Low Impact Cardio and Toning Workout for Beginners

9 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    Fitness Blender’s Beginner Workout is meant for advancing cardiovascular endurance, toning up the muscles in the body, and burning off a few extra calories. This is a low impact cardio workout that is relatively easy on the joints. Because it’s so low impact, it also makes a good recovery cardio workout for those days in between more intense strength training or high intensity intervals training (HIIT) days.

    If you are brand new to exercise, Fitness Blender has many beginner workout videos that you can choose from; all that really matters is that you start! Move at the pace that you need to; you don’t have to follow along with us in the video, just do the best that you can and take breaks whenever you need to. It’s important to listen to your body, but aim to push yourself a little bit further with each workout.

    While this workout is meant for beginners, it does move very quickly from one exercise interval to another. Watch the upper left hand corner for a preview of the upcoming exercise at the end of each 50 second interval.

    Workout Structure
    9 Different Intervals
    50 Seconds Each
    No Rest
    No Equipment; you will need an open wall

    Exercises in this routine:
    Slow High Knee Pulls – Raise arms above your head, then lift one knee up at a time, while bringing your hands down toward that knee with each step upward.

    Wall Push Ups – If this is too easy, switch to a plyometric push up by pressing away from the wall more forcefully, or, do a full push up on the ground. Make it easier by standing closer to the wall.

    Ski Squats + Curls – Keep feet close together and hinge at the hips to lower into a squat, while doing a bicep curl (with or without weights). Go as shallow or as deep as you like with the squats; remember to challenge yourself.

    Toe Touch Crunches – Keep your legs straight to make it harder; bend at the knees to make it easier.

    Lateral Step Toe Touches – Step from side to side, reaching for the leading toe with the opposite hand. Go as fast or as slow as you like, and reach as shallow or as far down as you can do comfortably.

    5 Torso Twists + a Punch – Great for the obliques, you can also engage the butt and thighs by sinking into a deeper squat while completing this motion. Remember, move as slow or fast as you like, but always use smooth and controlled motions.

    Forward Bends + Overhead Raises – Just like it sounds, this one is more of a nice stretch than anything else.

    Bird Dogs – These are excellent exercises for back health and a strong core. From all fours, raise opposite hands and legs, keeping a flat back (not over extending). If this is too hard on your balance, do one limb at a time.

    Captain Morgan’s – Building up your balance is an important part of fitness. We show multiple variations if you want to follow along and challenge yourself.

    You can do this workout, along with other Fitness Blender beginner workouts, several times through, most days of the week – as long as those same muscle groups are not still sore from a previous workout.

    We estimate that this routine burns 45-75 calories, depending on a wide variety of variables. Remember that a clean, healthy diet is an integral part of advancing your health and fitness.