Express Calorie Blaster - 10 Minute Toning & Cardio Mix


Calorie burn:

90 to 133





Equipment Needed:

Medicine Ball, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Even a quick 10-minute workout can make a big difference when it comes to reaching fitness goals. It makes a particularly significant difference when the routine is like this one; a blend of vigorous toning moves that crank up the heart rate so that you are engaging muscles and burning an elevated number of calories at the same time.

Research has shown that several short incremental workouts a day are just as effective as one longer bout of exercise. If you have a really busy schedule our ten minute routines are an ideal way to tone up and potentially drop weight.

To get the most benefit and see changes the fastest, we recommend that you do three of our short videos like this one, at three separate times of the day. This way you only have to create a few different intervals of one sixth of an hour, three times a day. You will give your metabolism a boost both by increasing your lean muscle content and giving yourself several metabolic-stoking jumpstarts through the day.

There are 10 different exercises in this cardio workout video; you will do each for 45 seconds with ten seconds rest in between. You will need an open wall & a medicine ball to do a couple of the exercises – however, if you don’t have these things, you can still do the entire routine with just slight modifications.

Exercises in this routine:

Lateral Jumps – Really push off back and forth, trying to get the most distance from side to side, and this will tone the legs and get your heart pumping.

Deep Squats + Optional Ball Toss – If you don’t have an open wall or a medicine ball (or volleyball, basketball, etc), you can just do a deep squat with an overhead press. If you are doing the exercise as shown, try to make the motions quick – catch the ball as you are going into the squat and push it off above your head as you are coming up out of it.

Plank Tuck & Kicks – In a plank position, bring a thigh up and under your body, towards the opposite elbow. Then take that same leg and extend it up and behind your body for a rear leg lift before repeating the motion on the opposite leg.

Side Steps + Center Squats – Do two side pushes (one on each side, while hopping laterally) before jumping with both feet in the center and dropping down into a squat.

Up and Out Jacks – These are kind of a fun calorie burning exercise that has just a slightly modified motion from a regular Jumping Jack; bringing the arms out in front of the body on every other jump.

Jumping Oblique Twists – Target your obliques and general core while burnings calories with this simple move. Make sure that you focus on landing with toes pointing as far to the left or right as you can on each hop in order to get the most toning for your midsection.

Squat Jacks – These hurt! But they hurt because they work. Aside from toning the glutes, they are also great for cranking up the caloric burn of a cardio workout and also work to tone inner and outer thighs.

Side Shuffle Hops – If your legs weren’t tired before this point in the routine, this will help finish them off. This one is an inner and outer thigh exercise that also targets the glutes (if you stay low) and the calves (when you jump upward at each side of the side shuffling).

Plyometric Push Ups – These are a bit more intense than a regular push up because of the powerful push-off motion. You can make these harder by doing the pushups on the floor, with the explosive motion.

High Knees – Focus on getting those knees up high and those 45 active seconds will feel like they are dragging on forever! If you want to make this easier, you can always slow down the movement a bit by only raising one foot up off of the floor at a time and eliminating the bouncing motion.



04/21/15 8:54am

I have a problem: I am doing 8 weeks workout and on day 23. Tomorrow's workout plan includes 2 sessions, at least 4 hours in between. Please give advice how can I get around it? Unfortunatelly I cannot insert 2 workouts into a single day because of work and I am always sweating so hard that I need at least 30-60 minutes to dry my hair fully. (and if I wake up earlier, I have to shower &hairdry after that, which is not an option for me). Can you suggest, how can I complete these days' requirements without cheater feeling?


02/16/15 12:23pm

I LOVE this workout, as I do all of them. I just wish there were a number countdown on the side so I know how much longer I have to go! Some of the moves are tricky. I just CAN'T get the side jumps and center squats. GRRR.... I'll keep trying!


05/18/13 12:45am

[2013-05-18] Loved this quick burst routine - I modified the plank to elbows to protect my wrists and so was able to do everything! Yay!!!


03/20/13 9:21pm



12/28/12 9:38pm

This was the first FB workout I discovered, via YouTube. I was looking for a cardio warm-up, but by the end I felt as if I'd done a whole workout! I still use it as a warm-up, just at 60% effort.

fitness blender

05/01/12 10:11am

Nafisa, this routine could be used as a warm up but you would want to do some quick light stretches before hand as this routine has some dynamic motions in it. If you start with this cold you could increase you chance for injury.


04/30/12 8:03pm

can this video be used as a cardio warmup?


04/28/12 7:11pm

did this work out at 1 am ! i wanted something short and simple but effective. great workout thanks for sharing!

fitness blender

04/24/12 3:01pm

Fitislandgirl - That's so cute that your little guy works out with you! Glad you liked this workout.


04/20/12 8:02am

I did the 20 mins. HIT workout first then this one, to get my full cardio workout. I had fun, because my 2 yr old son was trying to workout out w/ me. Funny to see him doing the squats and jumping jacks!!! We had fun. thnx for sharing!

fitness blender

04/15/12 4:58pm

Sammy, mine did too towards the end!


04/14/12 10:29pm

This one was a killer! I REALLY loved those Plyo Push Ups a lot! I really didn't think they would make my arms shake but they did!!!

fitness blender

03/10/12 1:49pm

You can find calories burned estimates halfway through the article, just above the exercises - see it?


03/10/12 1:23pm

How many calories does this workout burn?

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