Workout Details

  • Duration: 25 Minutes
  • Calorie Burn: 162-270
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Equipment: No Equipment
  • Training Type: Cardiovascular, Low Impact
  • Video Player: View on YouTube
Body Focus Total Body

At Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment - Fat Burning Cardio Intervals

No equipment, and no reason to not jump right into this quick cardio interval workout that will have you sweating in a hurry but won’t take up more than 30 minutes of your day. 

This is a mid range difficulty routine (maybe a 3.5/5 on the difficulty scale, what do you guys think?) that’s a good option for just before or after a strength routine for the upper or lower body. It’s also good paired with a long stretching or yoga routine or as a standalone recovery cardio workout - just make sure to check out the options for a cool downs below if this is the only workout you’re doing for the day.

As shown, it’s not a low impact workout, but I’ve provided low impact modifications all throughout the video ( I apologize that a couple of times it took me a bit into the interval to remember to do so!). Whatever your fitness level, make sure that you’re pushing yourself relative to your own strengths and weaknesses. You can make this easier by moving more slowly, taking out the jumping motions, and keep the range of motion more shallow. On the other hand, you can make this harder by adding jumps or jumping more powerfully for each movement, moving faster, using a deeper range of movement, or even holding onto weights or wearing a weighted vest. You can also take shorter or longer breaks as you need to, and more or less frequently; it's all up to you to make the changes that you need to in order to properly push yourself. If you ever find yourself getting discouraged because it seems too difficult, remember that everyone has a starting place, and just make it your main goal to push yourself a little further each time.

Workout Structure
45 Seconds Active 15 Seconds Rest
ABAB Structure
Warm up included; cool down and stretch is not (recommended; see suggestions below) 

Up & Over Steps
High Knee Pulls

Butt Kicker Drops 
Jumping Jack Squat

Plank Jack + Knee
Countdown Squats (4 counts up 4 counts down, 3 counts up, 3 counts down, etc)

Toe Touch Jacks
Center Hop Pushes

Up & Out Jacks
Lateral Hops + Knee

Alternating Lunge + Twist
Lat Pulldown + Standing Row 

There is no cool down in this video, so if you're not off to another video, make sure that you take the time to stretch. 

Here are a few cool down options, pick one with a length that works for your needs: