Abs, Butt and Thigh HIIT Cardio Workout

16 Min • Lower Body, Core
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    • Training Type Cardiovascular, HIIT, Toning
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    A mid-range and short duration HIIT workout like this one is a great starting place for people who are just getting started with high intensity interval training. Gradually stepping up your intensity is important and this level 3/5 routine is a much friendlier starting place than some of our more difficult options (search our hundreds of free videos for level 5/5 if you're looking for a crazy difficult challenge).

    At well under 20 minutes, this makes for an excellent addition onto a workout session that's predominately focused on strength training, allowing you to use most of your energy and time on lifting, while still making sure to keep your cardiovascular fitness high.

    All of your major muscle groups are engaged with these exercises, with an extra emphasis on the butt and thighs, as well as the core (abs, obliques, and lower back). Switching back and forth between these two muscle groups allows one to rest and recoup while the other is working, meaning that you're able to push yourself harder during each active interval.

    Make sure to do at least a quick warm up before you start, and a cool down and stretch before you're finished. Here are a couple of good options for each:

    Warm Up options: 

    Cool Down options:

    Printable HIIT Workout
    20 On, 10 Off x 3 each
    1 Reverse Lunge Kickouts (kick feet out as if going down into a Burpee, come back up to do one reverse lunge, alternating)
    2 4 Punches + Knee + Switch (2 high punches, 2 level punches, knee; jump to switch leading legs & punches)
    3 Squat Pulses
    4 Plank Get Ups
    5 Pop Squats (wide squat, push off powerfully and bring feet together in center, before pushing back out to wide squat)
    6 Leg Drop Toe Touch
    7 Squat + Side Leg Lift
    8 Plank Hip Dips
    9 2 Ski Squat + 2 Wide Squat Pulses
    10 Single Leg Jackknife