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At Home Butt and Thigh Workout Video with Cardio Intervals - Fat Burning Cardio + Lower Body Toning

34 Min • Lower Body
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, Toning
    • Equipment No Equipment
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    I'm not going to pull any punches or try and mislead you—this cardio interval and butt and thigh workout is going to be work.

    In writing and designing this routine, I was already getting that combination of dread and excitement, knowing that this was going to be a challenge for both my lungs and my lower body muscles. Sometimes when I'm putting together a workout, before I've even had the chance to do the workout in it's entirety myself, I look at the plan on paper, think of you guys, and wonder "is this going to end up being too hard?" And I end up laughing to myself because I know that you guys love the really challenging routines. You guys are tough! Warriors! To be honest, I like the brutal routines, too. When they're over, that is. During some of those actual active intervals when the muscles and lungs are screaming, that's sometimes a different story.

    In the end, I was surprised to find that this one looks a lot harder on paper than it actually ends up feeling, so don't be too intimidated to try it. On the other hand, if you want to make the workout a lot harder, you can hold onto weights while you do these exercises in order to bump up the calorie burn, the muscle building and shaping benefits (e.g. round, lifted glutes!), and the challenge.

    Workout Structure
    Quick Cardio Warm Up
    Butt and Thigh Workout: Groups of two exercises; 45 On, 15 Off, twice, in an AB, AB format
    Cool Down and Stretch

    At Home Butt and Thigh Workout - Exercises in this routine

    Side Lunges + Reach
    Switchfoot Jumps

    Ski Squats + Alternating Lift
    Standing Jackknife Crunches

    Swinging Bridge
    Rear Leg Lifts + Pulses

    Pilates Shoulder Bridge + Lifts
    Push Ups + Back Bows

    Pulse Lunges
    Lateral Hops + Knee

    Curtsy Lunges
    Jump Squats

    How often can I do this routine?
    You can do this at home butt and thigh workout as often as every other day. In the instance that you are still sore from the last round of this workout video, you will want to wait longer before you repeat this same routine over again. Rest is important for sore muscles. While your lower body muscles heal, you can do any of our upper body strength and toning workouts, or any of our recovery cardio routines.

    Make sure to keep your core tight throughout this entire workout video!