Lower Back Stretches for Sciatica Pain


Calorie burn:

27 to 36





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Warm Up/Cool Down, Yoga/Stretching/Flexibility

Body focus:


Workout Details

Sciatica, also know as Piriformis Syndrome, can be down right miserable and can be, quite literally, a pain in the butt (and leg, and back). The pain can range anywhere from a minor annoyance to a debilitating ache targeting various areas in your legs, hips, butt, and lower back. No matter where it chooses to rear its ugly head, sciatica can be treated quite effectively with some simple low back stretches. As always, but especially with injuries and conditions like this, talk to your doctor before you start any kind of exercise program - even stretching.

This stretching video includes 8 moves that focus on all of the main areas in which sciatica pain can arise, helping to release the built up tension. It leads you through each exercise for the recommended holding time and gives verbal queues on form. When done regularly this stretching routine for the lumbar and legs can also prevent further Piriformis Syndrome flair ups from arising in the future.

When using this video to help recover from a current bout of sciatica, use a rotation of ice and heat before stretching. Alternate between a heating pad and an ice pack on your low lumbar region and upper hips for 30-45 minutes leaving each on for 5-10 minutes. Make sure you end your cycle with heat, then start the video while your back is still warm. It takes a bit of extra time but can drastically reduce your recovery period.

You can always hold these positions for a longer time period to get more benefit.
Repeat this routine multiple times a day if needed.
Never push for more range of movement than is comfortable; it should never be painful.
Stretching for long periods of time can loosen joints and temporarily increase your chances for injury during physical activity.



04/16/15 10:44am

Thanks a million Daniel&Kelli!


02/04/15 5:23pm

Thank you for this video! I have been doing it for over a week, 2 to 3 times a day and my sciatica pain is all gone! I did just finish a 7 day round of prednisone for the sciatic pain a week ago. I plan to do this video atleast twice a day....forever! I have also started doing one of your lower body toning videos and one of your core/ab videos. It's wonderful to have these to do along with my treadmill walking, since I haven't been cleared to do anything more vigorous yet. Thank you again!


01/10/15 9:04am

For one year now I have been battling sciatica caused by a herniated disc at L5, S1. No amount of chiropractic care or massage helped. I was about to go get an epidural shot when I found this video. I have been doing it 3-4 times a day for one week and my symptoms have decreased by 85-90%. I am a PE and Health teacher and was contemplating a career change because I was not able to move! Thank you for this video. It validates that moving your body properly CAN heal it without medical intervention (although I'm not opposed to that)!


08/24/14 9:14pm

Thank you for this work out. I had a bout of sciatica about 10 yrs ago. Suffered with it for about 2 months, not knowing what it was. Had a yearly physical and mentioned it to my physician and he told me it was sciatica. He gave me a paper with 3 simple exercises that the Cleveland Clinic recommends doing and I had almost immediate relief. Now 10 years later, the sciatica is back and with a vengeance. The exercises on the paper did absolutely nothing. For 2 weeks was not able to walk or to sleep. Then, I found your website. It took me 4 weeks of doing your routine, 6 times a day until the sciatica went away. Now I do them in the morning when I awake and at night before I go to sleep. Feel wonderful. Just a quick note: It was painful at first, to do the routine and I believe it was due to stretching the piriformis muscle. As the pain began to subside from stretching that muscle, so did the sciatica symptoms.


08/16/14 8:37pm

I love the idea of routines geared towards pain relief. More please!


07/18/14 12:50am

I love stretches for the lower back. Unfortunately it's my weak point.


06/15/14 4:49am

I have sciatica pain for years now and always felt like a granny - I am not even 30. this workout really is perfect. try to make time for it as often as possible. more of this short but highly effective stretching workouts against all kinds of back pain would be perfect.know you have a lot but most of these are around half an hour. need more for in between daily tasks. esp when I start writing my 2 ma theses.


05/31/14 2:25am

This is a magic, thx guys!!!!!!!


04/21/14 6:40pm

Such a great one to end on for day 6!


04/18/14 6:26pm

These stretches have been helping me much more than the past few months of physical therapy for sciatic pain. Thank you!


02/22/14 9:30am

These stretches make my back back feel great!! Thanks guys!


11/20/13 3:30pm

Thanks for the great info. I suffered from back and sciatic leg pain for years. Everything I tried failed to help, including 2 back surgeries (a year apart from each other) to remove herniated disc material at L5 S1. I eventually discovered that certain yoga poses reduced my pain, but there were just as many poses that aggravated it. Here is a great resource that combines the back and sciatic benefits of yoga and Pilates... it helped me completely eliminate my back and sciatic pain while avoiding the potential problem areas:



07/07/13 9:19am

All very well, but while I am suffering from sciatica it is absolutely not possible to get into most of the contortions demonstrated by your skinny, double-jointed (and I must add extremely attractive) demonstrator without suffering substantial pain before even starting the exercise. And as you point out, that's a no-no. Now what?


06/24/13 5:09am

Thank you for this video. After doing this routine for several days in a row, I feel a looseness in my lower back that I haven't felt in ages.


01/14/12 10:16am

Thank you, THANK YOU for this stretching routine. I'm a teacher, and often waitress as well, so I'm on my feet a lot, and when sciatica pain hits, it his hard. This is definitely helping!

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