Workout Details

  • Duration: 9 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 72-108
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
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Cardio Butt Buster - No Excuses, No Equipment Cardio Workout at Home

You don’t need an expensive gym membership or hours and hours of daily exercise in order to get in good shape.

All it takes is commitment, the willingness to make fitness a priority in your life, and a little creativity in putting your own bodyweight to good use in order to create a smart, well rounded, dynamic program – and that’s what you’ve got Fitness Blender for.

Short workouts done periodically throughout the day are not only “good enough” for maintaining or losing weight and good health, they can be even more advantageous than longer duration sessions.

Think of it this way; each time you get a good sweat going and your metabolism kicked into full gear, it takes a while for your body to return to it’s normal rate of caloric expenditure. It is easy logic that you would want to “jumpstart” your metabolism not just once a day, but multiple times a day, to maximize the number of hours that your body is burning calories at a higher rate than normal.

High intensity interval training cardio (like this routine) and strength training provide the most drastic after burn effect - much more so than steady state cardio which is typically done at a significantly lessened level of exertion.

How to use this routine:
There are many different options that depend on how much extra time you’ve got in the day, your training/fitness goals, and more.

Here are a few ideas depending on whether you are on a cardio/recovery day, or strength training day:

Cardio Day: For a longer cardio session, do this routine in conjunction with one of Fitness Blender’s cardio workouts that are lengthier, to make up a cardio session that is 20-70 minutes total. If you’re looking to lose weight and burn belly fat but your schedule is jam packed, squeeze this 8 minute routine into your day 2-3 separate times to get the highest calorie burn for your efforts.

Strength Training Day: This can also serve as an advanced warm up before starting a toning or strength training workout. Your muscles will definitely be warm by the time you are done and it will bump up your overall calorie burn as well.

Workout Structure
8 Exercises
50 Second Intervals
No Equipment
10 Second Transition between intervals where a demonstration is shown for the next exercise

Printable Workout
Jump Squat Twists – Holding a static squat, move both hands to the outside right thigh; then to the left; then back to the right before jumping explosively upward out of the squat. Go right back into the squat & repeat, this time starting on the left.

Lateral Burpees – Drop down & kick your feet out into a plank, jump straight back up, jump to the side and immediately go back down into a Burpee.

Windmill Steps – Take a long step (or leap to make it harder) to the side, windmilling arms overhead. Use strong movements, keeping all muscles tight throughout the motion.

Toe Touch Jacks – Jump feet apart and hands overhead like you would with a traditional jumping jack. Jump feet back together and swiftly bend down in a squat to touch your toes; from this position, jump back into the top of the motion (feet spread, arms overhead).

2 Knees + 2 Side Leg Raises – Pull 2 knees upward, then kick each leg out to the side – be careful to use controlled motions, not momentum.

Plank Tuck & Lifts – Hold a static plank and lift one knee up to your elbow, then back out directly up into a lift. Alternate repetitions on each side.

Heel Tap Hops – Stand with feet hip width apart and jump upwards, tapping your heels together quickly before landing with feet back in their starting position.

Jab + Cross + 2 Kicks – Just like it sounds; hop in between each repetition in order to alternate which side is doing the work.

How many calories does this burn?
We estimate that this Cardio Butt Buster burns between 8-12 calories a minute. Remember, you can maximize your benefit & your belly fat burning results if you pair it with some of our lengthier videos, or if you repeat it multiple times in the day.