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32 Minute Bodyweight Workout - Total Body Toning & Functional Strength Training Exercises

32 Min • Total Body, Core
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    • Training Type Balance/Agility, Low Impact, Toning
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    This home toning routine is a combination of some of my favorite exercises to work the entire body. These functional movements incorporate a wide range of muscle groups and challenge strength, endurance, and flexibility, making this a well-rounded, efficient workout.

    In this routine there are 10 repetitions of eight different bodyweight exercises. There are three rounds total, making for a total workout time that is just over 32 minutes. Here’s a bit about the bodyweight exercises that make up this routine:

    T Stabilizations are great for building balance control when moving through various planes. They force you to use multiple senses to know where your body is in space, all while forcing multiple muscles to work in unison to keep you from losing your balance. This is a fantastic exercise for building core strength and increasing your overall balance and body control.

     Side Lunge with a Reach helps to tone and strengthen the whole lower body as well as tone the core. The use of multiple large muscle groups also forces the heart and lungs to build endurance as well.

    Walk Down Push Ups incorporate challenges to flexibility and strength, making it a great functional exercise. Doing this motion challenges many muscles your body, literally from your neck to your toes, including your chest, abs, quads, lower back, shoulders, and traps. If you can’t do a full push up from your toes, you can make this move easier by dropping to your knees to do a half push up.

    Leg Extension Crunches primarily work your abs but also engage your thighs, making it a good core exercise not only for toning and strengthening but also for burning some extra calories.

    Tricep Push Up with Shell Stretch is a nice instant gratification exercise as you get to stretch the muscles you are using after every repetition. Taking that short pause to stretch after every repetition gives you time for your muscles to rest a bit, allowing you to keep your form nice and clean and do more repetitions before becoming tired.

    Reverse Lunges with High Knees have all the benefits of a regular lunge, but also demand more from your core because it is forced to balance and stabilize your body weight each time you go up onto one leg. The high knee motion also further engages your hip flexors and your abdominal muscles.

    Downward Dog with Leg Raise is a great glute exercise; the Downward Dog position significantly increases the range of movement possible for completing the leg lifting motion. This allows you to really comprehensively target those butt muscles. This move also helps to increase flexibility while at the same time building muscle strength and tone, similar to the benefit that Pilates offers.

    Plank Rotation Kicks take a regular core-engaging plank and step it up a notch so that it tones more muscles and burns more calories. When you rotate and kick your leg out to each side, your obliques are engaged and your inside thigh and quads have to work harder to execute the motion. This is another exercise that is great for building balance and body control.

    This workout video would be great to sandwich between two short bouts of cardio, ideally 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after, to make for an hour-long workout total.