Lean Mean Legs - Butt & Thigh Workout


Calorie burn:

304 to 456





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Barre, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Fitness Blender's 38 Minute Lean Mean Legs Workout is a great balance of calorie burning bodyweight cardio moves, & lower body toning exercises.

We built this routine specifically to define and lean the legs, without building mass (though you should keep in mind that muscle mass is what helps you burn calories at a higher rate while resting, making it easier to stay lean - don't avoid it). All of these are light toning moves that will help to slim thighs – particularly when combined with regular cardio workouts and healthy eating habits. As an added bonus, many of these are butt lifting exercises, as well.

Overall Workout Structure
• 7 Minute Cardio Warm Up
• 9 Exercises
• 50 Seconds each
• 2 Rounds

Cardio Warm Up Exercises (60 Seconds each)
• Jog in Place
• Pull Down Kicks
• Skip Extensions
• Lateral Taps + Arm Swings
• Jumping Jacks
• Pendulum Hops
• Jumping Oblique Twists

Booty Toning, Thigh Slimming Exercises
• Captain Morgan Figure 8’s – Before you get in a good laugh while watching me try not to fall over in the video while doing this exercise – try it for yourself. It’s harder than it looks! This one is great for balance and you will feel it in your abdominals, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Draw a figure 8 while holding a Captain Morgan pose – repeat on each leg.

• Inner Thigh W’s – You will very much feel this in your inner thighs. Go into a modified side plank and draw a “W” with the bottom leg.

• Static Ski Squat + Rear Leg Lifts – Glutes, thighs, and shoulders are the focus of this move. Drop into a Ski Squat (lower to make it harder, more shallow to make it easier) & lift one leg back until you feel a squeeze in that glute, while also lifting both arms in the air. Alternate back and forth while maintaining the squat.

• Swinging Bridge – Glutes, hamstrings, and lower back are the victims of this exercise. Lie flat on the mat & go into a Bridge position (press up through heels so that bum & lower back is lifted from mat). Swing gently back and forth from left to right, squeezing tight to press upward at each side.

• U Side Leg Lifts – This is a great outer thigh exercise, but hamstrings and obliques also have to pitch in. This is a regular leg lift, with a modification; instead of a simple up and down movement, draw a “U” or ¾ of a box, with the leg that is being raised.

• Crossover Crab Leg Kicks – Go into a crab position (weight in all fours, belly facing upward) & extend a leg straight up in the air, then cross it over the other knee before extending back out into the air, and then lowering it to the floor in order to repeat the motion on the other leg. Glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back, and core all benefit from this exercise.

• Frog Leg Lifts – You will feel this exercise in your glutes, hamstrings, inside and outside thigh, and lower back. All you need to do for this one is lie on your stomach, bring your feet in & press the soles of your shoes together, and lift. Don’t be alarmed if the motion is small, it will still be effective.

• Seated Leg Lifts – This one looks deceptively easy but by the end of that 60 second period, your leg muscles are going to be screaming. Sit straight up and with your legs extended out in front of you, lift one leg up and out to the side. Again, if the range of motion is small, that is okay.

• Squats + Side Leg Raises – Squats are arguably the best exercise for the butt, and the added side leg raise also further engages the outer thighs and obliques. Go into a deep squat and as you come up, immediately do a side leg raise.

How many calories does this workout burn?
We estimate that this routine burns between 8-12 calories a minute, or 304-456 total. These numbers are purely estimations; there are many different variables that will influence your actual expenditure.

Add this thigh slimming workout to your regular routine 2-4 times a week and you will start to see a difference in as little as 4 weeks (even sooner for toning!).



04/17/15 2:47am

Wow. Speechless, tired and sore. Somehow happy though


04/09/15 10:06pm

Thank you for all of these free workouts! This was one of my favorites! For the Inner Thigh W's, it was fun to try to spell out my name instead. :)


04/06/15 2:11pm

I burned 365 calories, this was BRUTAL, definitely more than a level 3. I could barely do any of the moves and had to modify all of them.


03/17/15 7:35pm

This truly kicked my BUTT! I am stiff already! You would think I don't workout! Amazing how you discover old workouts too! I never did this one before but it will be in rotation. Killer.


02/10/15 8:22am

thanks! just had a great time again :)
like the new site, but it would be nice when the red calendar dot could turn into green one after completing an exercise.


02/08/15 9:12am

Thanks guys but I could not do the frog leg lifts :"(


01/13/15 6:03pm

One of my favorites! Brutal, yet effective! More like these please!


12/26/14 6:44pm

Coming back to an old favorite! I always forget how much I love this workout -- the burn!


12/20/14 6:30am

Hi, this is a great workout.
Will I lose fat on my thighs if I do only about 20 minutes and not complete the whole workout, as I get really exhausted.
Thank you! :)


11/18/14 7:47am

Fantastic workout, Keli made it all look easy, I however found myself sweating like a horse and struggling with inner w's and frog lifts (there was no lift there).


07/24/14 12:04am

Nice workout for your legs and your butt. I've performed the inner W's on the floor instead of with my butt lifted of the floor and it was still hard enough :)


06/27/14 2:46pm

Thank you for this workout! I have been looking for ways to sculpt my lower body; switching over from my strictly weight routine. I liked how I didn't have to jump around like a bunny rabbit, but still manage to get a great sweat going. Those Inner W's are no joke. I was skeptical about the Figure 8's, like that looked too easy to really work anything. However when I did enough reps, and twice around, it really was difficult. I really enjoyed this workout. I'm still sore. lol!


06/06/14 6:00pm

This is an another excellent workout for slimming down the legs as well as lifting and firming the butt. If you're just starting after many years of being sedentary, do round one and keep doing it until you have control. Once you have control over the movement, try round two. Don't give up. For me, it took about a month to get to trying round two. I did this workout along with other Fitness Blender workouts for the legs, thighs and butt. It works, but not immediately. Hang in there!


04/08/14 7:44am

Such a great workout !


03/16/14 9:56pm

I never comment on anything, but I feel I have to...you guys are the best! I just finished my second week of your 8 week program and I'm already seeing results! I just purchased your 4 week meal plan and can't wait to start that as well. Thanks you guys so much for all your hard work. Keep it up!


03/12/14 7:26am

Thanks for this. Just completed :) i however have a general question: As far as i know, workouts like these arent cardio workouts. And cardio is said to help a LOT in burning fat. So, IF i do ONLY THIS WORKOUT every single day for a month, (just as example) will I NOT burn my body fat?


03/06/14 7:04pm

I'm a FB veteran and I love you guys, but this video was the only FB workout I didn't like :(
The description here says 2 rounds, 50 secs each, in the 8-wk PDF it says 3 rounds, and really it's 2 rounds 60 secs each. It was just very confusing to get into this video from the start. I didn't feel the 'oomph' I usually feel with your workouts, even though I broke a good sweat. I had to find another short video to do just to get that FB high :)
I will admit though, those Ws and frog lifts were a killer!
Can't wait for workout #11. Loving this program and will tell anyone who listens about it!


02/21/14 9:29pm

how can you rate its difficulty level as 3 :P


02/06/14 4:38pm

great workout, I've only just found it and I can tell I'm going to like it :D


01/29/14 2:03am

I see the difference after 4 weeks workout, I do this exercise 3-4 times a week..
umm..I don't lose many pounds (pretty much because of my eating habit) but definitely have leaner legs...thanks guys!!


01/16/14 11:15am

it was a pain in the butt... :p the frog legs lift were impossible for me... thanks again guys.. :)


01/08/14 10:44pm

I love and hate this workout:)


12/05/13 2:17pm

Great workout although I couldn't do the frog leg lifts:( .thnx guys


11/19/13 8:41pm

hi Kelli and Daniel.
Love your workouts! They are never dull, thanks! This is gonna sound dumb but I honestly can't figure out how to do the inner thigh w. Could you please shoot it from another angle so I can figure it out? Thanks!


08/13/13 10:29am

Why does this burn more calories then some cardio workout ? reply xo


09/30/13 4:46am

how is it possible realy? its level 3 and not a cardio workout... thank you


04/08/13 10:47am

Right when I thought I couldn't do any more, it ended! Just the right length and intensity so I felt like I really worked hard, but not enough to kill me! Day #10 done! Thanks!


04/04/13 8:56pm

Hello Kelli & Daniel!

so, I want to thank you both for these amazing workout videos. This one is surely one of my favorite training, beside HIIT cardio abs, leg slimming pilates and many more. ;)
I've been doing this leg workout for the past 2 months 2-3 times per week and yes, the result is quite obvious. I can see my legs getting toner, firmer and of course, stronger :)

Soooo..thanks a bunch!! :) :) :)


09/09/12 2:25pm

Would you advise this workout to help get rid of the cellulite in the inner thighs? I'm doing the 8 week plan to lose weight and as i tone my sedentary muscles and lose a bit of weight my cellulite is visually looking worse. Any advice?
Thanks and i love your workouts, they've been enlightening my days. great job :)


05/03/12 5:25am

I did this one last night and it was tough...the day before I did beg kettlebells...well...by the end it didnt feel like beginner at all...and i've been exercising for years! Great job as always....I love these workouts more every day....you guys are fantastic! Thank you for all you do!

Sasha L


05/02/12 11:47am

hi kelli, i've read about this cardiolates on the web.. what are your thoughts on this?

fitness blender

04/24/12 3:07pm

@Nanno - We are working on some more upper body routines that will be out shortly. @Puppet- Yowza! Those Inner Thigh W's might hurt even more that way! @Zebnanna - We like to think of new & creative ways to inflict pain on our viewer's muscles :)


04/24/12 11:13am

This is fantastic, I just love how these exercises target the thighs from all sorts of angles and with such a vast range of motion.....I can't believe how the Inner Thigh W's make my heart rate increase so much, very effective! Thanks for this new workout.


04/22/12 9:42am

Another great workout!! I did the second exercise (Inner Thigh W’s) seated, and it was still hurting, but that's why I love it! Thanks a lot, I love you guys!


04/21/12 11:21am

Thanks guys for such a great workout ,did it today and I feel great!!! but please I need more workouts for the upper body especially the arms.

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