groups in a demanding, cruel and unusual way. Learn to love them. Start standing straight up, and then go down to kick your feet out into a plank, then back underneath your body, jump upwards, and then do a hop to the side to repeat the Burpee.

    Running Man Kicks – Thighs & glutes are the main target of this one but the core also has to work to maintain balance, while the swinging arms make sure that no muscle group is left in the cold. Kick one leg forward (swinging arms exaggeratedly), then bring that leg back down to immediately kick the opposite leg backwards (again, arms swinging). We will do half of the interval on one leg, half on the other; watch for our signal to switch.

    2 Hop Squats – Squats for strong, firm glutes and thighs, plus a high calorie expenditure for burning belly fat. We bump up the cardiovascular challenge of a regular squat by adding a bit more movement. Hop laterally twice, before going down into a regular squat; repeat the hops back in the opposite direction, as well as the squat.

    Side Lunges + Jacks – A total body fat burning exercise that is a big calorie burner. Do a lunge to the side, then come back up and do two jumping jacks before you lunge to the opposite side.

    How many calories do I burn doing this?
    We estimate that you can burn 7-11 calories a minute in this 8 minute workout. That’s 56-88 calories total. Not high enough, you say? If you are trying to lose weight, try doing it at 2 or 3 different times during the day for a total burn of 168-264 calories, plus a residual metabolic boost in which you will burn calories at an elevated rate while your body regulates itself. Remember not to leave strength training off of your list of priorities, it’s another way to help your body expend calories and burn fat with less effort.

    8 Minutes...Just 8 minutes out of your day...You can do this.

    Time spent working on your health and happiness is never time wasted; make it a priority!