Fitness Blender 8 Minute Abs Workout - No Equipment, No Excuses Abs and Obliques


Calorie burn:

42 to 65





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Low Impact, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

This fast paced routine will have those belly muscles burning like crazy, and it uses enough muscle groups that you'll probably even break a good sweat.

     Trying to hit slim and tone the midsection is commonly a high priority on most peoples fitness "to do list" however it is hard to find new routines that target the core that are not all the same exercises in just a different order.  In this 8 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout video we think we have come up with some new exercises that are different enough to not feel like the same old workout but still effectively target the abdominal muscles and obliques.

Now before you start into this routine thinking it will give you six pack abs overnight, be sure to read on to best get the results you want.

Workout Structure:
8 Exercises
50 Seconds each exercise
10 Second break to set up for the next exercise.

There is no warm up or cool down in this video, but we recommend that you browse our collection of both to make sure that you get your body ready to work so that you get as much benefit out of this routine as you possibly can.

Ab exercises in this routine:

T Stabilization
Double Pulse Bicycle Crunch
High Plank Knee Circles
Rotation Extensions
Circle Crunch
Plank Extensions
Mini Flutter Kicks
Reclined Oblique Twist

These exercises are great because they don't just target the abdominal panel. Along with the abs and obliques, many of these moves also engage the back, upper body, and legs. To get the most from this abs workout video, make sure that you focus on keeping your core pulled in tight, and the rest of the muscles of your body flexed the entire way through this routine.

It's important to realize that situps and core specific workouts, while great for increasing core strength, are not the best way to burn off belly fat. The only way to lose fat from the stomach is to reduce overall body fat, as you cannot spot reduce fat from one area of the body. Losing belly fat takes a combination of a healthy diet, regular cardio, and total body strength training. Notice that we say "total" body strength training, and not core specific training. Creating lean muscle mass in the body (via total body strength) will help boost your metabolism, making it easier to stay lean, and also making it easy to keep belly fat off.



02/16/15 2:58pm

This is an amazingly effective abs workout. 8 minutes well spent.


10/22/14 11:01am

I love this abs workout! It contains unusual and challenging exercises and completes very well a workout session.Thank's for your great work!


08/23/14 3:37am

Another great one! Thank you!


06/02/14 7:26am

fantastico uuuh...che dolore agli abs....


04/28/14 9:25pm

holy sh*!@! that was a 3???? gawd, i shutter to think what a 5 would be!! great job! i love having my butt kicked! that's a keeper


01/13/14 1:46pm

I loved this workout!

12/06/13 9:03am

Son los mejores chicos Gracias!!!!!!!


11/11/13 7:23am

Just out of curiosity, did you make the voice over live? It's really not relevant but I'm curious :P


12/04/13 3:49pm

I'm curious too! haha


11/07/13 1:03pm

Can anyone tell me how to add to "my favorites"?

fitness blender

11/07/13 2:32pm

It is in the blue section of the green, orange and blue information box on each video page.


09/15/13 6:02am

I tried this over a month ago and had a hard time with the T extensions. I guess my upper body/arm workouts from you guys are working because I completed that exercise without a hitch this morning. I used this in conjunction with the Bodyweight Cardio Workout - Interval Cardio Training 23 minute routine this morning. Good combo - looking forward to lunch with my mom today knowing I made a preemptive caloric strike!


07/31/13 7:00pm

i want to ask you a question iam 15 years old and my height is 155 my wieght is 53kg is that good or not how many kilo grams should i lose plz answer


09/13/13 4:50am

As far as BMI goes (body mass index) you're in a healthy range. Normal BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 and yours is about 22. Although BMI is not a great indicator of body composition, my advice is to do cardio at least 150 mins a week and strength training on at least 3 of those days, just to stay fit. (I am in my last year of a nutrition degree, so I'm not just making this up :)) hope this helps!


07/23/13 1:43pm

Go me! I'm on a roll, next! lol


07/03/13 6:22am

This site is amazing for people who are serious about their workouts


07/28/13 6:54pm

agreed!! fitness blender has made me stronger and FIERCE!!!!! :D


06/24/13 5:30am

Love this! Favourited


06/20/13 10:27am

Love this! I am glad my friend told me about your site.


06/12/13 11:42am

Como puedo agregar este u otro video a favoritos ?
How can I add this or another workout to my favorites ?


06/05/13 4:46pm

Hi. this one keeps stopping at 5:30....don't know why.


06/04/13 6:44am

Thank you both for all of your hard work :) I find this difficult because I have vertigo when I lie down. I see it as a challenge to my vestibular system as well as my abs!


05/31/13 8:26am

Love u guys :) this a good quick hard workout and everything hurts and ur heart is pumping ur hot :))) love ur routines i am totally addicted :))

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