Fitness Blender Kids Workout - 25 Minute Fun Workout for Kids at Home


Calorie burn:

155 to 260





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

We are excited to share Fitness Blender's very first workout video for kids. This is a 25 minute routine that runs through three different games in order to help burn off extra energy and increase bone density, balance, endurance and even strength.

We know that a lot of the people that use Fitness Blender have little ones at home - many of you have even said that your kids as young as three have been doing some of our hardest HIIT routines right next to you! So we wanted to create something that you could do side by side. You will notice that some of the game themes (Red Light Green Light, "Jump or Drop" or When I say Jump) are actually ones that we have offered to you in our regular workout videos. We've just made them a little more kid friendly with less complex exercises and shorter intervals.

One of the most important things to realize with kids fitness is that it's okay to move at your own pace, and it's okay to adjust things in order to make them work best for you. Move as fast or as slow as you need to. It's also crucial that exercise is fun, whether you are 4 or 94, so that you are more likely to keep doing it.

Kids Workout Structure
We have three different games that last roughly 5 minutes apiece. A warm up and cool down is included. You aren't going to need any equipment for this routine.

Red Light Green Light - When we say "Red Light", stop whatever exercise you are doing and freeze. When we say "Green Light", go right back into the exercise.

Jump or Drop - We will be doing repetitions of a regular exercise, but when we say "Jump", you have to stop what you are doing and jump up as hard as you can. When we say "Drop", stop what you are doing and drop to the floor in a high plank as if you were going to do a push up.

Freestyle Round - Lexi & Mackenzie's choice of exercises.

This kids workout video is most appropriate for ages three and up - just remember to move along at your own pace.

We had two very special guests for this project; my cousins Alexis (age 10), and Mackenzie (age 4). They were brave and helpful enough to help us create this children's workout video and even helped build part of the routine. We had a lot of fun making this and if you guys like it, let us know and we can create another one like it in the future.

*Note: Calorie burn estimations have been calculated for adults


b girl REG

02/15/15 12:26pm

Hi,im 10 years old (im a girl) and im trying 2 get the 6 pack i already got the 4 pack but it's not enough can you tell me if it's healthy for me and by the way i really like this video when i tried it i felt like i was flying :)


02/12/15 4:35pm

This was awesome! My 8 year old son was surprised at how much fun he had! Thanks for such a great workout that I can do with my son! He kept asking me how I can do this all of the time...hahaha! It would be awesome if you added more of these kid-friendly workouts! Thanks again! :)


01/30/15 9:09am

We live in the Pacific Northwest and we home school so outside exercise/activity can be a challenge. I have a ton a kid videos but they are... too "silly" we shall say... or just not fun. Recently my 6 and 8 year old have found your video and they LOVE it!!! First of all, THANK YOU!!! Secondly, do you think you could make more like this so they don't get to a point of burnout on the same one?!


01/25/15 5:42pm

My 6 and 4 year olds love this video and ask to do it several times a week. Thank you!


11/17/14 9:50pm

My children (ages 7, 5, 3) love this workout. It gives them a way to burn energy in the winter months. Can you make more?


11/15/14 10:18am

Fun! My 5 year old twins loved it, thanks!


06/21/14 11:58pm

My kids (ages 4 and 6) and I loved this! I am addicted to your workouts, so it was terrific to share this with my kids. Can you make more?


06/19/14 12:19am

Nice video my kids really enjoyed it. These Kids fitness programs for best for kids physical health.


05/13/14 9:07pm

Hello! My 2 sons and I have been doing this routine since the beginning of the year and have definitely felt the benefit. We live on a remote farm and my sons are home schooled, so we felt we needed to do something in break time to get us more physically active. As they are now 15 years and 12 years though I wondered if there was a "next step" we could take as they are both interested in doing another 15m-30m workout. Can you let me know if you have a suitable one? I have taken a look at a few but I felt some of them may be a bit over ambitious for them right now! Thanks, you are doing a wonderful job here!


04/14/14 10:23pm

Love it! My kids would like some more and so would I!


04/02/14 1:49am

My 3 years old daughter really enjoys it.
Would be a nice present to have some more !

Best Regards.


02/11/14 6:13am

Gonna try with my 3 yr old today.. I think he will love it.. He already tries to jump, kick & punch when I do kick boxing video


02/08/14 9:56am

Did this with my 4 year old daughter. It was fun :) Although she said she was tired after only 3 minutes, lol. So we need to practice a bit more.
It was a great stimulant for her to see the other children participate as well and I got to finish this workout in one go without interruptions.


02/06/14 11:50am

My 5 year old son loved it!!! I've tried other kid videos and this is the only one that he finished all the way through! Would love to see more. Thank you guys!


01/06/14 10:07am

I think I may do this with my daughter tonight, but I just wanted to say your nieces look so much like you! Adorable!


01/05/14 1:25pm

Just did this with my two year old. It kept her interested enough that I got a work out :) Thanks so much!


01/03/14 4:21pm

I've been looking for a way to workout with my very active 3.5 year old daughter. Both of us had fun! Love seeing kids acting like real kids.


12/08/13 9:28am

My 5 year old enjoyed the whole workout! I am excited about this because she is never interested in joining me for any other workout videos. Thanks for this and for your great website!! I have been doing your workouts for months and feel great. I love the vast selection, the search feature, the healthy perspective, and that you offer this for free! THANK YOU!!


11/27/13 7:35pm

Thanks so much for this workout. As the Canadian winter weather keeps us inside more these days, my kids (6 & 8) aren't as physically active as they need to be every day. This afternoon they did this workout and had a blast -- they were grinning the whole time. (They were also good and tired afterward!) We'd all love to see more of these!


09/07/13 3:13pm

These kids are sooo adorable !!!


09/03/13 6:38pm

my 4 youngest (ages 9,7, 3 and 3) had so much fun... "Can we do just ONE more workout? PLEASE??" Thank you!


08/20/13 7:48am

They are sooo cute


07/15/13 11:49am

I work at a preschool and the kids loved it!


06/09/13 3:40pm

LOVE this one! Brilliant idea to include kids. My 3-year-old lost interest after about 20 minutes, but she was happy to keep watching me do it because she liked seeing the kids on TV, so that works for me. Thanks a ton!


03/23/13 4:48pm

The kids are sooo cute!


03/13/13 10:17pm

Ok.. It was a good idea to do a workout video with the kids, so i really wanted to do it with mine too, exercise/bonding time... It was a bit hard the game red light green light was good but after that my 4 year said this isnt fun my legs hurt... so we only lasted 15min.s and he is very active ...but i would definitely want to try another kid workout that is not so difficult even if its longer. Thanks for all your commitment to us and for the great help.


03/08/13 10:22am

Great work girls! I did this workout with my daughter(12) and son(9) and we thought it was challenging but fun. Thank you!! :)

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