Workout Details

  • Duration: 11 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 95-130
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, Toning
Body Focus Total Body

Quick & Simple Toning and Cardio Boot Camp


This no equipment cardio workout serves to tone & burn a great deal of calories in minimal time.

Workout Structure: 45 Seconds of a bodyweight cardio exercise, followed by 45 seconds of a bodyweight toning exercise. You will have 15 seconds to catch your breath and transition between cardio & toning exercises.

If you want to burn even more fat, we recommend doing this video 2-3 times through. Or you could browse our hundreds of full length workout videos and select 2-3 other workout videos that are 10 minutes in length, in order to create your own custom full length routine that exclusively meets your own fitness goals.

Exercises in this video:

Up and Out Jacks – This is similar to the traditional jumping jack with just a slight modification; every other jump your hands will come up in front of your body & over your head, instead of over your head via the usual lateral motion. This is the go-to cardio move that we use in this workout video between each of the toning moves.

Push Ups – Do the hardest version that you can (from your toes to make it harder; knees to make it less challenging). If you can, do full push ups for as long as you can before you switch to the easier version.

Squats – Stoke up your calorie burning furnace by engaging the large muscles of the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. If you want to make this 45 second interval harder, do plyometric jump squats.

Toe Touch Crunches – Tone the abdominals and let your heart rate slow a bit (due to lying down) before jumping right back into the cardio Up and Out Jacks.

Plank – These feel a bit harder when you sandwich them in between cardio intervals. Do your best to keep your butt down while you’re in the plank position (no cheating) and go into a half plank if you get too tired.

Flutter Kicks – Tone the upper and lower abdominals and thighs with this awesome core exercise.

Make sure that you cool down and stretch thoroughly before you wrap up your workout session completely; you don’t want to get your heart pounding and then head straight towards the couch. Ease yourself back down & do stretch those warmed muscles that you just worked.

If your cardiocascular fitness is a bit rusty, you may feel like you need to stop and rest at some point during this Cardio Boot Camp video. There’s no problem at all with needing to stop and take a breather, just make sure that you keep the hiatus as brief as possible.

The good news, if your endurance is low, is that the cardio threshold is one of the quickest aspects of fitness to respond to working out and regular exercise. If you start doing this video or other ones like it on a regular basis, you’re going to very quickly start noticing a difference in your stamina.

Don’t let your brain or your muscles get bored; search our free full length workout videos for many, many other kinds of training focuses and styles. Mixing up your workouts regularly is key to seeing improvements in strength and endurance.