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Barre Workout for Butt and Thighs - Workout for Lean Legs and Toned Butt

21 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Barre, Low Impact, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    Barre workouts are fun because you can immediately feel the exercises engaging your muscles. I like Barre workouts because I can get my muscles burning and my heart rate up without any jarring impacts – not that I don’t love my jump squats, burpees and plyometrics in general, but sometimes your body needs a rest from high impact routines, and this type of training is the perfect way to maintain intensity while giving the joints a chance to recover.

    Other Barre benefits:
    -Helps reduce body fat by increasing lean muscle tissue that burns calories at a higher rate
    -A relatively high calorie burn
    -Unique ranges of motion and movements that challenge the muscles in a different way than other traditional toning routines
    -Improved posture
    -Increased flexibility (particularly if you are diligent about combining these routines with regular stretching)

    Additionally, you really don’t need any equipment to be able to do a Barre workout. If you don’t have access to a literal bar, a table, chair - or anything stable that you can use to help balance yourself - will work.

    Workout Essentials
    7 Exercises
    Varying Reps
    2 Rounds
    21 Minutes Total
    No warm up or cool down included (both are recommended)

    Your Most Common Questions:

    How many calories does this Fitness Blender Barre Workout video burn?
    We estimate that this workout burns 6-9 calories per minute, or roughly 126-189 calories total. These figures depend, of course, on many different variables including gender, bodyweight, existing fitness level, muscle mass, and more. One way that you can make sure that you burn calories at the high end of this estimate is to make sure that you are flexing your muscles and working against yourself throughout the entire routine. If you are flailing your limbs about and using very little bodily control, you will not feel the effect of the workout and will burn fewer calories.

    How many times a week should I do this workout?
    Because this is a low impact routine that is not terribly hard on the body or muscles, you can do this routine roughly 3-4 times per week, depending on how fit you are, what your goals are, and whether or not your muscles are sore when you are done. When/if your muscles are sore after doing this workout, you will want to wait until they don’t hurt anymore before you do it again. Your rest days for your legs are a great opportunity to focus on your upper body, core, and/or cardiovascular endurance. Far too many women neglect their upper body muscles – don’t be one of them!

    What other Fitness Blender workouts would be best to combine with this routine?
    Any one of our hundreds of other free full length workout videos for the upper body, core, or any of our cardio routines. We have other Barre workouts – some that are much harder than this one, and some that include upper body and core work. If you use just Barre workouts for your lower body routines, make sure that you take advantage of our other ones so that you keep your muscles guessing.

    Printable Barre Workout

    20 Forward Leg Lifts

    20 Leg Lift Extensions

    20 Rear Lift Pulses

    20 1st Position Plie Squat Pulses

    20 2nd Position Plie Squat Pulses

    20 Hamstring Pulls

    10 Squats + Leg Lifts

    Can you think of other things that fall under “Most Common Questions” – things that you would want to know about the workout videos that we make – that you would like to see covered? If you have details that you would like included in our workout routine write-ups, let us know & we’ll see what we can do to make it happen.