Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout - Exercises to get Curves


Calorie burn:

180 to 230





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

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Workout Details

This Hourglass Figure Workout video has 8 different bodyweight toning exercises for a smaller waist. There are 14 repetitions per exercise, and the entire video goes three rounds through.

An hourglass figure is a body type that has the appearance of curvy hips and bust, largely due to the contrast of a small waist.

While your body frame is largely determined by genetics, there are definitely some things that you can do in order to get a smaller waist and create the look of a shapely silhouette.

Hourglass exercises for a curvy body are predominately going to consist of moves that target the obliques, or the transverse abdominals muscles. This routine does just that; these movements tone and strengthen those muscles that run through the sides of the waist, causing them to draw inwards because they are tighter.

To create a well rounded regime of workouts for a curvy body, you obviously want to focus on more than just your transverse abdominals. As another incentive to adopt a training plan that targets more than just the core muscles, training to strengthen both the lower body (particularly the glutes) and the upper body (especially the pectorals and shoulders) will also help to increase the shapeliness of those body parts, and again, increase that bust to waist to hip ratio.

Here’s a bit about what each of the exercises in this routine does:

Jumping Oblique Twist – A cardio move that burns a decent amount of calories, the twisting motion engages your obliques.

Pilates Side Hip Raise – Do a few repetitions of this movement and you will be able to feel exactly which muscles you’re working; this is one of the best exercises for a smaller waist because it so intensely targets your transverse abdominals.

Bicycle Crunch – This is a situp variation that burns a high number of calories because your whole body gets in on the movement. You will tone upper and lower abs with this one.

Pilates Oblique Crunch with Side Leg Raise – The side crunch is another intense move for slimming those sides, and as an added bonus, this motion also engages the inner and outer thighs and lower back.

Knee Tuck Crunch – You will feel this exercise in your lower abs, but your entire abdominal panel has to work to complete the range of motion. Your quadriceps and hip flexors have to pitch in, too.

Fast Hands Crunch – Twisting back and forth while balancing on your tailbone works both the oblique muscles and the lower abs at the same time.

Back Bow Crossover – Lifting your upper and lower body up and back and forth to the left and right challenges the core in a comprehensive way that is effective for toning the lower back and transverse abdominals. These also tone the thighs, glutes, and shoulders.

Windshield Wipers – These are a great way to both strengthen your core muscles, and maintain the range of motion of your torso (something you can easily lose if you aren’t adamant about regular physical activity).



07/31/14 10:40am

Hi Daniel and Kelli! I first off want to say how wonderful fitnessblender and you guys are! You guys have made me love Fitness! I wanted to ask you about my routine, and really hope you can answer.
So every other day for me is an upper body and lower body day so I can relax certain muscles. Everyday, though I incorporate both cardio and strength training, 3 times the cardio being HIIT. The strength training also is also geared towards the lower and upper body depending on the day, as you have suggested; 2 upper and lower a week. So, I do about 30 minutes of cardio (whether its regular, HIIT, or low impact, combined with 30 minutes of strength training. Is that not enough cardio a day? Anyway, that's my first hour, just overall exercising to burn fat. Now if its my leg day, I'll do say a couple butt and thigh and leg toning from various videos. This adds up to another hour. The same goes for upper body, I'll do 1 hour of cardio/strength training, and another of abs, oblique, back, and overall upper body workouts (like the one above). Is that too long of a workout session a day, 2 hours? I love it :) Is it also okay to be frequently changing workouts? I use different workouts of yours almost everyday and week. I also want to say I eat exceptionally clean, except for one day that I call "cheat/treat" day, where I'm allowed to have fun and bake desserts. I don't over indulge though. I'm very skinny overall, but I'd like to lose a littlw excess fat (which I already have!) and tone up, become stronger. I also incorporate some of your yoga and flexibility and such routines. I consider myself pretty active, as well, sometimes taking vigorous walks and biking on rough terrain along with doing your videos

I know this is a very long message, and you probably have so many other important things to do, but answering me would be a dream come true and make me feel better about myself. Thank you SO much for all you do, Daniel and Kelli!


03/28/14 10:14am

Will this workout also burn belly fat????


03/01/14 6:25am

can we get another workout like this. i like this one


07/05/13 7:20am

14) Thursday core day-absolutely loved this one will do again again and again


07/11/13 7:36am

Day 19) core day had to come back to this one love it i want that hour glass figure :)


05/25/13 5:06am

Will this work if we have a lean body or is it just for hefty physique ?


01/20/13 5:11pm

When I do the "windshield wipers" my whole body travels from the top of the mat to the bottom by the last rep. Short of Superglue, how can I stop this? Thanks for all you do!


12/06/12 7:59pm

I am already skinny to begin with and am trying to gain weight in my bust and glutes, will this help?


11/24/12 9:52pm

Whenever i do the knee tuck crunch i always hear something popping. Is that a bad thing??


08/23/12 12:28am

Thank you, these exercises are just great, you make my day better and happier.

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:05am

Also, make sure that you guys follow us on Facebook - that is the easiest way to find out about our newest workout videos as soon as they are released.

fitness blender

03/26/12 10:22am

Love&Peace - To get the new workouts emailed to you, you have to select the "Opt In" for the newsletter option on your account. Make sure you're on there, we have great newsletters!


03/25/12 4:56pm

how do you sign up to know when new workouts are coming out???

fitness blender

03/15/12 2:20pm

Love&Peace - Thank you! And yes, we have many, many more workouts on the way. Make sure that you sign up for our mailer so that you can find out when our new ones come out!


03/14/12 4:54pm

thanks so much for making this website, ive been looking for a place like this for a long time, & finally found it!!! u guys are da best! i hope y'all make even more workouts :)

fitness blender

12/06/11 7:25pm

Thanks Cagohupu, glad you're enjoying it. It is a really great oblique workout, and it burns a high number of calories for a core routine, as well.


12/06/11 10:33am

youtube is having problems again i can,t not make comment or like eny video on there hope they fix this fast


12/06/11 10:31am

love this workout great for the obliques thanks a lots

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