Workout Details

  • Duration: 12 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 94-171
  • Difficulty: 4/5
  • Equipment: Exercise Step
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, Toning
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Lower Body

Fat Burning Cardio Step Workout for Butt and Thighs - Step Aerobics Workout Video

You guys have been asking for a step aerobics workout video for a very long time, and we have finally been able to deliver! However, this is not your typical exercise step workout. Instead of working on the step for an hour or more, we put our own spin on it (don't we always?) and made the intervals intense enough that you will have broken a sweat and fit in a good workout in less than 15 minutes, saving you time for strength training and/or a nice long cool down and stretching routine.

Part of the reason why it's more intense than the average normal hour long class is that I wanted to use this workout to really target the butt and thighs. I lifted my step up to three risers on each side, and actually would have used more if I had them on hand, even though that would have resulted in an even-more-purple face and more huffing and puffing (sorry) by the end of the video. I used elements of plyometrics, which are highly effective at increasing explosive strength and speed, not to mention the added benefit that they burn a high number of calories and are great for reshaping the body. There are a lot of hidden squats, jump squats, side squats, and lunge movements in this workout.

All you need for this workout is an aerobic exercise step or any kind of step or bench that is stable enough for you to safely hop up and down on safely. You can use however many risers you need, keeping in mind that a higher bench, as long as form is minded, will make for a higher calorie burn and more work for the lower body.

We start off light enough that you won't need a separate warm up. There is no cool down in this video so make sure that you find one of our stretching videos afterwards, if you aren't moving right on to another workout.

Printable Workout
Warm Up Intervals: 50 seconds each, no rest
High Knee March
Basic Step
Butt Kickers
Row + Lift

Aerobic Step Workout: 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off
Side to Side: 3 Knees
Hop + 2 Jack Steps
Side Steps + High Kicks
Center Hops + Squats
High Knee + Push
Lift + Reach
Basic Step

What other workout videos can I use with this one?
This short cardio step workout goes very well with strength training for the upper or lower body. I filmed this one along with a short workout (another short but intense 10 minute routine) for the lower body and it was a great combination to quickly get in a good sweat and burnout the muscles of the butt and thighs.

What did you think of our very first step workout video? Would you like more, and if so, would you like them longer? Easier or more difficult? Talk to us; we want to hear from you and we listen - our viewers are the ones who shape what kind of workout videos we release, so speak up!