HIIT Workout for Abs & Obliques - High Intensity Cardio and Abs Workout


Calorie burn:

132 to 222





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This intense core routine pushes you through more work than you could normally do on your own in a short period of time, so that you don’t end up slogging through the more traditionally structured abdominal routines. It forces you to push into a higher exertion zone than you would be likely do on your own, which will give you gains in strength and tone much more quickly than in a more customary routine would.

A combo of intermittent cardio and toning moves like this is great for burning off extra body fat, which means a lean frame and a flat belly.

Program Structure
This HIIT workout video starts out with four minutes of fairly intense warm up cardio; you will do sixty seconds of four different bodyweight cardio moves.

Warm Up Cardio:
1 Minute Slow Butt Kickers with Arm Swings
1 Minute Lateral Jumps
1 Minute Butt Kickers
1 Minute Toe Touch Jacks

Once your muscles are warmed, we move into a series of core exercises done in a Tabata style; three rounds of 20 seconds on, and 20 seconds off. We do 2 rounds of the entire high intensity interval training for abs section, below.

HIIT/Tabata Abs Workout:
• Flutter Kicks
• Bicycle Crunches
• High Knees
• Toe Touch Crunches
• Russian Twists

Active Rest:
In between the two rounds of core exercises, you will get 2 minutes of active rest before you jump back into action. During this interval, keep moving; do not sit down and rest. You can do something as high impact as jumping jacks or as easy as pacing back and forth, just don’t sit down.

How many calories does this routine burn?
We estimate that this 22 minute routine burns between 6 and 11 calories a minute, or 132 – 222 calories total. Your exact expenditure depends on how fit you are, how much muscle you have, and your weight (among other things).

When should I do this workout?
Our HIIT Abs and Obliques workout is quick & easy to fit into a busy schedule, making this video a great go-to for when you are short on extra time but still want to work up a sweat. You can do this core-themed high intensity interval training workout at any time in the day.

How often should I do this routine?
We recommend that you do this between 2-4 times a week.

Can this routine help me lose weight?
If you are trying to lose weight and you are doing only this routine, try and add in an extra bout of cardio on the opposite end of the day, in addition to this routine. For example, if you do this video in the morning, add in a walk or light jog in the afternoon.

Remember, too, that eating habits and moderation in consumption are both critical to losing weight. There is a great deal of truth to the saying that “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet”. Make sure that you don’t undo all of the hard work that you do by overeating.

Is it okay if I can’t do all of the repetitions?
It’s perfectly fine to stop whenever you need to, at any point, in any workout. Push yourself, but also listen to your body. Take a breather when you need to, just aim to go further the next time before you need to stop and rest.



04/06/15 1:51pm

I remember how my first-ever workout had Russian Twists in it and I was barely able to do them - now I am able to lift my feet off of the ground and do them in the "harder version". Feels good.


03/27/15 12:30pm

Burned 211 calories! Hated the Russian twists


12/30/14 3:44pm

That was an excellent workout! I must have gotten a lot stronger because this seem easier than ever before. Great job!! On to the next video #Day 12 :)


11/28/14 9:46am

Fitness Blender 8 week Program #1 Day 12 - HIIT Workout for Abs & Obliques – High Intensity Cardio and Abs Workout + 5x5x5 Pulse Workout for Butt and Thighs + Inner Thigh Exercises to Tone – 10 Minute Inner Thigh Workout.........Were you trying to kill us this morning?! **Feeling accomplished and not dead yet** :P


10/28/14 6:41pm

Awesome quick workout! Abs are sore already! Thanks for these awesome videos!

Shaving Pvt.

08/22/14 12:31pm

I do this in the evening, and the 45min HIIT Tabada workout in the morning.
I mix up workouts but generally I do some HIIT in the morning and core or legs in the evening. Sometimes upperbody if my legs hurt really bad.
And I eat about 1800 cal from 5 meals/day for 180 pound guy 6ft.
How long until I get a 6pack?
great workout, someday I will be able to do this as good as you! hahah


07/28/14 12:32am

Great workout! I really liked the russian twists.


09/10/13 10:12pm

I hear my left hip popping when I do the flutter kicks. Is that bad?


07/16/14 1:49pm

me too, I don't know why.


06/11/13 8:56pm

I always want to not only complete every video scheduled for each day but give it my all and do it properly to ensure the most efficient work out. However, I have low back problems and it seems every time an ab work out comes along 80% of it is spent with both legs in motion at the same time which is one of the worst stresses one can put on their lower back. I feel more in my low back doing many of these than I do in my stomach muscles. Why not standard sit up and crunch routine stuff?


06/04/13 9:00pm

Hi Fitness Blender!
I am trying to get in shape quickly, and was wondering if just doing this one workout video 3-4 times a week would help me the most. Should I try different video's every day, or stick with one workout continuously? Also, what do you recommend on off days? Is there anything that could speed up the process but not wear me down physically?


04/09/13 2:06am

[2013-04-09] Love the exerciswes...even after only 12 days my abs have improved and I have greater RoM on the Flutter Crunches.
Please, please, please could you add exercise name to the sound track...It's difficult to watch the screen when on the floor and I keep missing the changeover...there's just a 5 second countdown; a " and now bicycle crunches 5, 4, ..." would be appreciated.
Thanks again :o)
Like nina I also have a problem with neck pain during crunches...it limits my ability to continue with them...any tips on reducing this gratefully received.


01/10/13 12:29pm

Your workouts are great!! I started to exercise 3 months ago and I already lost some weight and toned up my body. I never expected such great results!
But I have one problem: Everytime I do crunches, my neck hurts after a short period of time. Could you recommend something?


10/03/12 7:45am

Great workout, not too hard but challenging enough to make me sweat & grunt :)


07/17/12 2:27pm

This workout is great! Too bad I don't always have time.


07/11/12 5:08pm

hi! i love these workouts! they're amazing! i have a question...i am 5'6 and 120 lbs. my stomach is flat but i have strong abs under a thin layer of fat. also my thighs are a bit big...alot of muscle under some fat. i am working to tone by stomach and thighs and butt by the middle of august for the beach. currently, i eat 1200 calories a day and do this routine, the HIIT workout for abs and obliques, and the calorie blasting cardio boot camp workout everyday. will i see a noticeable toned difference? thanks!

fitness blender

04/18/12 9:30am

Thank you Eliz!


04/17/12 12:47pm



04/17/12 12:47pm

I love you website! Thanks for doing this!

fitness blender

03/21/12 10:38am

Thanks Puppet!


03/21/12 2:16am

wow, this was tough, works abs really hard, great workout!!

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