Booty Blaster - Killer 5 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout Challenge

5 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Barre, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment


    This quick butt and thigh workout is actually moderately challenging in that it is going to have the muscles of your lower body screaming and protesting, but, because it’s so short it’s also completely doable. Push through the burning of your muscles and you will feel proud of yourself when you’re finished.

    These are calorie burning, thigh toning, butt lifting exercises that you wont need any equipment to do.

    How do I use this short workout with other Fitness Blender routines?
    If you’ve got only five minutes to workout in a day, this is 5 minutes well spent, but if you are trying to lose weight you are going to need to put in more sweat minutes than that each day. A longer duration workout will increase the total number of calories that you burn, which is essential to creating that daily deficit that leads to weight loss.

    If your goal is weight loss or even weight maintenance, we recommend doing this workout at the end of one of our longer (20-50 minute) cardio workouts, or one of our shorter and more demanding HIIT routines (10-30 minutes). Another option is to do this workout at the end of one of our longer lower body workout videos just to really, really burn that muscle group. You could also do this after one of our upper body toning/strength routines just to keep the lower body muscle groups on their toes. In addition, doing this as a standalone routine as a quick second session workout can be a great way to wake up your mind and your metabolism. Clearly there are lots of options as to how to best utilize this routine; it largely depends on your own goals and existing program.

    Routine Essentials
    -5 Minutes Total
    -Fast paced; zero rest time and quick transitions between exercises
    -5 Exercises
    -No warm up or cool down (quick stretch recommended)

    Printable Workout
    1 Minute Kneeling Leg Lifts (right)
    30 Seconds Kneeling Leg Lift Pulses (right)

    1 Minute Kneeling Leg Lifts (left)
    30 Seconds Kneeling Leg Lift Pulses (left)

    1 Minute Squats

    30 Seconds Static Squat Hold

    30 Seconds Squat Jumps

    The Kneeling Leg Lifts and their corresponding pulses feel nice; it’s a comfortable and completely tolerable burning in the muscles and it’s over before you know it. But by the time you get done with the 30 second static squat and realize that you are going directly into squat jumps, your muscles will start rioting and letting you know that they are ready for a good stretch or rest.

    Do what you can to press through each interval without rest, but remember that it’s always okay to stop when you need to, and that the workout is not rendered useless when you do. Make sure that you are using a full range of motion where appropriate and that you are keeping your butt low during the static squat hold.

    If you try this workout and don’t feel it in your muscles, you are likely either not keeping proper form throughout, or you may need to push yourself a little harder by holding onto weights throughout this routine, or by trying one of our lengthier lower body workouts.

    Calorie Burn Estimates
    We estimate that this butt and thigh workout burns between 6-8 calories per minute, or 30-40 calories total. The short duration makes for a lower caloric expenditure, which is why we recommend that you do it in combination with either one of our longer full length workout videos, or with a blend of several of our other short routines like this one.

    Were you able to make it all the way through this workout without taking any breaks?