Workout Details

  • Duration: 52 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 312-509
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Equipment: Dumbbell, No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, Pilates, Strength Training, Toning
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Lower Body

Intense Fat Burning Cardio Intervals and Butt and Thigh Workout

I second guessed myself as a kind person as I wrote this routine, but I think you guys will like it. Truthfully I was feeling sluggish on the day I filmed this and struggled through it but I ended up loving it - I felt great by the time it was finished and it definitely made me sore for a couple of days afterwards. 

This cardio butt and thigh workout is good for: fat burning, lean muscle building, boosting your cardiovascular endurance, shaping your butt and thighs, lifting your butt, toning abs, obliques and lower back (they play a significant supporting role all throughout this routine). It's one of the many workouts in our 4 Week Booty Boot Camp: Butt and Thigh Program, which is a plan that lays out exactly which workouts to lift and shape the butt, tone the thighs, increase cardiovascular health, and reduce overall body fat (just to name a few of the many benefits).

After a quick warm up, we move into an intense cardio interval combination of two different exercises that focus on the lower body as well as your cardiovascular endurance levels, then top it off with a strength move that targets the butt and thighs as well; repeat each of these groups twice before moving onto the next. After 5 fat blasting rounds of that, we move into a Pilates burnout round, just to really get every last ounce of benefit from this workout session.

This workout is not for beginners. It’s challenging but it’s fun - just make sure that you listen to your own body as you go through it (no matter how fit you might be), either taking extra breaks or lowering the amount of weight you’re lifting for each rep. On the other hand, there’s really no instance in which this workout should be “too easy”. If you’ve tried it and it felt too easy, it’s highly likely that either your form was wrong, or you weren’t lifting heavily enough during the strength portions, or pushing yourself hard enough during the cardio intervals. It’s up to you to make these workouts as relevant to your fitness level as possible, so stay tuned in; listen to your body and make sure that you stay present enough that you’re able to stop yourself if you catch yourself slacking or not working as hard as you could be. 

Printable Cardio Interval / Butt and Thigh Workout 
Warm Up (25 seconds each)
Boxer Shuffle
Toe Touch Sweeps
Side Step Jacks
Knee + Kick
Good Mornings
Lateral Hops
Alternating Lunges
Pivot Squats
Butt Kickers

Cardio Intervals & Strength (30 on 10 off, AB, + 8 strength reps, X 2)
Reverse Lunge Sumo Drops
3 Lateral Hops + Jump 
8 Sumo Deadlifts

Side Squat + Ski Squat + Jumps
Burpee + Knee
8 Squats

Water Break

3 Fast Feet Counts + Drop, 3 Fast Feet Counts + Jump
Jump Squat + High Side Kick
8 Alternating Lunges

180 Squat Drops
Body Drop Back Bows
8 Deadlifts

Curtsy Lunges + Calf Raises
Squat Pulses
Weighted Bridge

Freestyle Pilates Burnout
Kneeling Leg Raises + Pulses
Back Bows
Inside Thigh Raises
Outside Thigh Raises

Cool Down & Stretch

What did you guys think of this workout? Did you finish it, and were you sore the next day?