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Bodyweight Cardio Calorie Blaster - 30 Minute Cardio Workout at Home

31 Min • Total Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    This 30 minute cardio workout is ideal for a wide range of fitness levels because of how easily it can be modified to be more or less challenging. It's a great cardio routine for intermediate exercisers, but even advanced exercisers are likely to break a sweat over the course of this half hour video. Additionally, this makes for a perfect recovery cardio workout - a routine that burns off a good deal of calories without disrupting the healing process after a more intense HIIT or strength training routine.

    You won't need a single piece of equipment to do this workout, but you can always add dumbbells to some of the exercises in order to increase the caloric expenditure and the difficulty of the workout.

    Workout Structure
    No equipment cardio workout
    Four groups of three different bodyweight exercises
    Intervals of 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off, twice through for each group
    Warm up cardio and cool down and stretch are both included

    Printable Cardio Routine
    High Knee Push
    Lateral Step Pulls
    Forward Step Rows

    High Plank Knee + Lift (do one interval length on each side)
    Up Facing Plank + reach (one interval on each side)

    Stutter Jacks
    High Kick + Knee
    Hops: 1 Forward + 3 Back

    2 Hooks + 2 Uppercuts + 2 Jacks
    Lateral Jumps or Hops
    High Knee Holds

    Up & Over Steps
    Bow + Twist

    How often can I do this workout?
    The cardio exercises in this workout are relatively light in terms of impact and bodily strain, so this workout may be done often - even most days of the week so long as you are not sore from your last time through. Though you can do this routine often, we do recommend that you check out our other hundreds of free full length workout videos in order to keep from getting bored and to prevent a plateau.

    What other Fitness Blender workouts can I do with this one?
    You can use this at home cardio routine with just about any other kind of training. It makes for a very good companion with our strength training routines, Pilates, or even after a shorter, more intense round of one of our high intensity interval training workout videos.

    Did you like this workout? Eat healthy, drink lots of water, and come back and see us tomorrow.