Bodyweight Cardio Training + Lower Body Strength - 37 Minute Butt & Thigh Workout


Calorie burn:

351 to 585





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

My favorite kinds of workouts are the ones that dynamically challenge muscles and cardiovascular endurance at the same time. The combo of cardio & toning that you see in this video is a great example of a workout that boosts both endurance and strength simultaneously. This combination is also easily the most effective method of training for someone who is looking to lose or maintain weight.

This bodyweight cardio and toning workout video is a fast way to get in a serious calorie burn, all while toning up the butt, thighs, and calves.

To keep the workout maximally effective, focus on maintaining great form throughout all of the movements. You can also significantly increase the effectiveness and the difficulty of the exercises by focusing on flexing your muscles through the range of motion and pretending like you are working against yourself the whole time.

We have structured this routine in the way that many of you love; short intervals of fairly intense cardio, with sets of especially grueling, painful-in-a-good-way toning exercises in between. There is no warm up in this video so make sure that you do at least 5-10 minutes of independent, light cardio before jumping right in. Being diligent about doing the light cardio warm up beforehand will help you avoid any undue muscle soreness in the days following. You won’t need a single piece of equipment for this routine.

This workout is demanding; expect to be sore the next day, especially if you do both rounds.

Here’s how this video is laid out:
6 Lower Body Exercises: 14 Reps each
6 Cardio Intervals: 30 Seconds each
2 Rounds
39 Minutes Total
Quick Cool Down & Stretch at the end

Printable Workout Routine:
Up and Out Jacks
Bridge Pulls

Lateral Burpees
Side Plank Circles

Up and Overs
30 Lunge Pulses (per side)

Quick Feet
Circle Squats

Plank Jacks + Leg Raises
Side Plank Toe Touches

Toe Touch Jacks
30 Squat Pulses

The cardio & strength exercises are paired, and done twice in an “a-b, a-b” format before moving onto the next pair. You will have ample cues in the video for which exercise is coming up next.

When we do exercises that are targeting just one side of the body (ex: Side Plank Circles), we will do just one set of reps on each side of the body between cardio intervals (so that each side is targeted once).

You can make this workout even more demanding by adding in extra resistance where applicable; dumbbells, medicine balls, kettlebells, or resistance bands can be added into some of the toning exercises to take the exercise from toning, to strength or mass building.

How many calories does this burn?
As always, your exact caloric expenditure is going to depend on a large number of variables that is very specific to you. Things like bodyweight, gender, muscle mass, baseline fitness level, effort put forth, and even your muscle’s familiarity with the exercises in any given workout, can significantly effect the actual number of calories that you burn. With that said, we estimate that this routine burns between 9-15 calories a minute, or 351-585 total. If you want your total calorie burn to be at the top end of that range, make sure that you are pushing yourself throughout the routine – but also don’t think that all progress is lost if you need to stop and take a breather at any point. Some of this exercises are fairly high intensity and there’s nothing wrong with taking a break when you need to.


04/23/15 1:31pm

this is an absolute killer!
deserves a 5 in my opinion - whenever i try to finish the second round it gets really difficult because my legs simply stop doing what i tell them to...

i do my own cool down because this one's too rushed for me and afterwards i'm in total inner peace :)

03/23/15 6:58am

Great workout. It's tough because there is no break in between it exercise.


03/08/15 1:09pm

Great workout; sadly, the cool down seemed quite rushed.


03/06/15 3:28pm

oh my!!! this is INSANE. haha. I was not expecting to burn so much fuel.

loved it. thank you!

I love the ABAB format, it allows me ton stay at a high intensity without dying



01/02/15 6:49am

Thanks for a great workout! I'm recovering from a cold so I thought I'd take it easy and lay off the longer workouts. However, this turned out to be a killer on the thighs midway through round 1!

12/10/14 11:17am

Fitnessblender, before this past summer, I used to workout 6 days a week...lots of HIIT and full body workouts, mostly levels 4 and 5. This past summer I wasn't very consistent with how often I worked out; but for some reason, this school year, I cannot get myself back to the full strength I was, no matter how hard I try. Through some of your lengthier cardio videos I have to take long, frequent breaks. Sometimes I get to the point of feeling really sick. I was wondering what the cause of this was and what I can do to get my full strength back. I am fifteen, and maybe that has something to do with it, but like I said, I was fine before this summer. Thank you!!!


12/06/14 7:48pm

Here's why this one's so hard: you have to do an intense, complete 17 minute workout, only to have to repeat the whole thing all over again! Ugh! It's rough! I'd love more like this, minus having to repeat a second round (but same amount of time 30 to 40 minutes.) Please don't make us repeat the brutality more than once! ;)


10/25/14 8:52am

What a sweatfest. I had my doubts about the calorie expenditure until I actually got through it. Looked a lot easier on paper... but it was worth every bit of the challenge. You made my Saturday!


10/08/14 4:59pm

I keep liking this workout because it continues to be tougher than I think it should -- and it hits my (man) hips harder than the workouts I usually chose!


10/08/14 11:39am

wow :) I like thissss!!!!! Very very good workout for me :)


08/21/14 12:08pm

2 words. I'm dead!

kma lana

08/16/14 6:03pm

Great workout! I enjoy a good butt kicking, and you served me well!!!!!!


08/14/14 12:51pm

How often is it safe to do this?


08/05/14 12:59pm

Harder than I suspected; pushed my legs to the brink of failure. (I added a pushup to the burpees, and wouldn't have minded Kellie making me my arms on the plank jacks, either...)


07/21/14 6:53pm

Just finished this workout. Love it not to hard but not that easy. I'm sweating so that'll do :-)


07/08/14 1:15am

Wow....I tried my best but got very dizzy halfway....thanks for pushing me. Hopefully soon I can complete the full workout ;)


06/26/14 2:11pm

Well...I died haha


06/21/14 9:11pm

That was so amazing!! I'm experiencing an exhilarated feeling right now because I got through this workout! Thank you Kelli and Daniel for everything that you do!! Gonna be nice and sore tomorrow!


06/10/14 5:49am

Excuse me...Have anyone can tell me that why I can't put this in my favorite workouts?


06/04/14 10:12pm

Simply put: by the last 4-5 repetitions of Squat Pulses I was falling backwards because my legs were giving up... Lucky I'm not working tomorrow hahaha!! Thanks guys for another kicka** workout


05/29/14 11:03am

this is a real though workout. just like the lowerbody tabata one. Kelli is harcore with his.


05/13/14 8:50pm

Killer workout!


05/07/14 9:00pm

All hail Kelly the Holy mother of leg workouts!! FORGET Ryan Gosling THIS is the stuff that makes me weak in the knees!


02/25/14 1:00pm

This one kills me every time! I don't have this hard of a time with the 1000 cal workouts. Shew, I have a love-hate relationship with this one for sure! I hate it when I am doing it, but I love it when it's over :)


02/06/14 3:57pm

Wow this work out really kicked my a**! Out of the 5 different workouts I do from you guys every week, this is definitely the one I sweat the most from!


12/19/13 3:11am

Great workout!
Please tell me; this workout have afterburn effect?!?!? Thanks! :)


11/21/13 11:20am

My goodness. I thought I'd done every workout on here but apparently not. This one is a killer. Thanks for a great one!


11/18/13 7:49am

I could barely see during the second half because I was sweating IN MY EYES. Fanbloodytastic!! Sa x


12/29/13 5:24am

haha me too! I couldn't see at one point haha and I'm actually in relatively good shape (well not so much after Christmas :D)


08/28/13 8:06pm

if im eating around 1200 calories a day and i either do one of your workouts or go on a 30-45 minute jog/elliptical machine, how long do you think it would take to lose 3-5 lbs? (i'm 5"4 and weigh around 113-115 lbs) .


11/05/13 7:27am

1.) You're already at a healthy weight. No need to lose 3-5 lbs.

2.) 1200 calories per day is not enough. Google "TDEE calculator," put in your stats, and that's how much you should eat to maintain your weight. If you want to lose (which you shouldn't), you should eat no less than your TDEE-20%.


07/28/13 11:34am



07/23/13 8:07pm

What weight are the calories burned based on? If I weigh 137 pounds, around how many calories would i burn?


06/13/13 2:24am

Added this to my favorites - have no idea why because it nearly killed me!


06/06/13 6:55am

Love this! It actually made me sweat and I have been exercising for awhile now. I would love to see more total workouts like this which include warm up and cool down. I use your videos before work so this timeframe was perfect! I use the low impact workouts to because sometimes my knee just needs a break. I love the squat free ones because of that. Thank you so much for what you do for all of us.


02/21/13 8:18pm

Why are you guys so great? Love this workout.


12/12/12 5:22pm

loved this workout, felt like I pushed myself trying to keep up, thanks for another great routine.


11/29/12 3:06am

Really good! It felt great! Thanks a lot!


09/16/12 6:04am

i just found you on you tube!!!!!you are great,i already did 2 of your cardio training!i don't fill my legs:-) i'm so happy!!!!!love you a lot!!!!


09/07/12 12:59pm

I really like that you put a counter with the video, it makes it much easier not to give up :)


08/30/12 1:06pm

Love the cardio and hiit videos sooo much!!! :) How many times do you recomand that we do the videos?


08/30/12 12:45pm

This is soooo great!! Thank you very much. But my problem is that I already have too much favorite workouts :-)


08/29/12 1:37pm

I loved this combo for the buns and thighs! I need to hit the backs of my legs and get this butt lifted. I do run, lift and spin and this site has definitely helped in the butt and thigh areas!! LOVE IT!!


08/29/12 1:31pm

Love the cardio + specific body area videos! I want one for every day of the week! :D


08/29/12 12:14pm

What a great workout! Just what I needed for today- Thanks fitness blender!


08/29/12 12:43am

I always wait anxiously the new workouts:-) .This one I will do ii today .Thank you

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