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Butt & Thigh Barre Workout for Long Lean Legs — Beach Barre Workout

11 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Barre, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Ten minutes is all that you need for this quick butt and thigh Barre workout.

    We filmed this workout in front of one of Oregon's beaches; we went on a weekend getaway and wanted to film a workout for you guys while we were on this beautiful coast.

    While you don't need any equipment for this routine, you may want to find something to hold onto to use for balance, depending on how strong your coordination is. A chair, a countertop, or even a wall will work.

    For each exercise, briefly hold at the top range of motion to make it really burn. Once we have completed ten reps of each exercise, we will do ten pulses at the top of the range of motion.

    Routine Structure
    We quickly run through five Barre leg exercises without any rest at all. We will do ten repetitions on each side of the body, implementing ten quick pulses at the top of the range of motion for some of the exercises. A warm up and cool down are not included, but both are recommended.

    Printable Barre Workout
    10 Standing Leg Curls
    10 Supported Single Leg Deadlifts + 10 Second Balance
    10 Outside Thigh Raises + 10 Pulses
    10 Front Leg Raises + 10 Pulses
    10 Reverse Leg Raises + 10 Pulses

    How many calories does Barre burn?
    We estimate that this particular routine burns between 4-8 calories per minute. The exact expenditure depends on your bodyweight, muscle mass, effort level, and so on. You can increase your burn by pairing it with other Fitness Blender workouts, or by doing it a few times through.

    How often should I do this Fitness Blender Barre Workout video?
    This is a very light lower body toning routine, so as long as you are not sore, you could easily do it 3-5 times a week - though we do recommend that you use a combination of Fitness Blender's workout videos for the best results.

    What other Fitness Blender routines would this go well with?
    If you are trying to tone up and/or lose weight, ten minutes of a light toning routine like this one may not be enough to help you reach your goals as quickly as you'd like. We suggest that you pair this with any of our high intensity interval training routines, other longer lower body workouts (to really burn out those leg muscles!) or do it on an upper body day in order to keep your leg muscles awake.