30 Minute Booty Boot Camp - Butt and Thigh Workout


Calorie burn:

240 to 330





Equipment Needed:

Mat, No Equipment

Workout type:


Body focus:


Workout Details

Boot camp routines are made with the purpose of burning a high amount of calories in a short period of time and getting results quickly, and this workout is no different. Specifically targeting the butt and legs, this Booty Boot Camp is designed to burn fat, tone, and shape to give you legs that will stop traffic. As an added bonus, many of these moves are dynamic enough that they also engage the core muscles (abs, lower back, obliques), as well.

This program works by using the large muscles in the legs to burn off calories quickly to help you drop extra fat content. This helps to slim down the legs, hips and butt. On top of this, these exercises will build muscle content (if you don’t have it already) to create definition and shape so that your legs will taper from the thigh in towards the hip and knee, giving you the smooth curve through the quadriceps and hamstrings that is most often associated with dancers legs.

If you want to see results fast, the Booty Boot Camp works, if you just follow these recommendations. The first week, do this routine only three times with at least one full day break in between (do light cardio on your break days). You may want to do only one set of each exercise for your first try.

In the second week, build up to doing this video 4 times a week where you do this workout on days one, two, four, and five, along with a short cardio session (15-30 min) each day. On days three and six (the “break” days), do a longer cardio session of 45-60+ minutes; we suggest 15-20 minutes on a stair climber, 15-20 minutes walking on a treadmill with incline, and 15-20 minutes of cardio intervals to burn the most calories and see results even faster. Stay on the week two program until your legs are where you want them, then drop back to doing this routine twice a week to keep your legs defined and firm.

Because this routine uses the large muscles in the butt and legs it burns a lot of calories. In the thirty minutes of this video, we estimate that you can burn 240 - 330 calories. You can increase the difficulty of this routine and the number of calories burned by adding extra resistance (dumbbells, medicine ball, etc)

About the exercises in this routine:

Traveling Lunge Squats – This dynamic move not only hones in on the glutes and thigh muscles, it also engages your core because of the balance required to move from the lunging position, back to the squat.

3 Point Stutter Squats – There’s no need to tell you exactly where you’ll be feeling the burn during this move. Use nice controlled movements and those glutes will be protesting (don’t listen to them, you know what’s best).

Boxer squat – The dipping motion and pressing up on your toe on each side incorporates the calf and oblique muscles. Keep your abs nice and tight the entire time for best results.

Downward Dog with Leg Raises – The Downward Dog position gives you extra range of motion so that you can get an extra squeeze out of the glutes.

Straight Leg Deadlift – The butt is the primary focus of this exercise but your hamstrings, obliques, lower back, hip flexors, inside & outside thigh all play supporting roles.

Squat + Calf Raises – Multitasking in it’s finest form; the glutes, thighs, and calves all get worked over during this exercise.

Crossover Lunges – This lunge variation requires balance, which forces the core to work harder (which also means more calories burned). Because of the different foot positions, it incorporates inner and outer thigh in a more comprehensive way than a regular lunge does.

The Booty Boot Camp is a great go-to routine for when you want to burn a high number of calories & tone the lower body without any equipment at all. Do it consistently and as directed and you will quickly notice a difference in your body composition.



04/03/15 7:43am

This is soooo hard.. its my 3rd time working out this video and today i could finally keep up kelly's speed. I'm sweating and my legs are burning. i will continue doing this for a month and hope i see the results wish me a luck everybody :)


12/18/14 8:17pm

I always come back to this workout. I love it!


12/05/14 10:02am

I'm going to have to repeat todays workout tomorrow. Form was...form was...wellllll...nonexistent!


10/20/14 9:43am

I love your workouts! Discovered your site a month ago and I'm hooked!!! I have a question about lower body workouts....if I want to lose fat on my legs (especially inner thighs), should I be using heavier weights or lighter weights with more repetitions? Keep the awesome workouts coming.....Thanks!!


09/26/14 6:52am

Great workouts! V. helpful explanation on how to combine this with cardio and sustain use over time. Thanks!


09/18/14 12:48am

Thanks is a killer!! I'm a beginner so yea I defiantly feel the after BURN legs, thighs, and butt!! I feel it my Abs too!! I like it! I just found my lower body workout for the couple weeks. This is also my 1st FITNESS BLENDER workout and I think this might be my go to from now!! Keep it up FITNESS BLENDER!!


05/19/14 5:43am

I think it's a great workout, I've already finished the first week of your recommended routine. But I would also like to know is this workout targets cellulite somehow? Does it help to get rid of it?


03/31/14 2:44pm

Is ok to do this workout and then next day full body and then upperbody the day after and again this workout and so on? Is that a good routine after i do this routine above? Sorry if this is confusing :/ but you guys are helping alot and i love your wourkouts. Thanks from iceland :)


12/01/13 1:30pm

Really enjoyed this one, didn't seem like a difficulty 4 to me, contains new moves I hadn't done before, I'm loving the variety, always looking forward to my next Fitness Blender workout!


10/09/13 8:35pm

when am I gonna start seeing results ? :)


07/19/13 7:41pm

those squat+calf raises.. yessssssssss! love them.


07/04/13 10:11am

Oooo my legs are burning now. Great workout! On workout number #17 of your plan and man can I tell a difference in the way I look and feel. :)


06/30/13 2:53pm

10) legs day-Did this Friday liked it. I wil modify with weights next time


06/15/13 9:51pm

Hi I love this work out i showed results within the second time of doing the routine
Thank you fitness blender :)


04/25/13 6:01pm

hello I wanted to ask how to gain weihht n get my thighs n butt bigger? I am 5'5 n 96 lbs. and what diet to take with the work out. quite desparate to get the answer


04/11/13 6:29am

hi. genetically i have a big booty and big thighs! i want to have thinner things and a shaped booty.i'm currently on a diet but it's not really helping with my thighs. is this exercise useful or should i switch to something else? since my thighs is genetically like this i need some advice on how to slim down! thanks for your great website.


04/10/13 10:16am

That will definitely burn tomorrow.


04/10/13 9:41am

Oh my goodness. Love this. Legs felt like jello by the time I was done!


04/03/13 9:24am

I'm on the 8 weeks workout plan you guys created. I just completed the first month however, i only lost 5 lbs. I'm not happy with the results because i don't see alot of physical change and i lost my motivation to workout because the last 3 days of month one, i was where internet was not working properly so i didnt workout for those days. I dont know how to be motivated again to continue the 2nd month of the workout plan. Please , how can i stay dedicated and motivated to continue?


04/01/13 9:43pm

hey fitnessblender!
i, along with everyone else on here, would like to express my gratitude for your amazing videos. i'm currently an exchange student to japan and i don't know if you know this, but exchange students typically gain lots of weight.
your videos along with some changes in my diet have really gotten me motivated to lose not only my exchange weight, but all the extra weight i've been carrying since i was little. (endomorphs ftw) so anyway, thank you so much for helping and just being so accessible and wonderful!
lots of love from japan


03/24/13 12:24pm

Hi! First of all, thank you guys for your amazing job! we really appreciate it:)
This workout can help me to reduce cellulite in things and butt? I'm really interested on it


03/13/13 7:46am

I love this routine, but do I really have to do all this cardio? I work out at home and don't have any cardio equipment? Will it work without? My BF percentage is below average already. I'm really looking for definition and more muscles without getting bulky.


03/12/13 3:08pm

I don't have to lose weight but I do need to do a lot of toning in my lower body. Specifically I need a butt lift! I also want to work out my abs! Right now I am currently doing the 30-minute booty boot camp - butt & thigh workout. I do this workout 5 days a week. I am not sure if I'm doing this right. Please let me know what you recommend I do to get my body where I want it to be. Thanks!


02/28/13 12:53pm

This workout is so great)) Thank you guys!!!


02/24/13 5:03pm

This video says "no equipment" but it uses weights for dead lifts. It would be good if that were updated.


02/23/13 6:40pm

I weigh 122lbs and I did it just like the video so appx how many calories do you think I burnt?


02/20/13 5:27am

Can I do this exercise while planning to conceive. I am not sure that I am pregnant or not. Can u guide me, I want to reduce fat from stomach , thigh and butt.


02/15/13 2:42am

Hi, when will u start to see results?


01/14/13 7:14pm

This workout really makes you feel the burn in your butt before the first round is over.


12/19/12 9:46am

Thank you very much for your work outs, they are amazing, easy to follow, and so encouraging!
I had had "allergy" to exercise throughout my life (PE is the only subject I have ever failed!), but you have given me the motivation and the tools to make it part of my life.



11/18/12 2:43am

I love your web site! For this workout I've a question. I already have muscled legs, I want to slim them. Do you think this exercise is appropriate for this purpose? Many thanks.


10/23/12 10:42pm

I have been doing your videos (consistently) for about three monthes now. I have never been able to stick with any fitness routine very long, usually due to getting bored with the same thing over and over, not knowing what to do, and not having the motivation after a certain amount of time. I seriously LOVE you guys because you have helped me combat ALL that! I remember one of the first times I was looking at your videos and I noticed your comments to some people that they "should mix and match the workout videos"; I immediately took notice and got so excited, because I was always told that to get results you have to do the same routine all the time for at least a month and a half before switching. Needless to say, this made me want to give up after awhile from the boredom of it. But you guys have supplied a huge variety of amazing videos that I get excited to try out, and I love how thorough you are with explaining all the exercises; you have helped me get better and better! I totally notice a difference in my body; I love how my body looks being more toned and fit, and also I have noticed how it gets easier and easier for me to complete workouts (progress!!) and I have more energy! I wanted to write you this because I wanted to thank both of you soooo much for helping me like this!!! :-) Love you guys!!


09/28/12 2:52am

Hi! I did last night (Thursday) this workout and my legs and butt hurt (i feel sore). I also did the 25 min abs on Wednesday and 33 min butt lift... I feel very sore and I and wondering if i should take a day off or continue with abs tonight (even if I'm not sure i can complete the workout)? I have a lot of cellulite on my legs and but and fat on my belly. The rest is ok :) Help pls!


08/26/12 1:20pm

Just wondering if this is the best excercise to burn fat quickly on the thighs and butt?? and big favor do you have information from a healthy daily eating plan??? thank you so much x

fitness blender

08/06/12 8:36pm

@lee- Thanks! It helps tone, shape, lift, etc. Building muscle does not necessarily make the body look bigger (it takes up less room than fat).


08/03/12 6:02pm

Hello, does this workout give you a bigger/higher butt??? FYI, I am a "HUGE"" fan of fitness blender. Keep up the good work. ^.^

fitness blender

07/26/12 1:51pm

You can't spot reduce. Building muscle (with workouts like this one) will help burn off body fat, which can help slim down the thighs.


07/25/12 8:59am

Hi! I have a problem with my thighs. I am 5.5 feet and 134 pounds .My thighs are very puffy and have no muscle .Does this exercise help me make my thighs thiner and make me weigh less?(sorry for bad english)

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:39pm

@ash26 - It tones, lifts, and shapes it. Couple with cardio & reduced caloric intake it could help reduce size, if you hold onto weights while you do it you can also use it to get a bigger booty!


07/13/12 3:37pm

does this workout reduce your butt or does it tone it up

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:33am

@alaa mohamed Using a different workout of ours each time would be great - keeping the muscles guessing is a good thing.

alaa mohamed

06/27/12 1:37pm

can i mix up workout that target the glute inner and outer thighs ?? i want to follow this boot camp schedule so should i only use this workout for 2 weeks or each day use a different butt exercise ?

fitness blender

05/22/12 2:47pm

@Alejandra & Artesha; It's good to mix the routines up to keep your muscles guessing. Any movement burns calories so you're going to have to increase your intake if you want to start exercising and maintain weight. Try the Curvy Body Workout or Booty Shaper! @Han I feel your pain about the rain...we are in NW Washington & it never stops.


05/20/12 9:47am

I have a question similar to Alejandra as well, I'm also naturally very skinny and want to get bigger legs and butt, and overall more curvy figure but I'm not sure which combination of routines to do every week that won't burn too many calories or cause a more athletic figure.


05/02/12 7:34am

Hello just wanted to mention that your videos are great. I had a question, I am really skinny and want to get thicker tone legs and butt. I wanted to do this workout three times a week, but I was wondering if it would give good results if I did. Monday this video, Wednesday the Brazilian butt lift, and on Friday the other butt lift video? Or should I just stick to one?


04/25/12 11:20am

I love this workout! This website is a life saver, i'm at home for the holidays and so have no gym membership here and it's England so it's rained almost non-stop for 4 weeks but these routines allow me to work out inside! Love it.

fitness blender

04/10/12 10:39am

Jaime - Definitely. Try it and you will have no doubt about exactly which muscles you're working!


04/08/12 2:37am

does this workout also target the leg muscles?

fitness blender

04/04/12 8:00pm

Sonu - I would say yes, definitely, but I would also recommend mixing it up & mixing it up often. You don't want to do the same routine over and over again and we have many, many lower body routines to choose from. Check them out & you will find more you like to mix this one up with!


07/05/14 2:14am

Will this be good if your looking to slim down your butt


04/03/12 12:04pm

Will I be able to completely tone my lower portion if I religiously follow the above routine?

fitness blender

03/21/12 10:40am

Thanks guys!


03/21/12 5:59am

This is a great workout! Lots of different moves working different muscles. I love it!


01/18/12 4:43am

Great workout, just did it this morning and I felt the burn. thanks much for these awesome workouts.

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