Lean Toned Stomach Workout - 10 Minute Abs & Obliques Workout


Calorie burn:

60 to 82





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Low Impact, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Getting a toned stomach takes much more than crunches - abs and oblique workouts like this one are definitely beneficial, but a healthy diet, total body strength training and various intensities of cardio are all at least, if not far more, as important as doing core exercises.

Here’s a breakdown on how to use this 10 minute abs and obliques workout video in conjunction with all of the other important variables listed above in order to get a lean core.

Eat clean! Eat for good health, not weight loss
You’ve probably heard the saying “you can’t out-exercise a bad diet”, or “abs are made in the kitchen”. Those lines are mostly true, though in the end it’s still a simple equation of calories eaten versus calories burned; over consume on a regular basis and you are going to see weight gain; create a deficit and you are going to lose weight. It’s a lot easier (and arguably more fun) to eat calories than it is to burn them, so it’s safer to make wise, moderate, nutrient dense food choices if you want to have a lean stomach and body. Keep your calorie consumption in check and eat for good health first and foremost, and you will be on the right track nutritionally to get and stay lean.

Total body strength training for more defined abs
Strength training – for the entire body, not just the core – is also essential to reaching and staying at a healthy bodyweight. Unfortunately, I often hear people talking about waiting until after they’ve lost the fat to start building muscle – that is a huge mistake! Building muscle helps you to burn fat more efficiently; you want it on your side while you are trying to lose weight, so don’t postpone strength training until you have hit some magic number on the scale. The muscles that you build will help keep your body fat lower, which is essential to having a lean belly or a six pack. You can strength train each muscle group 2-3 times a week, depending on your goals, how heavy you are lifting, whether or not you’re sore, etc. Women; do not be afraid to lift, and to lift heavy! We don’t have the proper hormone levels to bulk up.

Do various intensities of cardio for toned abs
It’s not all about cardio, but this kind of training does burn off calories (and improve circulation, endurance, heart health, etc), which is also important to being able to maintain a healthy bodyweight and seeing those core muscles. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is great for burning fat, but lower impact, more sustainable cardio also has its place in a training plan. HIIT should not be done more than 3-4 times per week, making longer duration low-medium intensity cardio a good option on those days where you are recovering from HIIT but still want to get in a good workout.

We estimate that this workout video burns 60-82 calories.



04/06/15 9:21am

Good afternoon, my daughter and I just finished the ab workout. We are really out of shape!! :) But we will be working very hard for the next two weeks :)


03/28/15 3:30am

ok, so... I'm kind of dead... On one hand I think it's good to put something challenging in the beginners workout program, on the other hand I got the feeling that I'm to unflexible or unsportive for exercises like these. getting my legs up straight is always a problem for me and 50 seconds.. my oh my... that's long if you did never really did training on them before.


03/18/15 2:54pm

Brutal! I'm definitely going to add this one to my routine. It made my abs burn like crazy, but I made it through. :)


02/24/15 2:10pm

Second or third time doing it, and I still shake my head when I see the Level 2..lol..It's def. not a level 2! Super hard! thanks! I made it through AGAIN. :)


02/17/15 9:11am

I love this one! Second time doing it. in the realm of short ab videos by FB, this one reigns supreme. Hard is right. I FELT IT!


02/11/15 4:41am

Very difficult!

01/31/15 4:41pm

really hard!


01/30/15 7:32am



12/04/14 6:24am

Does anyone know any modifications for flutterkicks? I can only do a fraction of the motion before my back picks up off the floor, and once I reach that point and try to keep my back pushed down, I just don't have the strength to continue the motion. (I have a very weak core.)


09/09/14 2:13pm

hey guys i have a question. If i do a low impact cardio workout after a hiit cardio workout, would i burn more calories than stated in the below? Im from turkey so sorry my grammar mistakes :)


07/24/14 2:22pm

Those 10 minutes were great. i feel my body pumping and the sweat going down my body.


07/18/14 1:08pm

Those 10 minutes zoomed by..but boy did I feel every minute of it. This was great, thank you!


06/10/14 1:23pm

10 minutes of HELL, that took a lot of upper body AND lower body strength to do.


05/23/14 6:51am

Plank dips are my favourite! ;)


02/12/14 9:48pm

I'm not use to just ab workout and I'm a little sore. Awesome work, can't wait to get started on something harder. :)


01/22/14 8:16am


von krista

11/22/13 10:24am

Do you have work out for saggy belly after giving birth?


09/12/13 7:57pm

Whoa!! Great workout! I was feeling the burn.Love it!


07/22/13 4:44am

I am so glad I found your site back in January. I have gone from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and really high resting heart rate and unable to run even 15 seconds to running a mile, 30 pounds later and all labs normal :) I still have a long way to go and hope to continue losing it with your amazing workout videos. I love the variety and chose 5 or 6 different ones to mix in with my treadmill routine every day.


07/11/13 3:39pm

Great ab workout..thanks! Really only a level 2 though? I though more of a 4..


09/19/14 6:17am

I agree, this was one of the more difficult routines I've done on this site. Perhaps it's a 2 because of the duration. I loved it though, even if I was cursing during it!


06/22/13 11:08pm

Great ab workout. Thank you Guys!Love your site


06/15/13 12:15pm

A great ab workout. You sure pack a lot in 10 minutes - I was feeling it. I love your new site


05/23/13 12:19pm

Good for beginner's ...


05/16/13 10:32pm

Nice ab workout! Keeping up with Kelli was challenging, but I really loved it. :)


05/16/13 6:33am

I would like to know if I can loose belly fat just doing these workout videos??? Or Do I need to go to a gym???


03/30/13 8:23am

Just did this workout for the first time, it is a challenging 10 minutes! It is so great that you have so many core workouts to chose from. My daily thanks again :)

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