Bored Easily Bodyweight Cardio Workout with High and Low Impact Modifications

26 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    My goal with this workout was to create a sweaty cardio challenge that could easily work for all kinds of different fitness levels with simple modifications. I enjoyed this routine and I love being able to fit in a whole workout, including warm up and cool down, in under 30 minutes. 

    I’ve heard a lot of requests lately for a cardio workout that doesn’t exhaust the lower body - a good way to get in a cardiovascular challenge without further antagonizing already sore lower body muscles, or something that you can do in between strength workouts, without making the legs sore. A lot of this comes down to modifications that you choose to apply to any given interval in this routine; below, I have shared tips and tricks to make this routine easier, or more difficult, as well as how to make the exercises more cardio, or strength-based in nature. 

    Ways to make this routine more beginner-friendly: 
    Slow down the movements, take longer breaks, take more frequent breaks to stop and catch your breath, focus on calming your breathing during the rest periods, use a more shallow range of motion 

    Ways to make this routine more intense:
    Move more quickly, take shorter and/or fewer breaks, jog in place through the rest periods, deepen the range of motion on any give exercise, or add weights/resistance to exercises where appropriate

    Ways to make this routine more cardio-focused:
    Step up the pace and urgency, move quickly and light on your feet, keep the range of motion more shallow (e.g., instead of a deep lunge, tap back and behind the body to spare the muscles of the more difficult challenge of a lunge), try to minimize your breaks, keep moving 

    Ways to make this routine more strength-focused:
    Slow down the motion, hold onto weights or wear a weighted vest, and/or deepen the movement of each exercise (e.g., a slight hip hinge becomes a full range of motion squat, a tap back or to the side becomes a full side or reverse lunge, etc.) 

    All the way through, walk that careful line of listening to your body, and gently pushing your own comfort zone. Or, if you’re having one of those days, just celebrate the fact that you’ve shown up for yourself, that you’ve made time for yourself and your health in the form of a workout. It all counts, so whether you make it through 10 minutes of this workout, or the whole thing, it’s something to be celebrated. Pro tip: celebrating your “wins” (of any size) helps give you a feeling of satisfaction and self confidence, which makes it more likely that you build a positive association with your workouts, which is a huge part of making working out a consistent and ongoing part of your life. Never diminish your efforts towards healthier habits; if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, don’t say it to yourself.

    Workout Structure
    4 Minute Cardio Warm Up
    17 Minute Cardio Workout (Bored Easily Style, no repeat intervals)
    5 Minute Cool Down & Stretch
    No Equipment necessary 
    Low impact and advanced modifications shown 

    Printable At Home Cardio Workout 

    4 Minute Warm Up: 30 Seconds each Interval

    • March in Place
    • Slow Jumping Jacks
    • Lateral Steps + Knee Up
    • Opposite Toe Touch
    • High Knee Pulls
    • Standing Jackknife 
    • Butt Kickers
    • Fly Jacks

    17 Minute Cardio Workout: 45 Seconds Active, 15 Seconds Rest

    • Runner Pull + Tap Back (or Lunge) & Switch
    • Slow Burpees
    • High Knee Claps
    • Standing Jackknife + Squat
    • 3 Switchfoot Jumps + Knee + Front Kick (on trailing leg)
    • Lateral Jump + Power Skip

    Water Break

    • X Jump + Split Jump, Repeat
    • 4 Pull Down Butt Kickers + 4 High Knee Narrow Pulls
    • Stutter Jacks
    • 3 Marches + Clock Steps or Lunges (F, S, B)
    • Good Morning + Opposite Knee to Elbow
    • 2 Wide Stance Butt Kicks + Pivot Squat
    • Walkdown + Plank Jack or Taps
    • Reverse Bicycle Crunches
    • Up Down Plank + L&R Center Tap
    • Bridge Press + Extension + Toe Touch Crunch 
    • Bird Dog Sweeps

    5 Minute Cool Down: 30 Seconds Each

    • Quad Stretch
    • Other Side
    • Hip Flexor Stretch + Arm Cross Pull
    • Other Side
    • Forward Lean/Toe Touch + Overhead Stretch
    • Side Bend Leans
    • Other Side 
    • Walkdown to Cat Cow 
    • Deep Glute Stretch
    • Other Side
    • Full Body Stretch & Deep Breathing

    Be sure to make any and all of the modifications you need to in order to make this workout your own. I hope you love this cardio workout and that it serves you well!