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Lean Mean Legs - Butt & Thigh Workout

38 Min • Lower Body, Core
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    • Training Type Barre, Toning
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    Fitness Blender's 38 Minute Lean Mean Legs Workout is a great balance of calorie burning bodyweight cardio moves, & lower body toning exercises.

    We built this routine specifically to define and lean the legs, without building mass (though you should keep in mind that muscle mass is what helps you burn calories at a higher rate while resting, making it easier to stay lean - don't avoid it). All of these are light toning moves that will help to slim thighs – particularly when combined with regular cardio workouts and healthy eating habits. As an added bonus, many of these are butt lifting exercises, as well.

    Overall Workout Structure
    • 7 Minute Cardio Warm Up
    • 9 Exercises
    • 50 Seconds each
    • 2 Rounds

    Cardio Warm Up Exercises (60 Seconds each)
    • Jog in Place
    • Pull Down Kicks
    • Skip Extensions
    • Lateral Taps + Arm Swings
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Pendulum Hops
    • Jumping Oblique Twists

    Booty Toning, Thigh Slimming Exercises
    • Captain Morgan Figure 8’s – Before you get in a good laugh while watching me try not to fall over in the video while doing this exercise – try it for yourself. It’s harder than it looks! This one is great for balance and you will feel it in your abdominals, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Draw a figure 8 while holding a Captain Morgan pose – repeat on each leg.

    • Inner Thigh W’s – You will very much feel this in your inner thighs. Go into a modified side plank and draw a “W” with the bottom leg.

    • Static Ski Squat + Rear Leg Lifts – Glutes, thighs, and shoulders are the focus of this move. Drop into a Ski Squat (lower to make it harder, more shallow to make it easier) & lift one leg back until you feel a squeeze in that glute, while also lifting both arms in the air. Alternate back and forth while maintaining the squat.

    • Swinging Bridge – Glutes, hamstrings, and lower back are the victims of this exercise. Lie flat on the mat & go into a Bridge position (press up through heels so that bum & lower back is lifted from mat). Swing gently back and forth from left to right, squeezing tight to press upward at each side.

    • U Side Leg Lifts – This is a great outer thigh exercise, but hamstrings and obliques also have to pitch in. This is a regular leg lift, with a modification; instead of a simple up and down movement, draw a “U” or ¾ of a box, with the leg that is being raised.

    • Crossover Crab Leg Kicks – Go into a crab position (weight in all fours, belly facing upward) & extend a leg straight up in the air, then cross it over the other knee before extending back out into the air, and then lowering it to the floor in order to repeat the motion on the other leg. Glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back, and core all benefit from this exercise.

    • Frog Leg Lifts – You will feel this exercise in your glutes, hamstrings, inside and outside thigh, and lower back. All you need to do for this one is lie on your stomach, bring your feet in & press the soles of your shoes together, and lift. Don’t be alarmed if the motion is small, it will still be effective.

    • Seated Leg Lifts – This one looks deceptively easy but by the end of that 60 second period, your leg muscles are going to be screaming. Sit straight up and with your legs extended out in front of you, lift one leg up and out to the side. Again, if the range of motion is small, that is okay.

    • Squats + Side Leg Raises – Squats are arguably the best exercise for the butt, and the added side leg raise also further engages the outer thighs and obliques. Go into a deep squat and as you come up, immediately do a side leg raise.

    How many calories does this workout burn?
    We estimate that this routine burns between 8-12 calories a minute, or 304-456 total. These numbers are purely estimations; there are many different variables that will influence your actual expenditure.

    Add this thigh slimming workout to your regular routine 2-4 times a week and you will start to see a difference in as little as 4 weeks (even sooner for toning!).