88 Minute 1000 Calorie Workout Video - Abs, HIIT Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching


Calorie burn:

627 to 1028





Equipment Needed:

Dumbbell, No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT, Strength Training, Toning

Body focus:


Workout Details

Fitness Blender's third 1000 Calorie Workout video brings you another fully comprehensive workout session in just one video; warm up, abs and oblique exercises, high intensity interval training, strength training, and a cool down are all included in this monster of a routine. During the actual workout you might feel exhausted, but by the time you're finished, you're going to feel re-energized and very satisfied.

Because this routine is so intensive, you really don't want to do it any more than three times a week, maximum. It includes both HIIT and strength training, which your body needs time to heal from - otherwise you run the risk of just undoing any progress that you may have otherwise made, or worse, overtraining, which can be dangerous. That doesn't necessarily mean that you can't exercise for the rest of the week - Fitness Blender has hundreds of workout videos that are lower in impact that would be great options for burning off some extra calories on those recovery days.

Workout Breakdown:
6 Minute Cardio Warm Up
10 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout
36 Minute HIIT Routine
26 Minute Total Body Strength Training
8 Minute Cool Down & Stretch

Warm Up - 40 Seconds each

Shoulder Rolls
Arm Cross Swings
Boxer Shuffle
High Knee Pulls
Squats + Reach
4 Torso Twists + Knee
Jumping Jacks
Butt Kickers

10 Minute Abs - 50 Seconds each, 10 seconds transition

Circle Crunches
Backbow Crossovers
T Stabilization Reaches
Other Side
Leg Drop Crunches
High Plank Knee Circles
Alternating Jackknife Crunches
Knee Tuck Crunches
Figure 4 Leg Raises
Crunch Pulses

HIIT Workout - Groups of 2 exercises; 20 On, 10 Off x2, twice for a total of roughly 4 minutes per group (AA BB, AA BB format)

1 Minute Boxer Shuffle to get the heart rate back up & the muscles nice and warm

Switchfoot Kicks
Squat Jumps

Lateral Hop Jumps
Burpee Holds

Single Foot Lunge Hops
4 High Knees + 2 Jack Steps

2 Plank Jacks + 2 Knee Tucks
Jackknife Get Ups

Lateral Jumps
3 Squat Jacks + Jump

Wall Jumps
Static Runners

Roundabout Push Ups
3 Heel Taps + Leg Raises

Fly Jacks

Total Body Strength Training - Groups of two in an AB AB format, 10 Reps each

Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions

Standing Hamstring Curls

Chest Presses + Bridge
Reverse Fly

Squats + Side Leg Raises
Calf Raises

Shoulder Presses
Squats + Inside Thigh Raises

Prone Leg Lifts + Curls

Cool Down & Stretch - 20 Second Holds

Wide Toe Touch
Inside Thigh + Arm Cross Pull
Overhead Triceps Stretch
Wall Chest Stretch
Quadriceps Stretch
Downward Dog
Modified Pigeon
Torso Twist
Full Body Stretch

Does this 1000 Calorie Workout really burn that many calories?
Calorie expenditure depends on a long list of variables, including bodyweight, muscle mass, effort levels, baseline fitness levels, and more. Not everyone will burn 1000 calories with this workout, but some people will burn even more than we have estimated. It's important to realize that everyone is different when it comes to expenditure - and, that there's more to fitness than just burning off calories. This routine also focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, speed, agility, and cardiovascular endurance (both because of the high intensity intervals and because of how long the routine is). Also keep in mind that heart rate monitors are for monitoring heart rate, and that if there is a calorie burn calculator on it, it is highly likely using a standard, general equation that will not be specific to your personal variables. These are best used for their intended purpose (tracking heart rate) and any figures pertaining to expenditure should be taken with a grain of salt.

This is a long routine - if you need to you can break it up into multiple parts to fit the whole thing into your daily schedule - just make sure that you do at least a quick warm up and cool down each time you start or finish vigorous exercise.




04/25/15 11:20am

After two liters of water and lots of additional breaks, I made it through. Loved the core part in the beginning! A really good way to start a longer workout without barging into it with HIIT exercises.

Tara Chantal

04/19/15 12:58am

I went from feeling I could make peace with burps to coming up with many negative adjectives for them towards the end, yet all the while wanting to show you that I could keep going, which just goes to show how powerful and motivating you two are! Thank you!


04/18/15 4:45am

just awesome!!! absolutely loved it. feeling great...and hungry :)

04/16/15 2:14am

Awesome workout! Many breaks had to be taken... so unfit it's ridiculous, but thanks to you guys I hope to change this!

I honestly can not thank you guys enough! You two are so inspirational and I wish you every success!!!!!!!!


04/10/15 11:32am

My first 1000 calorie video. Holy cow! I was dragging big time by the end of this one. Being "50 something", I had to take a longer break during the HIIT part every now and then. Thank goodness for the pause button! Good workout. Tomorrow I may be cursing you though, but in a nice way.


04/08/15 10:14am

That HIIT was hard! And I must say, for the first time in my life, your videos have made me look forward to the weight training portion. My entire outlook has changed. Thanks for all you do.


04/07/15 3:40am

This workout is awesome, HIIT kicked my ass! I love it :D This was my first 1000 calorie video, I have to try another ones.

03/21/15 1:40pm

I can't believe I did this! I was especially afraid of the 36-minute HIIT but I made it through.. Workout Complete!


03/14/15 9:26am

Sick workout.


03/08/15 8:43am

Thank you so much for being real, for giving variety, and for making me look forward to working out. This was tough but I did it and feel great. I feel like I'm working out with good friends! Thanx for all you do for us!


02/28/15 9:47am

This was my first 1000 calorie workout, it was amazing! We are snowed in today, so I figured why not get a great workout and I'm so glad I did! I'm exhausted, but now I know I can definitely get through them and feel amazing afterwards. Thanks for the great workout!!

02/24/15 3:10am

I did it! Yeeaah!
Thank you for your great way to motivate me through this.


01/28/15 3:38pm

I really really liked this one! I was happy to get abs out of the way first ;)


01/21/15 10:41am

Oh my goodness. I decided to challenge myself with this and holy buckets I'm feeling it already. Tomorrow may be hard to get out of bed...not looking forward to that. I love it!


12/26/14 2:07am

Woop!Woop! I finished this! #wipedout


11/25/14 1:59pm

Thanks to you guys, I've went from a 100 pound 4th grader to an 110 pound 7th grader. I was completely out of shape and now I'm the fastest kid in my school. Thanks for all your great workouts!


10/18/14 1:21pm

I just did it and my body is so sore but I feel extremely energized. Thank you so much guys for these amazing workouts!!!


10/14/14 6:15am

I decided to try this one even though I have only been doing fitness blender for 2 weeks now. I got through the abs and the hiit part and don't have weights to do the strength part so I just did 15 minutes of arms without equipment. but I got through the first half and I didn't think id make it just by watching it but I did and I wouldn't have done with without doing all the other HIIT videos. My legs and butt have made a vast improvement in just 2 weeks.


09/10/14 2:58pm

Oh, and I just want to add, that by doing FitnessBlender, I've improved my running time by 2 minutes per mile even if I only get to run once a week (or less!). I think my running has benefited from the muscle definition and endurance that I've achieved from doing HIIT and strength training on a regular basis. So, thanks Kelli and Daniel for changing my life!!


09/10/14 2:51pm

First time I did this video. I love your 1000 calorie workouts. And, whoa, I used ankle weights for the first time during the strength training section, and boy, what a difference! School's back in session, so I can't wait to try your other 1000 calorie butt kickers. I'm almost 20 lbs down since I started in March which is pre second baby weight. Yay. Little by little. Maybe, just maybe I can make it down to my college days weight. :-D


08/17/14 2:02pm

feeling beast! thanks!!


08/08/14 3:22pm

my first time to visit your @fitness blender website.. i love it..very organize and so easy to read & search... congratulation fitness blender!!!


06/19/14 2:25pm

My husband & I just finished this one. It was awesome!! Thank you so much!


06/15/14 12:57am

I reserve the 1000 cal workouts for Sundays, during the week I do HIIT routines because I'm addicted to them (only on alternating days though). On Saturday I do a 5km run. So glad I discovered FITNESSBLENDER Yay!!


06/11/14 2:08pm

I really liked this workout because Abs are my least favorite thing, and they were over first!


05/19/14 6:27am

I did it !!!!


05/14/14 8:56am

Just finished this workout, I am absolutely dead and my muscles are shaking at with every move but I feel amazing and I'm so proud! This is a great workout, thank you so much, Kelli and Daniel, keep up the amazing work!! :) x


03/29/14 2:11am

Going to do this workout tonight when I finish work, I actually cant wait to see how my body copes, will let you guys know how I get on! Only came across this site a few weeks ago and I am hooked! Thankyou so much you two!! Keep them coming!! :)


03/19/14 12:24pm

i just finished this perfect workout and i'm feeling so nice !! keep up the good work guys ! now i think that i deserve a bana-apple-orange smoothie :D


03/18/14 1:28pm

i like this workout, it is one of my favorites :D


02/26/14 5:17pm

Can't believe I actually got through this whole routine but I'm so proud of myself and I feel fantastic! Thanks so much Kelli and Daniel for making exercise something I actually enjoy!!


02/07/14 8:50pm

More more more!!! I absolutely love these 1000 calorie workouts. They are intense, but after consistently doing them for the past four weeks, I can already tell I'm in much better shape than I was just running everyday. Please keep making them! I'm a little addicted.


01/31/14 6:52pm

Happy and amazed to say I got through another 1000-ish calorie workout. Followed the pace well and modified where I absolutely had to. Got to say this is a tough one on the shoulders....Daniel and Kelli are fantastic as always. Demos and explanations are clear and helpful.


01/28/14 5:44pm

This is a great workout, but I would like to see more moves that work my quad versus my calves. I found that my lower legs were getting much more of a workout than my upper legs, and while this may be helpful for some who are looking to get more definition in the calf area, that is not a problem area for me. I need a bit more balance. Other than that, I got such a good sweat from this! Keep up the good work, and thanks!!


01/20/14 1:12am

Love this one, and love all your videos! I found them a few months ago, and I've been hooked ever since! Thank you so much!


01/16/14 9:29am

Towards the end of the HIIT routine my knee was bothering me so I switched to just a jog in place. And, I was really glad when Daniel suggested eating something with carbs in it. Although I am not sure that peanut butter counts, but that is what I went and ate. I felt better. Awesome workout.


01/13/14 12:23am

This was brutal.Loved it!


01/12/14 2:16pm

I made it perfectly through the abs and cardio, but I got worn out on the third second strength exercise. It was only my first try on this workout, so even though I didn't finish it I am still happy that I got as far as I did. :) Good workout guys! I will be trying again soon.


01/06/14 4:54pm

I gave up during the warm up, Im going to try again.


12/31/13 5:34am

This was insane. Really, during the HIIT, I thought I'll quit but I gave myself a few seconds of brake and continued. I'm glad that I finished this workout. I'm proud of myself. Thanks for this amazing workout.


12/23/13 2:44am

Can I do one of your 1000 calories workouts in the morning, before breakfast, or would it be too difficult for my body? (I am 15 years old, 130 lbs)
(I am sorry, I do not speak English very well, I am French ;) )


11/28/13 7:24am

Great! So complete! It works every muscle of your body! Totally recomended!


11/20/13 6:50pm

Awesome workout !!


11/12/13 3:59am

I have done 30 over different Fitness Blender workouts, and they are all superd! Truly admire and respect Daniel and Kellie for their fitness level! Kudos to both of you! Great job! Post more workout please.


10/15/13 11:10am

I love this workout!


10/04/13 6:05am

Amazing. I love Kelli. Daniel talks me through so I don't have to worry about losing form. What a great team; I am so thankful! I'm going to die now, then resurrect myself and start my work day.


09/07/13 11:11am

i just need this video offline. where can i download this?


09/02/13 5:14pm

Just finished this workout. It is the first Fitness Blender workout I've done. I really liked it. I've been doing BeachBody workouts for about five years now, and nothing new has really come out lately, so I'm looking for some new routines. I definitely think I'll buy the 8 week fat loss ebook. I sweat more in this workout than I have in a long time with Beachbody.


08/18/13 11:25am

Question: I use 2lb bells for the strength portion of this video, but use as much dynamic tension as I can get. Does DT do ok for burning calories? I am getting toned and I am seeing larger sizing, but I am not sure if it is from the brutal routine, or from the DT strength portion. I know weights are superior, but I want to see how far tension can take this old bod. Could you create a dynamic tension workout video? I keep returning to this video because of its length, balanced all body approach and perfect resting periods. Thanks for the vid.


08/07/13 7:22pm

this is my favorite one of the 1000 calorie videos. Im doing these for the next three days. :)


08/05/13 9:47am

Can't believe I finished this full length exercise. I thought I was gonna give up like I did about 2 months ago when I first tried this.
I see I now progressed a lot... Fitnessblender definetly gave me that opportunity of making me stronger... Thank you !


08/04/13 8:28pm

This workout... is complete. I took a 45 min break towards the end of the HIIT. I dropped in the roundabout pushup. I came back and completed it to the end. It was my first 1,000 and it feels good. Thanks Fitness Blender! Does it still count if you take such a long break?


08/02/13 10:53pm

Wow 728 calories burned according to my Polar watch!! Tough but I'll get better!


07/25/13 3:01am

The last burpees killed me...I had to stop for 10 min to came back...awesome workout guys


07/14/13 11:46am

Oh burpees.. shall we meet again.


07/13/13 1:36pm

M so thankful to fitness blender.. 1 month n m already 5 kg lighter more flexible fit and happier


07/10/13 10:22pm

Thank you guys so much for being inspirational and creating these videos! You guys are very encouraging and friendly and experienced! I love this workout!!! Thank you

bora yoon

07/09/13 9:53pm

There are the 3 different versions of 1000 calories workout. I ve done with all of 3, this the lastest version is the best!
I'd like to recommend to someone, who has the really nice physical strength - add some Abs workout more here. :)


07/06/13 4:06pm

Oh, my....I just finished and I am spent :) THANKS so much for doing these!


07/01/13 9:10am

I love this workout. But I can never get through it fully and I feel like puking half way through n this makes me want to get rid of tjis workout altoghther as i feel uncomplete n dissaponited wen not being able to do it.. but I want a hiit routine in my workouts.. wat do I do help!!!!!


04/24/14 8:01am

Hi! i haven't try the 1000 cal workout because i don't feel ready and i'm afraid that what you're telling is gonna happen to me. I use to mix workouts so i get a hiit routine and after that a strength one. That way i get all in an hour or more workout. Try it and like they say, it takes time to complete a workout like this. When i started i couldn't finish the 45 minutes tabata workout but i tried and tried and now is one of my favourites workouts!!! :)


02/24/14 3:26am

combine shorter videos. A hitt workout and a strengthtraining. Options enough here. And it takes time to complete things. I waited 8 months to do a 1000 calorie workout. Its a process.


06/28/13 7:12am

I was also wondering if the weight listed was total weight or weight per dumbbell. I am pretty sure it was total weight because it listed 30 lbs. for chest press, and I am wary that she had 60 lbs total for that :) But you should use as much as you can safely with good form. 30 lbs. for chest press was light for me, but I struggled to do 30 lbs. for the squats!


06/27/13 3:57pm

How do you calculate the calories you burn because i'm:
48 Kg
153 cm
14 years old


06/26/13 3:00pm

Does this look ok for a schedule?
Monday-Abs workout (between 10 and 30 mind depending on time)
Wednesday-22 minute HIIT workout (Can you HIIT like a girl?)
Friday-Abs workout (between 10 and 30 mind depending on time)
Sunday-88 minute 1000 calorie workout


06/25/13 2:37pm

This was amazingly hard and fantastic. The "superman" leg lifts and squeezes (lying down) are hard as hell but the butt feels happy. Definitely a routine I will try out 3-4 times a week.


06/23/13 8:30am

Hi! I love your workouts and I've been doing them 4 to 5 times a week. You probably get asked a lot but how many times a week do I have to do extra cardio (running, swimming, walking, etc)? And for how long? Is it possible for me to do just your workouts or is that not enough? Thanks. :)


06/23/13 4:22am

I love your 1000 calories workouts!!! :D they are amazing!!!! yes I am dead by the end but afterwards I just feel SO good and with so much energy! thank you guys! I really love your videos! :)


06/11/13 4:14pm

I love this workout, even though I can't move as fluidly as I would like I still have to take a break just to catch my breath. This is probably one of my most favorite workouts off this site.


08/21/13 12:26am

They have to make money somewhere!


06/07/13 3:55am

Hi guys! I just wanted to say I love the new website, so much easier to use and you have great new videos as well! However I noticed that the workouts are interrupted by commercial breaks and I find that very distracting. I know they happen in between sessions but still the flow is interrupted and I really don't like that. Anyway, keep up the great work and thanks so much for doing this!


06/01/13 4:21pm

My legs are shaking. Second time through, and got farther through tabatas than the first time. Maybe next time I will finish. woo.


06/01/13 9:15am

Just completed the workout. It was hard but I feel great!


05/30/13 10:41am

I was terrified to attempt this workout, but I completed it!!!!! I only paused for a few extra seconds in between a new set of HIIT exercises. Loved it!!! The 88 minutes literally flew by, and I didn't get bored or wonder when it would end. Thanks again guys!!!!


05/28/13 1:32am

Great workout! Thank you so much for all you do.


05/27/13 5:34am

LOVE IT! is there an app? how can i buy this so i can do it when i cant get online


05/23/13 1:33am

That was an amazing workout! My first one on fitness blender. Definitely going to do it again!

sweet dee

05/22/13 1:26am

Wow this workout was INTENSE!!! I loved it!! Thank you, you guys have really changed my view towards fitness I really enjoy it now. Thank you once again.


05/20/13 11:07pm

Hey guys, this workout was great! It was rough during the HIIT cardio routine, but once I made it through it was totally doable to finish off the strength portion. Thanks so much for the great workout. You guys are great.

Quick question: when I do the reverse fly strength move, my lower back tenses up and gets a little stiff. Does that mean that I'm also working muscle in my lower back, or does that mean my form is wrong? My lower back doesn't seem to ache after my workout, but I've noticed that it feels slightly tense during the reverse fly move whenever I do it in any workout.


05/19/13 2:39pm

great workout... I feel beautiful... and I want more..


05/18/13 6:08pm

Wow, this work out is killer!! I feel great after finishing.. One question, when it says how many pounds she's using, is that total or for each dumbbell?


09/15/13 7:29am

The weight can be hard to interpret because sometimes it says total and other times it's per dumbbell. I have the same adjustable weights as Kelli, and here's what I can tell you about them:
They are from 3-24 pounds each, so if it says she's using 30, it mean's she's using 2 15 lb dumbbells. The weights are color coded. The block itself is 3 lbs (I don't think she ever uses only 3 in this workout), 6 is black, 9 is white, 12 is purple, 15 is green, 18 is blue, 21 is red, and 24 is black. Sometimes you can see the colors on her weights and that can help you figure out how much she is using. Also keep in mind what makes sense. If she's doing bicep curls and it says she's using 30 lbs, does it sound right that it would be per dumbbell? Kelli is strong, but that's a lot of weight for a girl! Let me know if you're still having trouble figuring it out and I'll look through the weight section and tell you what weight she is using for each exercise, with clarification as to whether it's per dumbbell or total.


05/18/13 4:14pm

I'm so excited to try this workout! And I LOVE the new website setup. Thank you so much! :D


05/18/13 5:56am

Getting ready to do this one :D I hope I will love it as much as I did the previous ones :D


05/17/13 11:31pm

how many days a week do you guys suggest we do this one? can we add more oblique targeted exercises to this?


07/26/13 4:42pm

Miximum 3 times


05/17/13 9:44pm

I think this is the best version that I've ever tried so far!! I absolutely loved it and I burned the most calories with this one so far!!


05/16/13 8:14pm

Just completed this work out, not at the same pace and intensity as Kelli but did it. Particularly the Prone Leg Lifts + Curls, OMG I can't seem hold the lift of my legs for the curl...sooo hard!


05/16/13 8:10pm

I was about to start up one of the older 1000 calorie workouts, and then I saw this posting. Great timing, and yet another great, fast-paced workout. Thank you again!

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