Fitness Blender Cardio HIIT Workout


Calorie burn:

250 to 375





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This at home high intensity interval training workout will have you sweating bullets.

Here’s how this HIIT routine is broken down:

Warm Up
We start off with 7 minutes of simple warm up cardio. Even the warm up to this routine is a bit intense, so make sure that you remember that you can go at whatever pace that you need to for your own fitness level (that means that if you can move faster than is shown, push yourself and do it).

Warm Up Exercises, 1 Minute Each:
• Side to Side Squats
• Jogging in Place
• Power Skips
• Up & Out Jacks
• Slow Butt Kickers + Arm Swings
• Butt Kickers
• Lateral Jumps

After your muscles are ready to work and your heart is pounding, we move into a 16 minute HIIT. We have three different total body exercises that you will do for 60 seconds at a time, with a short rest interval in between each. We do each twice through before taking a full 2 minute Active Rest – then we move into the second round where you will do it all over again.

HIIT Exercises
• Burpees + Leg Raises – This is similar to a traditional
Burpee except for that at the top of the motion (when you are a standing position) you are going to do a side leg raise to both the left and the right side before dropping back down to kick out to a plank.

• Flutterkick Squats – Hop so that your left foot is ahead of
the right, and then again so that your right foot is in front of the left. Once you have completed these two hops, drop down into a squat, and then repeat.

• Double Butt Kickers – Hop upward hard, and kick yourself
in the butt with both feet. Do a stutter hop in between big “butt kicks” in order to help yourself regain your momentum and inertia. These are much harder than they look and you should be careful while you’re doing them – they are very taxing on the cardiovascular system, plus, this is an easy one to get overly fatigued and then possibly injured. Stop whenever you need to – if you get too tired and keep going, you run the risk ok not getting your feet back beneath your body in time.

There is no cool down or stretching segment for this video, so you will want to do that on your own, or look in our workout library for one of our cool down or stretching videos.

How many calories does this workout burn?
This is a very high intensity workout from start to finish, and all of the exercises are total body, so the expenditure rate is relatively high.

We estimate that this burns somewhere between 10-15 calories a minute, or 250-375 in just 25 minutes. The wide estimation range takes into account weight variations, gender, muscle mass, existing fitness, etcetera. This does not even take into account the elevated rate of calories that HIIT routines cause, for hours after you have finished with your exercising.

High intensity interval training tends to be high impact and can be rough on the joints. Make sure that you always do exercises on a forgiving surface (never concrete) that is even and free of debris. Talk to your doctor to get a health clearance before you start this or any other Fitness Blender workout.


angela li

04/15/15 4:13pm

omg! fb i love you!

i love frog and griff

03/10/15 12:31am

I had a rough time with the flutter kick as well. The jumping butt kickers were the hardest part for me, I didn't do all of them and even when I got motivated to do them I had to do like four jumps before I could do one butt kickers, I think it was due to me being so out of breath.


02/22/15 2:36am



01/30/15 7:26am

can't get through this one without taking lots of breaks :) tough routine, especially the butt kickers!


12/05/14 7:03am

Kelli, I sure hope your playing a loop on the double butt kickers...especially on round three and four! I managed through them but with the aid of a chair back. Thank you for motivating me to kick my own butt!!!


11/07/14 5:19am

I try this workout as part of week workout plan which I found in your article Carrie Underwood routine. But I couldn't finish it. I think this one is lot harder than many of your other hiit video which use tabata style. Another reason is my inner thigh are still very sore because of yesterday workout. I still want to conquer this video though.. I plan to start your round 5 program next week. Hope after I finish that program I can get great progress and able to complete this video proudly :) .. It will be a big reward for me, even than seeing my legs look like Underwood's :)


09/26/14 7:47pm

Honestly, I have to tell you guys... After doing many of your videos over the past two years, I find this one the toughest to get through. I come back to it every now and then, and it kicks my butt every time! I've tried to narrow it down to a weakness or whatever and pinpoint what it is but no matter what this one is BRUTAL!!! But I love how it makes me feel afterwards!


09/22/14 12:30am

Phew, I would never have believed burpees will actually become my 'rest' exercise. 8 week program completed! It did wonders to my physical capability. I improved +35p between PFT 1 and 2, excited for the last one :)


08/24/14 3:22pm

Didn't think I could get through this one but I did, thank you, this was amazing! :)


08/22/14 4:56am

I'm feeling great after this workout! Even though I had a hard time with the butt kickers. I wanted to ask whether this workout will be suitable for your abs , as I'm trying to lose the little bit of fat still there, or should I try a different workout. If so what would you recommend


08/11/14 6:33am

Couldn't do my double butt kickers for this workout because my kids were sleeping but I manage to do a variation that consists of sinful leg butt kickers. But overall good sweat for my morning cardio!


08/01/14 6:19am

i vote for bringing back the active rest in future hitt workouts. So i can push myselff harder in a second round . 1 love


07/31/14 11:55pm

R1#16: allright now you've got me. Last two weeks I could still think my endurance was great until this workout ;) I had to hit break for several times. But have I had a good workout this morning! Thank you.


07/06/14 10:08am

Workout #16...Hardest workout yet!


05/25/14 8:01pm

I thought "cardio, HIIT, 25 minutes, 3 exercises... Doable!"...
Burpees not a problem, squats meh, but those double butt kickers !?!?!?! By the 2nd round I had to take breaks :(
Best for last: by the final round I'm panting and sweating and Kelly is double kicking her butt (and mine too) all while laughing away!!! EVIL !!!!!
(Double) kicked my butt.


05/16/14 8:31pm

Double butt kickers=death!


05/06/14 12:43pm

Wow sweating like crazy, double butt kickers? Double kicked my butt, had to lean on my settee and do them that way, feel quite gutted that I only burned 233 calories, not even the minimum of your estimation, proper put my all in, oh well I shall get better and maybe next time do the double butt kickers right lol, thanks for the workouts :)


04/13/14 7:00am

thank you, I will see if one 40 years old mother can be without celulitida with nice toning muscles:)


03/24/14 1:42pm

I'm with everyone else on the double butt kickers were killer so I just did my best. But I'm on week 3 of one of the 8 week programs and so happy with how well I was able to keep up with this tough workout. You guys are awesome!


03/15/14 3:55pm

You know it's a tough workout when the burpees are the easiest part! Couldn't do a full minute of the butt kickers so I did 10 double butt kickers then switched to regular butt kickers for the rest of the interval.

miguel lima

02/01/14 5:18pm

Those Double Butt Kickers killed me ^^


01/07/14 6:36pm

Ruthless is the apt word for this workout. My batteries were dead when I was 17 minutes through this workout. Kelly thanks a lot for this great video. Your videos and the reader's before and after stories motivate towards a "Healthier Me" :)


01/07/14 9:10am

I feel like cursing or crying after this. hahah. No really, this was tough!!! I had to stop and take breaks... But still, I'll try this again until I can complete it without taking so many breaks! Also, guys: maybe I'll regret saying this but do more HIITs like this one!


12/09/13 6:35pm

Wow! This one was tough!!! I am really enjoying all of the videos. Im almost halfway through the first month. Just a tip that worked for me on this video- The double butt kickers were really hard on my feet and knees so I tried it on the mini trampoline. That worked out well!


11/03/13 4:27pm

wow. kicked my butt!!! I feel so out of shape but I am going to keep it up. I love your videso! thanks


10/11/13 1:22pm

AMAZING videos! What mind if exercises will help with cellulite? Also, a lot of people talk about doing a bunch of squats for a great butt. Should I add doing more squats with weight along with your videos? Thank you!


10/10/13 11:59am

Butt kickers are brutal. Double entendre.


10/05/13 4:14am

i've been working out quite consistently for the past few months, and i definitely can see the different in the SIZE of my arms , but not the weight though, is it something that i need to be worry about?
and is eating wholemeal bread a healthier choice for breakfast?
usually when people starts to change their diet by eating clean, they will notice a change within 2 weeks, but i've eating healthy for a few months and it since like it doesn't help.


09/19/13 8:53am

I completed this workout today as part of the 8 week fat loss program and I am beat. I've fallen off for about a week and a half and have surely paid the price. Wish me luck this week and the next. I'm going to keep on pressing through!


09/08/13 3:04pm

I`m on the 8 weeks program, day 22, and I`m trying to do this workout but Youtube just would not load it...On some days it happens, it`s very frustrating because I have to push the whole program a day ahead :-(

ana jacinto

08/13/13 9:16pm

Thank you guys for the wonderful workouts they keep me motivated as well as on track to achieve my goal


07/07/13 6:25pm

Great Workout!!!! So happy I found this website, I am telling all my co workers and friends!!!!


07/02/13 8:45am

This was tough. I had to modify those dreadful butt kickers! If I'm feeling brave I will revisit this video!


05/19/13 6:33pm

killer!!!!!! but the after burn is amazing! thanks fitness blender. p.s. kelli i am envious that you look so beautiful while doing this grueling workout!


04/17/13 3:50am

[2013-04-17] I'm going to look for an alternative total body HIIT to substitute for this in Work Plan 16 tomorrow. I can't jump or put weight on my wrists so these exercises would take some adaptation!
Woots to all who have completed it and thanks for providing alternatives :o)


04/07/13 8:34am

Well I attempted this one also; I kept moving but i had to modify alot. And I invented a new move, the Meemaw Burpee, that's how whipped I was. Thanks for making my body say 'what the *%#@ is she making us do today', lol!


04/05/13 9:46am

OUCH! 'Nuff said.


03/24/13 10:16am

First time I tried this was a few weeks ago and I had to stop twice - this time I made it all the way through! Feeling really proud of myself haha. Love your videos, I've been recommending them to all my friends. Thanks so much for all the effort in creating these awesome workouts.


03/10/13 6:30pm

Jeezo that was HARD!!!!! I am dripping in sweat and at times felt like I was about to die BUT I did it (with a few extra breaks!) Another great video, thanks :)


02/23/13 7:19am

Your HIIT workouts are amazing (and all of your other workouts too)!! I've done a couple of them and I love them all. The variety of workouts you all have is wonderful and I love working out at home and with your site, I feel like I have a personal trainer guiding me through each routine. Thank you!!


01/12/13 11:52am

brutal! I used to think I couldn't sweat, ya this really showed me!!!!! thanks for awesome work out videos!!!! oh and helping me reach my new years resolution...working on it with Fitness Blender!


12/21/12 10:23pm


I had a doubt in this exercise... It is mentioned that we have to do 2 rounds each set.. and each set consist of 3 exercises... but in that video there are 4 rounds.. my doubt is that hows that possible?? or else 1 round may include 2 sets..with tos exercises repeated 2 tat so?? please reply...
thank you..


11/04/12 4:43pm

i do this workout 3 to 4 time a week depending on the mood.what can i do on other days or shall i not workout on other days?any workout videos


09/01/12 1:47am

Hey just wanted to know if I could do this 6 days a week?


01/31/14 10:18am

They recommend doing hiit 2-3 x a week


08/06/12 8:25pm

I do a HIIT workout every monday from your website. This one is definitely intense! I hate burpee's but with this workout I found they were the easiest part of it! Thanks for the sweat and loss of calories!


07/10/12 4:27am

really tough but feels so good when it's over :)
thank you !


06/04/12 7:58pm

this hiit is a torture! I had to stop for a few seconds every once in a while but I felt sooooo good in the end! been doing some of your full length workouts these days.. now there's no excuse for me to not exercise anymore, especially that all of the exercises can be done at home and still leaves me sweating and panting! thank you!

fitness blender

04/24/12 7:23pm

@Debayan - The best thing you could do is mix up all three; keep your muscles guessing. Consistency will help you reach your goals.
@Bibi - Bodyweight exercises can build mass, and they build functional strength at the same time (unlike some traditional heavy weight lifting methods). Search "Mass" & you will find a few options, also try out our dumbbell & kettlebell workouts.


04/23/12 2:49pm

i LOVE your workouts,but i want to build a bit of muscle without using weights ,what kind of exercises do you recommend that will help achieve that ?not bulk up because i know that is probably hard to do without weights but that lean muscle mass ..are body weight exercises enough ?


04/22/12 6:44am

Well I weigh 185lbs and want to take up a workout schedule but confused among 1)At Home HIIT Workout Program for Fat Loss 2) Fitness Blender Cardio HIIT Workout and 3) Abs & Cardio Blend: Workout to Lose Belly Fat ..Can you suggest the best? well both three are wonderful! My main aim is to get down to 165lbs and get a flat ab (which i dont have offcourse)!! A help would be appreciated.

fitness blender

04/15/12 4:54pm

Zebnanna I will gladly & proudly assume the title of Evil Drill Instructor! Thank you so much for the compliment, that is really so motivating to read. In fact I think I will cut my own "lazy day" short for a walk or a handful of push ups, right now!


04/14/12 8:22pm

What I really mean is this; Kelli you are really in amazing shape!! You make it look easy but I know you have worked really hard to get where you are and you inspire me so much. Thank you for all you do! ;)


04/13/12 10:57am

I know, doesn't Kelli look all cheerful and fresh in this exercise, but secretly she is an evil Drill Instructor. Seriously how does she make it look so easy?!?! Yes, I agree, ruthless is the correct term.

fitness blender

04/12/12 4:47pm

3Sisters & Srapc Ha! As long as you keep "attempting" & pushing yourself a little further each time, you are going to get stronger & see results. And I think we take "ruthless" as a compliment :)


04/12/12 2:32am

I totally agree! Thank you fitness blender!


04/11/12 7:56pm

I did this video yesterday. Well actually I "attempted" it would be more accurate. This video is ruthless!! You guys are amazing. Thank you so very much.

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