Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone - 10 Minute Inner Thigh Workout


Calorie burn:

68 to 98





Equipment Needed:

Mat, Physio-Ball

Workout type:


Body focus:


Workout Details

The inner thigh is a common trouble spot for many people, as not only is it a typical area for the body to deposit extra fat content, but it is also an area of the body that is used relatively infrequently in everyday life activities.

The good news is that incorporating total body strength training and toning along with cardio and a proper diet,you can reduce overall body fat, and in doing so, lean out the thighs. It is very important to realize that you can't spot reduce fat from anywhere on the body - including the inner thighs.

This routine will help with toning and shaping the legs to be firm and sculpted to exactly what you want. Though this routine is only 10 minutes in length you will definitely feel the burn of this simple yet effective inner thigh workout. For just a little bit of a tone up, use this routine 2-3 times per week. However if you are starting from scratch (or you have not been active for a while) then you may need to bump up the intensity to get results faster.

For a major overhaul try working up to doing this video twice a day, four day a week until those legs are firm and sculpted.

Remember that you need to work on dropping excess fat content and building lean muscle as well, otherwise you will struggle to lean out the lower body.

The following is a breakdown of what each exercise does and how it effects the rest of the body.

1. Inner Thigh W’s: This motion tones the insides of both legs as well as the core and butt. It also targets multiple ranges of motion that are not commonly hit in just one exercise.

2. Ski Squat + Alternating Raises: While the Ski Squat tones the butt, quadriceps, and hamstring the heel lift across the opposite leg targets the inside thigh.

3. Scissor Kicks: This is a great exercise for this specific area that also targets the top of the thighs (quadriceps) and the abdominal muscles.

4. PhysioBall Squeeze: This squeezing motion is all inner thigh and you don’t even need a physioball; you can easily use a towel folded over a few times or a yoga block to squeeze.

5. Squat Jacks: This is a rough exercise that targets the inner and outer muscles as well as heavily targeting the butt, hamstring and quadriceps.

6. Alternating Plank Rotation Kicks: Though this motion primarily targeting the abdominals and obliques the side leg kick targets the inside of the thighs and hip flexors.

7. Inside Leg Lifts: This is a great isolation exercise that directly targets the area you are trying to troubleshoot. You can make this exercise harder with ankle weights.

8. Single Leg Lateral Hops: Another great exercise for the entire leg this motion also is a heavy hitter to specifically the inner and outer thigh.



07/28/14 1:15am

Nice quick workout. Just completed #12 of your program. Maybe it's a good idea to recommend in your program to save the stretches from the 5x5x5 workout until you've finished this one. So your stretching will take place at the end of your total routine?


06/29/14 5:26am

Workout #12 complete in 8 week fitness program! One of the hardest days so far but really enjoyed it, my legs are shaking now!


06/03/14 5:40pm

Hello Fitness Blenders!Just finished this workout and I am on day #16 of the 8 week fat loss plan.I love it so much and thank you!!!
One question I have is concerning my calf. It's probably the way I have been walking, running, and lack of core strength that I build
up a lot of muscle on my calfs. It is quite ugly and I wonder if this fat loss program will help with this problem? Or is there any exercise that focus
on calf fat loss and toning? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


05/20/14 4:45am

Will this workout be effective to strengthen the inner thigh muscle enough to help with a kneecap alignment problem? I do a lot of biking but it doesn't seem enough to work all leg muscles.


04/02/14 7:15pm

Love love LOVE your workouts! After years of repeating a dozen or so workouts from Brazil Butt Lift to Turbo Jam, I was bored to tears and uninspired. The variety keeps me mentally stimulated and the boredom at bay. Also really appreciate the stylistic simplicity of your workouts and how you guys feel like very relatable, real people, with good energy (the "woos" of most workouts just annoy me lol).

I added 5 lb ankle weights to these workouts (took them off for the hopping at the end) and really felt the burn :) Thank you!!!


11/13/13 3:11pm

Hey I have been doing a simple thigh exercise to reduce my inner thigh since lasts few weeks but I have not reduced even a bit. If I do these exercises that you have suggested here, how long will it take to get the results ?


04/29/14 5:41am

If you only do this exercise, this will strengthen your inner thigh muscle, but it won't reduce your total body fat, which covers the muscle. You would need to do some serious exercise and dietary changes to see the results (also depending what exactly you want, there are things that can only be removed with surgery). This site offers (incredibly cheap) 8 week workout and dietary plans that you might consider. You will need to commit to work hard for it. Best of luck!


07/30/13 5:40am

Is there a replacement for the inner thigh Ws? I can't do them yet, they're too difficult! Thanks.


04/18/13 1:33pm

I bought your 8 weeks program and I'm loving it. After only 2 weeks me jeans are more loose and I feel great except for the morning stiffness. My question, I cannot do the inner thighs W without a sharp pain and I think my inner thighs have almost no muscles (I have no problem with the squats, scissor kicks, etc). What should I do to remplace this inner thighs impossible for me (I can't even do 1), for the moment.
Thank you so much for your videos.


04/09/13 5:31pm

Great post! I had big problems with thigh fat...
After 6 bad months because I lost only 7 pounds, I finally realized that if I clean my liver of toxins I will lose weight much faster....and applying a simple method I managed to lose 70 pounds in 4 and half months: an easy cleanse, special foods and exercises that burn fat all day!
If you're serious about burning thigh and leg fat, visit weightloss-stories. com, and read my full story!

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:30am

@pinkparfait - This would be a good workout, as would booty booty camp, mean lean legs, 5x5x5 for slimmer legs, etc.


06/25/12 3:53pm

I have already done the fat loss part of shrinking my thighs for the most part, I'm down to 5'3" and 108 lbs, but my inner thighs are still really jiggly. Will this make them firm? Do you recommend a different video instead?


03/13/12 2:25am

I just meant that I love exercising very much and your workouts are very helpful, and I appreciate the fact that you reply to all of us, I'll be waiting for the new one, thanks a lot!

fitness blender

03/12/12 1:54pm

Hey Puppet, I would say there are way worse things to be addicted to! We are going to be filming this week and a workout for the outer thighs are one of the things on the list. It should be up in the next couple of weeks, so watch for it.


03/12/12 4:11am

Could you recommend any exercises for outer thighs (hips)? I would love to see sth like that
thanks a lot, I am almost addicted to your videos

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