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Fat Burning HIIT Cardio Workout - High Intensity Interval Training with Warm Up & Cool Down

23 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
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    With my own workload growing more and more demanding, I’ve got an increasing need for quick workouts that are well rounded and challenging. The Fitness Blender Family is full of working professionals, parents, and students – some of you even fit into all three categories – so I know I’m not alone when it comes to trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule. Yeah it’s a little ironic considering what we do for work but we still have to fight other commitments and responsibilities to get in our own workouts.

    This roughly 20 minute HIIT Cardio Workout is a good choice for a busy schedule because it quickly gets your metabolism revved up, and it also includes a warm up and cool down, eradicating the need to search for either before and after the HIIT workout – which in reality makes it that much more likely that a person might skip either one of them (which is not a smart move).


    5 Minute Warm Up – 30 Seconds per Exercise

    1 Boxer Shuffle

    2 Up & Over Lateral Steps

    3 Walkdown Plank

    4 Torso Circles

    5 Jog in Place

    6 Squats

    7 Alternating Lunges

    8 High Kicks

    9 Butt Kickers

    10 Jumping Jacks


    12 Minute HIIT – 20 On, 10 Off X 4 = 2 Minute Intervals per Exercise

    1 Broad Jump + 2 Jacks

    2 Pop Squats

    3 Front Kick Burpees

    4 3 Switchfoot Jumps + Reverse Lunge

    5 Squat Jump Slides


    Cool Down and Stretch – 20 Seconds per Exercise/Stretch


    While this video might be one of our more moderate HIIT workouts, it’s still challenging, and no matter what your fitness level is it should get your muscles burning and your heart pounding. If it feels too easy, move faster than we show in the video, or add a weighted vest or handweights to the exercises (where applicable). If it’s too hard, feel free to take extra long breaks, or to slow down the pace.

    While our high intensity interval training workout videos are incredibly effective for burning fat and increasing your metabolic threshold, it’s important to remember you shouldn't do HIIT more than three times a week (four as an absolute maximum). Overtraining can be a dangerous situation and you don’t want to overtax your body and needlessly put yourself at risk for injuries or illness.

    Use this HIIT workout video in combination with our strength training, low impact or endurance cardio workouts, Pilates and stretching routines in order to build a program for yourself that is smart and well rounded, making it easier for you to safely work towards a strong, healthy, fit body. You can also check out our prebuilt programs that lay out exactly when to do which workout videos for best results.