Butt and Abs Tabata Workout - Fat Blasting Cardio Interval Workout


Calorie burn:

213 to 334





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

In 28 short and sweet (code for quick and painful) minutes, you can get everything you need done with this one workout video. Warm up cardio, a fast blasting Tabata workout that especially targets the butt, thighs, abs, and obliques, and a nice yoga cool down and stretch – All in under 30 minutes. The best part is that all you have to do is hit play; no equipment, no fees – all you have to bring to the table is your motivation and willingness to push yourself, and we’ll take care of the rest.

To keep things interesting, I built this routine using our AB AB format – correct me if I’m wrong but I tend to hear from you guys that you like this structure because it keeps you from getting bored. I also like it because allows you to push yourself as hard as you can for each interval – the B interval serves as a sort of reprieve from whatever torture might be found in the A interval, and vice versa.

For this particular cardio Tabata workout, Interval A is going to be a lower body exercise – a high intensity interval that requires full gusto. Interval B is an abs and obliques exercise. In between each interval, you’ll have 20 seconds of Active Rest – active being whatever you can handle in between intervals without having to stop. You can do something as light as a Boxer Shuffle (like we show in the video) or something as challenging as high knees or even Burpees – it’s all up to you and how hard you want to push yourself.

Workout Structure

Quick Cardio Warm Up – Roughly 20 Seconds per Interval

Tabata Workout: 5 Groups of AB AB

40 Seconds Active, 20 Seconds Active Rest, Each

Cool Down & Yoga Stretches – Roughly 20 Seconds Each

Make sure that you don’t skip the warm up or cool down.


How often can I do this routine?

You can do this cardio training workout for the butt and abs roughly 3-4 times per week, always giving yourself a day or rest in between – longer if your muscles are still sore from the last round.

How can I make this cardio workout harder?

You can always move faster than we do during the cardio intervals, or add weights to the exercises. As mentioned above, you can also modify the Active Rest to be much more difficult than just a light jog.

Is it okay to stop and take extra rests?

It’s always okay to stop for extra breaks when you need to. Just do what you can to make sure that you’re also pushing yourself; an important part of fitness is listening to your body and respecting your (temporary) limits.




04/18/15 12:45am

I really love this one!! both abs and butt are are getting great workout and all in 30 min. Could you please make more workouts like this?? I cannot find anything similar that would be between 30-40 min. Thank you a lot !!


03/08/15 7:04pm

I've been doing Fitness Blender workouts every day for 4 months now, & this is one of my favorites :)


02/20/15 10:55pm

Thanks! This routine is just long enough to get through while the kids are watching morning TV, and just enough challenging to get the feeling you've been really working out afterwards!


02/12/15 5:14pm

Love it!


02/09/15 12:14pm

Doin this one today

Love u FB


02/09/15 12:13pm


01/09/15 4:23pm

My legs feel like jelly, but it makes me happy to have completed it. Another fav! Thank you

lana ngaro

11/13/14 2:54pm

Yay!!! I made it thru!! :) :) This workout is complete!!! Thank you was Quick and feels Great!!


11/12/14 11:41am

I love these 1/2 workouts. I find for myself I work much harder only doing 1/2 at a time..thanks you two!!


09/27/14 1:21am


I am 5 kg over the BMI ,what is the best program for me .

love u fitnessblender


08/31/14 12:19pm

I really love this workout. Thanks guys!


08/18/14 11:13am

Will this workout help me achieve an hour-glass figure? If not, can you tell me one that will. Thanks :)


09/18/14 8:24pm

How about this one?


08/13/14 8:25am

I liked this workout - it was not killer like the HIIT Like a Girl or others - but it got me sweating and flexed out. I did this one after the 19-20 minute Calorie Blasting Cardio Boot Camp Workout. Nice combo in my opinion to really focus on the lower body.


07/28/14 3:32pm

So I just did this workout after a 5-level HIIT workout and just about died. Ugh. That was intense.


07/21/14 9:03am

I love this workout and the ABAB format is GREAT! :)


07/06/14 8:42am

Had not done this one for a few months, really enjoyed it :) thanks xxx


07/05/14 2:06am

I'm new to this I'm looking to slim down my butt ALOT will this work over a course of 6 months or is this only to make your butt bigger I'm confused


05/27/14 6:11am

Hey guys! does this workout make your butt bigger or what? I'm confused, sorry for that..
I'll be waiting for responses. thank you :)

Btw, FB is sooo great! I've really lose fat and now I'm gonna try doing this :)


03/31/14 3:51am

love the tabata and ab ab, , more videos like this please.


03/14/14 7:33am

Oh my those pink pants are hard to look at, kind of hard to see depth, there were a few times I couldn't tell which way her leg was moving and I had to watch and reind to figure out how to do the move.
Great workout though.


03/10/14 10:13am

Tabata is a great workout that you can do at home with little to no equipment.


03/05/14 8:06pm

I love it....you guys keep me going Just great workout


03/04/14 5:04pm

This just killed me!!! Thank you!


01/28/14 12:52pm

Love this AB AB format - the workouts go by so quickly!!


01/15/14 10:18am

ABSOLUTELY LOVE AB AB workouts - they tend to go by really fast compared to doing 2 rounds (ie, ABCDE, ABCDE).


01/02/14 6:17pm

Thank goodness for doing these workouts at home...i must look like a crazy person trying to keep my coordination on some those moves!


02/10/14 5:07pm

Oh yes:))


12/26/13 1:24pm

When Kelli does the broad jumps and then two more jumps--I feel like I'm jumping into hell. But a good kind of hell. Where I've finally lose those last ten pounds hahaha. Much love and GREAT HIIT workout!


12/02/13 3:42pm

Wow, I love the diverse mix of moves in this workout. Also, the encouragement…thanks for all of the "good jobs" peppered throughout. My poor muscles need those!


11/18/13 3:48am

This workout is so much fun! The Broad Jump + 2 Jump Squats kills me, though. I substitute it with 3 Jump Turns + Walkdown from the SweatFest Workout, which is awesome too :D


11/07/13 2:52pm

I thought I would somewhat breeze through this one, but I was wrong! I'm certainly NOT tough like Keli, thanks again for all of your hard work guys, a true inspiration. BTW I always enjoy watching the blooper videos :)


11/06/13 1:09pm

I lovee this video.....I love ALL your workouts..... It is perfekt and I feel so good :) thank you guys.


10/29/13 5:53pm

I have been doing your workouts for a few months now. I have been a generally active person for years now, using the gym at my university and running. Until now, I have never been completely satisfied with the results of what I was doing. I can finally say that I am the most fit I've ever been in my life thanks to this website alone! I can't thank you both enough for being such a motivation and inspiration to me. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself, and for that I am so grateful to Fitness Blender. Thank you!! (Ps. This is one of the best workouts yet!)


10/22/13 11:41am

I get bored very easily and this is the perfect workout for someone like me. Thank you!!!


10/16/13 11:00am

I love ALL your workouts...this is a nice quick one for me to do before the baby wakes up in the morning or during his nap. It's also nice, because thanks to your strengthening and cardio workouts and HIIT workouts, I'm able to do workouts with my husband again (8 mo pp) and he's a physical fitness leader for the USAF!!!! =) =D Thank you for helping this mom of two little ones get back in to shape on an enlisted members salary. =) You guys are incredible. Words can not express how much I appreciate you giving your time to make these videos. Thank you.


10/09/13 9:03am

I LOVED this work out! the style and intensity and exercises were great! I am FEELING it today though!


10/09/13 7:09am

Good one for me on a day when I don't feel like pushing too too hard. Got a good sweat and burn but not dying. Thanks so much guys!


10/08/13 7:35pm

I have to say, AB AB style high intensity are my favorite kind of high intensity workouts, by far! This might just be me, but whenever you guys put together a 30 (ish) minute HIIT routine and you have us do each workout two times, only the moves are the same and separated into two rounds (first 15 minutes, then a break, then the next 15 minutes the same as the first), it's hard for me to stay motivated enough to go through the second round! I think it's just because I already know what to expect from the first round. So AB AB style keeps me from wanting to quit after the first 15 or so minutes! I'm not sure if that made sense or not, but yeah, I just love this style of workout. Keep em comin! :)


03/31/14 4:37am

But you made it through the 1st round, so---you're better off than the folks who did nothing this morning!

I used to struggle to get through another round of whatever fitness video, too. Until one day I said--just one of the exercises from set 2. Before I knew it, I was aiming for 2, and so on. Now I get all the way through one of these guys' 40+ minute workouts and start looking at my faves to see what else I can squeeze in before I have to get the kids up for school!
Hang tough!


03/17/14 1:56pm

Same here! I dislike more than one round...lol Thanks Daniel and Kelly


10/08/13 10:55am

I know its more work for you guys and you do so much already....but it is so helpful when you include the actual workout moves. I have a weak wrist that prevents me from holding body weight for too long so when I'm trying to find a workout, I always check out the breakdown to makes sure there aren't too many moves to modify. Totally not complaining, just requesting the break-down in future, but I'll browse through the video t make sure this time :)


10/08/13 7:10am

Great workout! This came at a perfect time for me. I am recovering from a foot injury but could still do this workout with a few minor adjustments. I was happy that I could get a good sweat on. I do miss the written listing of the exercises. I like to have the lists in front of me so that I know ahead of time if I want to add weights, get the mat out, or substitute a different exercise. But, I am by no means complaining!!! I love Fitnessblender workouts!!!!


10/08/13 5:58am

Squat jumps!!! You guys KILL me! thanks!!!


10/08/13 3:04am

Another excellent workout guys!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!


10/07/13 12:12pm

I was just about to start up one of your older HIIT abs routines, but I saw this and got super excited! I love the ABAB format (although I like traditional tabata as well), and I also love the fact that I can get a good sweat in half an hour including warm-up and cool down. Perfect for a time beleaguered student, haha. Thanks Kelli and Daniel for continuing to churn out some pretty awesome routines!


10/09/13 5:40am

I totally agree!! I'm in school, and it is great when I can find a workout that is under 30 minutes with warm up/cool down included!


10/07/13 11:21am

great workout.....thx

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