Fat Burning HIIT Pilates Workout - Pilates and HIIT Cardio Blend


Calorie burn:

174 to 312





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Pilates, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Pilates has so many healthy body benefits, but it's really not a big calorie burner. With this Pilates HIIT Blend, we aim to bring you the heart pounding, fat burning cardio you love, mixed in with various Pilates and Pilates inspired exercises.

This routine is probably not quite as intense as Fitness Blender's typical HIIT workouts (for one, I spared you the Burpees!), but it's still a good challenge, burns a good deal of calories, and it's a good way to break yourself into HIIT routines, if you're not quite ready to bust straight into full blown level 5/5 FB videos.

Move as slowly or as quickly as you need to in order to push yourself - there's no reason that you shouldn't be sweating and breathing hard by the time you finish those cardio intervals. Push hard during those high intensity bouts, knowing that you get a quick 10 second rest in between exercises and that the Pilates exercises, while effective and great for making the muscles burn, also serve as a sort of a rest period.

There is no warm up in this video - make sure to choose one of our warm up cardio videos before you jump right into this one.

Workout Structure
We've got 6 different groups of 2 exercises; one Pilates exercise and one cardio interval. There are a couple of intervals that are structured a little differently to do repetitions on each side of the body, or to add an extra burnout round. Each interval is 30 seconds long, and we get a quick 10 second transition/rest time in between exercises. We do each group twice through before moving onto the next.

Exercise Groups/Printable Routine
Pilates Bridges
Split Jack Jumps

Rear Leg Lifts
- Pulses (repeat sequence on both side of the body before moving onto the cardio interval)
Jump Squats

Push Ups + Rows + Side Stars (alternating)

Outside Thigh Raises
Inside Thigh Raises (repeat sequence on both side of the body before moving onto the cardio interval)
Lateral Jumps

Tricep Push Ups + Child's Pose
High Knees

Pilates Walk Ups (repeat on each side of the body before doing jumping jacks)
Jumping Jacks

Cool down & stretch is included; we hold each stretch for roughly 20 seconds apiece.

Pair this routine with one of our strength training workout videos, or do it twice in one day in order to get two metabolic bumps. Typically HIIT shouldn't be done more than 3-4 times a week (as an absolute maximum) so you'll want to choose a Fitness Blender video with a lighter, varied type of training rather than doing this routine more than four times a week.

Make sure to drink lots of water, nourish your body with good, clean food, and come back and workout with us tomorrow!



03/14/15 8:48am

I like knowing the time remaining. I know that I can always talk myself into doing "just 10 more seconds"!


03/12/15 7:28am

Great workout! At 66 I made it through. Thanks for all you do.


03/02/15 11:34am

Thank you Daniel and Kelli. I have been sticking to Fitness Blender workouts for 2½ weeks now. No change on the scales yet, maybe a small (or perhaps imagined) change in clothes size, but one thing has changed for sure! And that is that I can get through longer and more demanding workouts almost every day. I agree that this video felt easier than some of the level 3:s I've been doing, but I can't tell you how great it feels to get some shape and endurance back into my life again.


01/13/15 5:59pm

Great pilates workout, but having suffered through many of your level 4 routines, I must say this did not feel like a 4... more like a three, and just light cardio, not HIIT. But that's just me! Thank you Daniel and Kelli for your tremendous and life changing work!


01/09/15 4:08pm

Please fix it so we can watch the videos in full screen mode without having to zoom in all the way. :) Thanks!


01/05/15 7:55pm

Thank you so much


12/18/14 9:17pm

I really enjoyed this workout! I can't believe that after about 10 weeks of doing fitness blender, I can do a level 4 workout with pretty good form! However, I tried to do a level 4 weight lifting routine (the one that is the functional weight training workout) after this one and could only complete 2 rounds! I'm still calling it a win, because I didn't get to start my workout until 9 pm and by 10 pm I was done! You guys are awesome. Looking forward to all the new content in 2015.


11/06/14 9:31am

I seemed to have lost the ability to put your videos on full screen on fitnessblender. It works on youtube. I'm not sure what happened.


11/02/14 5:02pm

This is one of my all time faves. I go to it sometimes when I don't feel like messing with my weights (they are old school and tedious to keep changing). I'm usually sore the next day in places that strength training doesn't seem to hit (especially abs/obliques). Same is true of the lower impact sweat-a-loties version for recovery days. Would love more HIIT/Pilates combo options. You guys are the best!


09/20/14 2:42pm

So for some reason when I do the outside thigh raises, I'm also using my outside calf. And I'm using it so much that by the end of the first interval it's just BURNING. so much so that I can't hardly do the next interval at all, it hurts so bad. Anyone else experienced this? I'm in my 2nd 8 week round of FB and this has not improved one bit! : (


07/31/14 2:05pm

That was a fun workout!


07/20/14 10:23am

does the amount of rest I take effect the amount of calories I burn?


07/02/14 12:50pm

Terrific video! Love the combo of pilates and cardio!


06/24/14 9:49am

Kelli i would love a second round like this. congratulations on 5 year fitnessblender. Im glad to be part of the fb family. xxx


07/28/14 6:55am

maybe one with Daniel too for the core section


06/02/14 11:37am

Hello Dear Fitness Blender! You are doing really amazing job with your workout videos! THANK YOU :) I've got one question about this and other Pilates workouts.. My new working out plan looks like this: Pilates HIIT or Pilates Cardio + Pilates workout (one focusing on specify area, ex. core or butt) + short upper body training. Together it takes around 1 hour a day and I do this routine everyday for 6 days a week. I wonder if this composition give me a complete and well balanced training for loosing few kilograms of weight and toning well my body? I'm in love with Pilates and those self-conscious exercises.. it's totally my thing, but I'm worry if it will be enough. Hope to hear from you. Thanks again for your hard work to keep us in shape!


05/28/14 1:58pm

Did this one today and it was lovely: a nice range of excercises and the cardio portion was brief yet challenging. Thank you for a good sweat!


05/23/14 5:13am

Hmmm im suprised the calorie burn is 174 on the low side, i definitely felt like this was a decently challenging workout, but maybe thats because I did another HIIT beforehand haha.


05/05/14 7:53pm

It would be great if you would standardize the descriptions of the workout structure. Specifically, if you would always list whether or not a warm-up and cool down are included, clearly, like on this page: http://bit.ly/1oiYVSF, instead of putting it in the text description. I, for one, look for this information often.


05/05/14 11:57am

I did the rear lifts-pulses-jump squats group and the outside thigh raises-inside thigh raises-lateral jumps group with 1lb ankle weights to add a little extra challenge. I really recommend it! Thank you guys for a great, well-balanced workout!


04/21/14 1:44am

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! PLEASE Please make more like one?!?!


04/18/14 10:16pm

Absolutely loved this. My whole body is still sore from your kickboxing workout yesterday so I modified some exercises. Haven't done this workout in awhile so those modifications were needed. Thank you!


03/03/14 9:34am

Where is deep glute stretch?? :D


02/12/14 8:45pm

I rarely do Pilates, but was looking for a hiit cardio work out. I came across this and saw there was 30 sec of jump squats and I almost went to search for another. I decided to do it and figured I could always stop and rest. I really liked the style of Pilates and hiit cardio intervals. I completed the jump squats with no rest and surprised myself. It's amazing what you can achieve if you just try. To answer your question I prefer to look at the clock, I don't stare the whole time, but I do glance occasionally and it's nice to know how much time is left so I can push myself! Would like to see more videos like this in the future....thanks again!!!


02/07/14 10:46am

Another great workout. Thanks guys!


01/29/14 2:30am

Loved it, the combination was fun.


01/16/14 8:56pm

Dear Fitness blender,
I am a huge fan of you guys, no doubt. I love you guys so much and I wanted to thank you for all the amazing work you do. I'm a thirteen year old girl and I've been using you guys to workout for almost a year! However, I recently tore my ACL and I had surgery, so I'm really searching for some very low impact workouts, anything you guys can do is amazing. I can bend my knee, but no jumping or HIIT for quite a while. I need to exercise or else I don't feel motivated or productive. I really need some help. Thank you so much! Xoxo from New york

fitness blender

01/17/14 1:18pm

Try using our search button and putting the keyword "low impact" that should bring up some options but of course talk to your doctor first to be sure they will work for you as there will be also you will still need to modify.

pancake bum

01/14/14 2:01pm

This was a really great workout! I tagged on the squat challenge just for fun ;-) I didn't realise high knees were so hard....


01/06/14 12:29pm

I really love these workouts that focus so much on your legs! I can't Do irish dance right now because of foot problems, and I could see that the muscles in my calves were just turning to mush. So there's these "fun" mixed videos so I can focus on them while doing cardio!


01/06/14 12:30pm

*so glad


01/05/14 11:59am

I'm a fit 51 year old female and love your approach to work outs! They're professionally done and I can really feel the burn when the work out is over. I'm spreading the word to people I know about your website.

I prefer to know the time so that I can hang in there and finish the set.


12/12/13 12:14am

this is by far one of my favorite combinations (even if 30 seconds straight of squat jumps is enough to make me cry!). i would love to see more hiit + pilates combinations--it's a bit novel as i've never seen them combined like this before. plus the mixture of slow, controlled movements and quick, intense bursts really keeps the body guessing. thanks kelli and daniel for another great workout!


12/11/13 10:14pm

The videos won't play. Is there a problem?


12/08/13 2:56pm

Great workout! These leg lifts + jump squats kinda make me wanna die every time! So brutal, but I love it! Thanks to pilates I finally see some change in the size of my thighs, and I can tell I gained a lot of muscular mass too. Work those legs, baby!


12/05/13 8:38am

Thank you for this "easy" work out. quick to get into and out of and just get on with the day.


12/04/13 6:03am

Okay, I don't know why it won't post my entire comment???
I said:
I love the full body stretch!!! :) haha
Oh, and it is worse to look at the clock! It seems to take forever to get to zero!

Great workout! I love pilates too...


12/04/13 6:00am



12/04/13 6:02am

Weird...my comment didn't go through...
Well, I said:


12/03/13 5:44pm

This is a great workout! I love cardio mixed with pilates. I've done the sweat-a-loties many times and its great to have another similar work out. To answer your question. ..yes it is better to not look at the clock! 😁 thank you for another awesome work out!!


12/02/13 8:14pm

How do you figure out calorie burn for your workouts? Like how would you be on the low end or high end?


12/02/13 8:15pm

Like I am Female 27 and 129lbs


12/02/13 12:34pm

Just finished it! I feel so great :)
Thank you guys!


12/02/13 11:12am

Thanks so much for your suggestion! Trust me, that low impact button will definitely be my friend for this time. Although, in 3 weeks I will be able to put pressure on my knee without crutches, so that helps a lot! Thank you so much for your well wishes😊


12/02/13 10:08am

Just what I need :) Thank you FitnessBlender


12/02/13 9:08am

Dear Fitness blender,
I am a huge fan of you guys, no doubt. I love you guys so much and I wanted to thank you for all the amazing work you do. I'm a thirteen year old girl and I've been using you guys to workout for almost a year! However, I recently tore my ACL and I had surgery, so I'm really searching for some very low impact workouts, anything you guys can do is amazing. I can bend my knee, but no jumping or HIIT for quite a while. I need to exercise or else I don't feel motivated or productive. I really need some help. Thank you so much! Xoxo from New york😘


12/02/13 9:17am

You can filter through the videos for low impact only, and there are some good ones! If you go to the full workouts section there's an option to filter through the video's and you simply select low impact. Sorry to hear about your knee I hope it is healing up well for you!

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