17 Minute At Home Cardio - High Intensity Interval Training Workout


Calorie burn:

155 to 217





Equipment Needed:

No Equipment

Workout type:

Cardiovascular, HIIT

Body focus:


Workout Details

This 17 minute At Home Cardio Workout uses high intensity interval training (HIIT) to blast calories and tone the body quickly. It is a great way to get maximum benefit from a routine in minimal time.

There are 6 exercises, each done for a full 60 seconds with a 20 second low intensity interval in between (during those rest intervals you will keep moving by marching in place). If you can’t complete an entire minute of any of the exercises without stopping, that’s okay. Just jump right back into the motion as soon as you can. Watch: How to "Listen to Your Body" During a Workout - When to Stop & When to Keep Pushing If you do this routine regularly, it wont take very long for your cardiovascular fitness and endurance to improve. This is a no equipment cardio workout; it uses only bodyweight exercises.

Cardio is definitely a great example of how every little bit counts when it comes to getting in shape, particularly when it comes to a HIIT workout structure. Because of the short, intense bouts of exertion you can actually end up giving yourself a metabolic boost. Try doing this routine two different times throughout the day for the most dramatic benefit.

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Exercises in this routine:
Jumping Jacks – A classic cardio move, these are a fantastic way to get your heart rate up without any equipment. Aside from using a great deal of energy (cals), these also tone the inside and outside thighs, deltoids, quads, and lats.

Lateral Jumps – Lateral jumps are a light plyometric exercise that builds strength within the ankles, hips, and knees. They target the outer thighs, inner thighs, glutes, quads, and calves, and also lightly engage the core muscles.

Jumping Oblique Twist – This is a great exercise for a slimmer waist for two reasons; it burns calories, and it calls heavily upon the muscles that wrap around the midsection. Aside from the obliques, it also engages the glutes, calves, lower back, deltoids and quads.

Burpees – Everyone loves to hate Burpees because they are challenging but they are also extremely effective at increasing your cardio threshold. This bodyweight exercise tones your pecs, glutes, abdominals, lower back, calves, hip flexors and delts.

Pendulum Swings – This at home cardio exercise tone the thighs and is an easy way to get the heart rate up when you don’t have any gym equipment available. It is also good for building basic coordination and agility in the lower body.

High Knees – A full 60 seconds of these is harder than it looks. These tone your thighs, hip flexors, and abdominal muscles.

Calories Burned Estimate
Though there are a large number of variables that factor into an individuals calorie burn during any routine, we estimate that the average expenditure for men and women of varying weights will fall between the range of 155 - 217. Watch: How does Fitness Blender calculate calories burned?

The thing to remember about this kind of workout is that with high intensity interval cardio, your body will burn calories at an elevated rate, even once you are finished with the routine (it takes a while for your body to regulate and go back to a normal rate).



04/03/15 8:03am

1min of burpee felt like forever. but i really like the burning effect after finishing. :) Thanks FB!!

03/07/15 5:57am

This is probably my favorite go-to workout. I don't always get through all of it, but I always feel skinnier after :)


11/30/14 4:45pm

Thank goodness there were no mountain climbers or side winders


11/18/14 9:05am

just wanted to formally comment that I am so enjoying your workouts. I'm not just looking more fit and tone and feeling more energy; I also love being stronger and my body being more functional..ie...getting out of my car w ease without having use my arms to push myself out of the seat, getting up off the floor easily, holding planks and chatarangas when I'm teaching or taking a yoga class, etc. They're the perfect addition to my holistic fitness approach to include yoga and walking as well. I recommend them to my clients and students and also encourage them to modify to accommodate their own needs, fitness levels, and/or injuries. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! ~lisa (pranalisa)


08/14/14 3:17pm

I love your workouts! I recently just bought the first 8 week program about two weeks ago. I absolutely love that it is challenging but still feels great! I have already seen a decrease in size around my hips and legs. Love you both, keep up the good work!


08/07/14 6:13am

u guys should do a best of hitt workout. all the best and insane exercises from all your videos.


07/30/14 1:18am

Nice workout, amped it up with arm movements to go along with the legs (and note to self: don't forget to add some music!)


07/26/14 9:56am

Hi . I am currently 78.5 kgs and I am 163cms tall And sadly I am just 16 . There is a lot of fat on my thighs and butt . How can i reduce it ? how much time can It take?


07/12/14 8:56am

How many days a week we can do this workout since it is hiit workout doing on regular basis will have impact on knees? im already an avid follower of your videos i am doing it for 2 weeks was overenthusiastic and sprained my leg.I want to be on track as soon as possible.I gained a lot of confidence after starting your free workout.thank you :-)


07/02/14 5:32pm

hey guys, love this workout thank you!


07/02/14 1:10pm

hello,i have a problem since....i forget when!!i was 81 kg and i lost until 58 i am 1,68 my feets are still kind similar like before i dont know what exercise to do to loss my fat from the legs,please help me.i do 3_4 times_week cardio and exercises but still nothing!thank you!!!


06/07/14 5:09am

Thanks once again for an amazing workout, I must say Daniel I missed your encouragement, motivating and supporting voice over on this workout !


05/30/14 8:02pm

Is there a substitute for Burpees? I had an injury to my neck/shoulders and can't do anything in that push-up-like position.


05/29/14 9:53am

than u so much for this video...love doing it


05/26/14 7:19pm

Should you stretch before this workout?


07/02/14 5:35pm

i do the 7 min cardio HIIT warm up here first -> http://www.fitnessblender.com/v/workout-detail/Fitness-Blender-Cardio-HIIT-Workout/ac/


05/04/14 10:36pm

THANK YOU for this workout! I've been working with this video for three weeks now, and though Im still not fit enough to get through both rounds one right after the other I have seen myself progress further and further everyday and that is SO encouraging! I even am seeing a difference in my waistline and my legs already, im so happy!!!


05/04/14 11:27am



03/12/14 12:18am

Hi I am 200lbs and a little overweight and wanna burn fat and can't get past 5 minutes through this workout is it because I am out if shape? Please help and can you recommend an easier workout for me to try to progress? Thank you!


05/04/14 10:41pm

I'm not a fitnessblender person, but I saw your comment and I wanna encourage you to keep at it! I'm still not able to get through half of it, but if you have to slow down your pace do that. When im completely out of breath i pause the video and return to the walk in place motion until I feel like I'm ready again. Ive been doing this video for a few weeks and have noticed I can get through more than when I had first started.


02/24/14 1:12pm

Sorry I have a few more questions, which would you suggest is the best workout to lift/ shape the butt and the thighs at the same time. I would like one that will get me results quick but with no weights. also does the tanktop arms2 work on arms shoulders back and chest like your first tank top arm video. I do this once a day, 6 times a week. All in all looking for great cardio video not too long and challenging butt and thigh workout to do once everyday. Would love your feedback :)


02/24/14 6:37am

Hi, your workouts are great!
I do this one once a day for six days, is that okay?
Also which video would you reccommend to lose belly fat, its not on my abs so much, its above my stomach below my chest.


01/17/14 8:53am

I love this workout! Always forget how challenging it is...until halfway through. ;-D
Thanks for all the great workouts!


01/14/14 11:50am

Are there good substitutes for burpees? I recently had a surgery in my arm and am not supposed to put so much pressure on the hands. So, suggestion of a good alternative would be really helpful.


01/13/14 6:23pm

WHat's a good replacement work out for the burp e


01/06/14 5:49am

Great workout - perfect for mum at home with baby as i am!


12/10/13 1:38am

Thank you so much for your wonderful workouts! However, may I ask how much cardio do I have to do everyday/every week for the best results. And do I have to pair them up with another video workout? Thank you!


11/26/13 8:41pm

Your videos are great! Feels like an accomplishment to have kept up and completed this one, you keep me interested and challenged!


11/06/13 11:25am

I HAVE BEEN WORKING OUT at the gym for 30 years, I just started doing your videos and I feel like I have never worked out before, thanks for the great videos, I feel like I will reach a new level of fitness now!,i cant believe you can get such a great workout without going to the gym


09/05/13 11:02pm

how much weight would i lose if i follow this video exactly everyday in a month . im 51 kg and 161 cm


09/04/13 5:53pm

Hello, I have Diastasis recti and I am wondering if this exercise would be ok for me?


06/26/13 10:28pm


Hi Fitnessblender. I'd just like to say i loooove your videos. I recently done this 17 minute workout and also the 21 minute HIIT workout. I really enjoy HIIT and find these workouts to be highly effective. By the end of each workout i'm exhausted, but feel great releasing those happy endorphins :) I followed BeachBody's Insanity for 2 months which was good but expensive. I think it's awesome how you have produced free fitness workouts for everyone :) Thanks so much! Highly recommended :)


06/25/13 7:40pm

I'm a women and I weigh 80 kg, how much weight can i loose in 1 month if I do this workout twice a day everyday. ( once in the morning and once at night)


06/25/13 8:19am

7) tue good total body cardio!!


06/16/13 4:11pm

This is the workout that got me hooked on this site. Just sent a few bucks your way to say thanks for all your hard work. I was getting bored with all my DVDs, and then I found this! I love HIIT. It's so hard, but then it's over so fast! Can't beat that!


06/11/13 4:11pm

Ever since I stumbled onto this exercise, I try to do them twice a day in the morning and before bed. I even do them on my days off. As much as I hate burpees with a passion, I've been able to do about 17 in a minute. It's a challenge but I'm always open to one


06/07/13 11:15am

Burpees and High Knees for a minute are horrible!!! I'm loving these HIIT workouts though, so glad I stumbled across your website!


05/21/13 7:09am

Love this workout!!


04/16/13 3:39am

[2013-04-16] I really enjoyed this one - I'm on Day 14 of the 8-week programme (having missed a few days tut tut) and, whilst sweating freely, I got through all the exercises today without problem Yay!!! Go Me.

@d_town: I can't do burbies either (arthritis in wrists) so I grab a couple of 1.5kg dumbells (the heaviest I've got...I need to up my weights) and do a bend to the ground, stand up, push weights out at chest height & back, then reach above my head. I can't jump bcos of arthritis, so I do a stretch. Some combination of these moves might help you. I'm hoping one day I'll have the strength back in my wrists :o)

@philanthropy: I get dizzy sometimes when exercising - I found it's when I've pushed my heart rate too high...so I do some low intensity & sip water until it drops, then get back in, but then am careful with the intensity so I don't take my heart rate too high.

@lisdec26: I don't know if this will help you...I can't do JJacks because of my arthritis, so I step out to alternate sides & raise arms so a slow motion jack shape...low impact, but uses the outside of my legs.

Please note: I am *not* medically qualified...just sharing things that work for me. Listen to your body/medical advisor and do what works for you.

Thanks again Daniel and Kelli for these great videos - and the motivation to use them!!!


04/15/13 12:39pm

I love your workouts they are so awesome. I've been doing them for a month now and love the results but I especially liked this one. Thanks fitnessblender.


05/04/14 11:26am



03/16/13 10:58am

Love your website, I discovered it last fall (2012) and try to do at least one of your workouts several times per week. I often have very little time and love the impact of the HIIT workouts. I try to tell anyone who will listen about this site - thank you!


03/08/13 1:23pm

I workout 5 days a week. I'm in pretty good physical shape. I did this workout today on my lunch break. I have to say, this workout got my heart rate going and it really challenged me for the entire duration of the workout. I'll incorporate this in to my workout regimen


03/04/13 10:50am

You guys are providing great workouts for all fitness levels and no way can anyone go wrong with the variety from targeted areas to the lengths of the different routines. My question.....I cannot do lateral moves because of a knee issue, so other than performing the jumping jacks moving straight up and down, and protecting the knees in some of the other moves, do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Libby


02/25/13 5:22am

Hi! Is it true that we lose calories like lucyford__ said? I have to know cause I am keeping a diary in which I have to write the type of exc. I am doing and how much I am losing. Thanks!


02/24/13 3:55am

Hey!! I just found your website while I was searching for High Intensity Interval workout and I have to say, its incredible... I'm completely blown away. I started working out on 5th January 2013 and by 10th February I managed to lose 3 kgs with aerobics( 3 days a week) and for the remaining 3 days I worked out at home with stretches, skipping etc. But of late I noted I'm unable to lose more weight. People say I have reached a weight loss plateau and it would be difficult to lose more until I change the workout program. I stand a five over five and my current weight is sixty kgs. My upper body is quite proportionate or you could even put it down to thin. But I'm heavy on my thighs, butt and hips. I plan to come down to 52-53 kgs. I'm following a diet strictly. Could you recommend me the workout I should follow so that I can kick out those extra pangs of fats hanging from my body??


02/15/13 12:43pm



01/23/13 6:23pm

FOR THOSE OF YOU WONDERING HOW MANY CALORIES YOU WILL LOSE, DIVIDE YOUR WEIGHT BY 0.84. For example, I weigh 130lbs, so if I divide that by 0.84 I will burn 155 calories. I am a new Mom, 7 months post-partum, and I've been doing lots of dieting but not a minute of exercise besides walks with friends. I now have this video saved to my favorites and I have been doing it twice a day this week. Although it definitely isn't easy, you CAN get through it. The burpees are what get me everytime, but I just stop when I need to and keep going when I can. You can really feel your muscles toning and the calories burning off. I am on a strict diet and coupled with this workout routine twice a day and my 8 minute ab routine, I'm hoping to lose 20lbs.


01/23/13 5:46am

Great workout, but I would have loved to see a countdown timer.


01/13/13 6:17pm

Just tried this workout and loved it. I do have a question though, I have an elliptical that I'd like to use also. How many days of each do I need to do per week?


01/04/13 7:16pm

and i want to ask again..after doing the burpees,i was feeling little bit dizzy.because i'm afraid something bad happen to me,i stop the exercise for a while.after my condition getting better,i continue my exercise.is that normal feeling dizzy in that part???..is it just happen to everyone who started this exercise,because the body trying to get used with the exercise???..pleaaasseee,help!!!..


01/04/13 5:46am

Hi!!!..i just found out about this website from youtube,and i hope this website will be the answer of my sorrow for all this time!!..
i'm 22,female,and i'm planning to taking exercise to burn my belly fat.my belly fat getting worse,its getting bigger and bigger and it's really shameful when i wearing tight clothes because the belly fat "jump out" of my body!!!..so,what i want ask about is what kind of exercise to burn my belly fat???..is there any exercise that focus on reducing belly fat??..pleaseeeee,help me!!!..^____^


12/25/12 1:10pm

And yes, I am a female. So, please tell me accordingly :P


12/25/12 1:09pm

Hi. I am 22. I weigh about 53-54 kg( approx 118 pounds) since the last 4 years. I used to exercise earlier with cardio, weights and dance, though not very vigorous but enough to come in the same weight range. Unfortunately my body is hardly toned and because of my broad structure I look on the plump side since my arms and lower torso are bulky. :(
Now I am working and have a sedentary lifestyle due to which I can hardly exercise in a gym. So could you help me with some fantastic exercise regime to stay in shape meanwhile losing weight and losing inches so as to be toned and fit. I had a fit body earlier comparatively but now it seems i am losing it!!! : ( I just manage to run for 3km once in a week along with few abs and do arms with weights just twice a week. Please help!!!!!


12/10/12 1:11pm

hello I love ur site..........i am 19yr old girl,i weigh 279lbs(i know that loads)my hieght is 1.73m ,m diagnoised with PCOS and glucose-intolerance......m on low calorie diet (10001200cal/day)-6meals....i walk 3kms...this workout should be done daily???what time shuld i have my dinner after this workout??is it okay to sleep at 2 and get up at 7,i am a veterinary student with loads to study!please help


12/08/12 4:53pm

I just started doing these workouts, Very helpful I already feel great! Thank You guys, Can't wait to see more results :-D


11/21/12 5:38pm

I absolutely can NOT do BURPEES. I know ONE DAY I will be fit enough to do them. Is there a lower level version or something I can do standing during this time (in this video and others) that i can do other than walking in place?


11/11/12 6:03am

This workout is awesome. So are all the workouts, especially the lvl 5 jump rope. Thanks to you guys I've lost 15kg the past few months. Started at 85kg in June and 70kg mid August and have been maintaining it since, it's also crazy just how much it helps when you cut sugar out. Now I'm building more muscles while keeping my weight and I can eat what ever I want. FitnessBlender = awesome.

leeann in dc

10/03/12 8:21am

Did this last night, it nearly killed me (but in a good way) -- wow! Thanks!


10/02/12 8:40pm

I just stumbled across this website, but I am pretty stoked on it! I'm a rugby player with a couple bruised ribs, so I was looking for a short and fun workout that wouldn't cause too much pain. This one is perfect!


09/17/12 10:57am

Loved this routine, I did it for the first time this morning and felt great! my only problem was that I suffered really bad pelvic cramps for around 5 mins after the workout followed by diarrhea, I use to suffer this when I just started running a few years back it did stop after my first few runs, just wondering which move in this workout could have triggered it? any advice would be fab, thanks!


09/16/12 9:30pm

Thank you for this website! I used to be a BeachBody Coach and their workouts are very expensive, your site is 100% free and I love that I can access high quality workouts everyday! This really will affect people in a positive way. Thank you sooooo much :)


09/04/12 9:27pm

I did it first time today, did hardly 7 mins buy enjoyed, will give more updates in future.

Nice Website


09/02/12 11:50pm

I tried it at home and really like it... But can I save the video on my ipod so I can work out at my gym which doesn't have internet connection?


08/22/12 11:08pm

I have just joined your team. I have been working out for more than a year 3_5 times weekly. I am 39 years old and lost weight but still have belly fat. I am 5.21 feet and 110 pounds. Waist is 32 inch which is the problem. I would like to hear from you what should I do about it and which exercises I must follow.

fitness blender

07/18/12 11:50pm

@jaimelise - I am not experienced in yoga but I am willing to look into it for you guys! Maybe sometime in the near future I will give it a shot, in the meantime check out my Fluid Stretching Workout, and let me know what you think of that!


07/17/12 6:48pm

Thank you so much for your videos!!! I have been in a major workout slump due to having to do the same cheesy dvd workout video over and over. Your site is great because I love being able to do a different challenging workout everyday to my own music. This one is tough and I feel great both right after and the next day. Keep them coming! Any plans for some yoga in the future?? :)


07/14/12 11:05am

Keep up your great videos! This is a LOT harder than it seems.

fitness blender

07/08/12 9:57am

@chibiseraph There are two main differences to splitting up a work out (or doing two different workouts a different times of the day) One is that the more breaks or the longer the breaks you take the slower you will see strength gains. However by splitting a workout up throughout the day (more than a 3 hour break between workout sessions) you can actually burn more calories overall than if you did the whole workout at one time. Partly because you will have more energy to push yourself harder and also because you will double the "residual burn" that is the calories your body uses when recovering from exercise.


07/05/12 4:25pm

Hi, I've been doing this workout about twice a week for a few weeks now, and although I definitely feel like I'm getting better, I still can't seem to do the two rounds back to back. Is it a problem if I take a break in between? Or if I do one round in the morning and one in the evening?

fitness blender

06/29/12 9:26am

@mrs.ambitious Glad that we could help! Stick around, more on the way :)
@b888f200 - HIIT is more uncomfortable than a steady pace on the treadmill, and it's also part of the reason why you would actually burn more calories with the HIIT than a steady rate. With HIIT you cause a metabolic disturbance that it takes your body a while to recover from - it takes your system a while to drop down to your regular rate of calorie burn. It drops off a lot faster with a steady rate treadmill workout (so you burn fewer calories after).


06/25/12 2:24am

I am a 60 KG( male) . I noticed that according to yr estimation we would probably burn around 165 cal after doing 17 minute of this exercise but it seems I can burn around 300 cal after running on the treadmill for 30 minute at a constant medium speed of around 8 km per hr. But I found that running on treadmill is far more comfortable. Which exercise is better in terms of weight loss effects? Tks.


06/21/12 2:42pm

I discovered your videos on youtube today and I did this workout, and it really felt great! I finally feel like I have found a guidance that I can trust and follow, thank you!

fitness blender

06/12/12 8:33am

@venture - Calorie burn info is in the article above - towards the end :)


06/11/12 7:31pm

so how do i know how many calories i burned if i did this video?

fitness blender

05/28/12 11:33am

Boogy - I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with getting everything firmed up the way you want it. To get rid of cellulite it is just an overall reduction in body fat. Unfortunately exactly how much you have to lose to get the cellulite to go away is dependent on the individuals genetics. One person my not have to drop hardly at all where as another my not ever be able to get rid of it completely. The best advice I can give you is to focus on how you want your body to function and less on how it looks. What most people don't realize is that almost everyone has cellulite to a certain extent the only reason you don't see it in pictures and film is because it is digitally removed. (aka. fake) So don't compare yourself to something that is not real.

As for the loose skin. If you have lost weight recently your skin will take some time to tighten back up as long as you keep the weight off. If you fluctuate in fat weight then your skin will never tighten the way you want it too. If you have been the same weight for the last few years and your skin is still loose then you may need to focus on muscle building more muscle mass to fill in that extra skin. You need to do more intense strength building than you have been to build size. Don't worry about getting too big as it should not take much to fill in that extra skin. Hope that helps. - Daniel

fitness blender

05/28/12 11:16am

Sally - Yes you are correct at your weight you will burn around 125 to 135 depending on how much muscle you have and how hard you push yourself.

b888f2004 - I am glad to hear that you are pushing yourself for that third set. This is HIIT routine so keep in mind that it is a bit harder on your body than other styles of exercise. You need to make sure you are giving yourself a few "break days" where you are not doing HIIT you can do other workouts like a low intensity cardio or toning routine but doing HIIT everyday will end up taking a toll on your joints in the long run.


05/28/12 8:50am

Hello! I have a question regarding cellulite, although I exercise for 1 year, 5 times a week, 50 – 60 minutes per session; I HIIT workouts like in your videos and I stick some 0.5 kg weights at each ankle, I also due exercises like squats and lunges using sometimes weights of 4 kg .or I do step aerobics on the step up bench; the point is I always change my routine. The problem is I still have cellulite and a slack skin around my hips, thighs and under my butt. Also, my butt is still slack and looks soft I don't know how to lift it (I also do exercises like kneeling rear leg rises or bridges). It drives me crazy because I do stick on my workout routine and try to have healthy meals and my legs have really hardened but my skin still does not look nice. Could you please tell me how much it takes to get rid of cellulite and lift my butt and when I will see the results. I should also mention that I have a bad peripheral circulation; maybe this may have a connection with my problem. Thanks a lot!


05/02/12 2:17am

I followed this routine for approx 2 wks and feel great! I even managed to do 3 sets in some days when I am more energized. Is this too much? Tks.


04/11/12 10:31pm

hi. thanx for sharing this =D
btw i dont know how to culculate with pounds.
but i have try, for my weight 49kg, with this exercise it can burn about 129 calories right?

fitness blender

03/26/12 10:21am

Nimjacole - You can stop whenever you need to during any workout. Sometimes all it takes is a quick breather, and then you can jump right back into the routine. There's a careful balance of pushing yourself & knowing when to stop. It takes practice to learn to listen to your body, and you will get the hang of that soon, if you keep up the regular exercise. We have a new Low Impact Cardio/Toning routine for beginners that is really quite challenging - I would recommend using a combo of that routine & this one, instead of doing the same one over & over. -Kelli


03/25/12 7:20am

I'm quite overweight at 266 lbs. I managed to do 10 minutes of this workout and found that was all I could manage - I could hardly speak!!! Should I just carry on? I was planning to work this into my day, everyday!

fitness blender

03/13/12 2:06pm

Hi K.klaudy, so glad you like the workout videos and that you are getting back into the habit of working out. I think your plan of HIIT + an additional 20 minutes of toning is going to be great for helping you lose those 7kg. If you want even faster results, do a short, separate bout of cardio on the opposite end of the day that you are doing that 40 minute workout. It will burn more calories and give your metabolism a jumpstart. Keep up the good work & keep us updated on your progress!


03/12/12 2:21pm

I absolutley love your workouts thank you for doing this! Just one question. I just got back into exercising and I was wondering if this work out followed by another 20 minute toning workout (one of yours of course) everyday would be enough to see those extra 7kg drop? Or should I be doing something even more intense?

fitness blender

03/10/12 2:26pm

Hey Figo I am glad that we have been able to help you start to make healthier decisions. I would recommend our "Total Body Warm Up Workout Routine" for a warm up and any of our stretching videos for a cool down. We are working on a more formal, complete cool down video currently, so watch for that as it will be coming out soon. Keep up the good work, you are just going to feel better and better!


03/09/12 6:21pm

About a month ago I decided to change my life to become a fit person at before i turn 50(nov 2012). thank god i found this website. I did this workout this morning coupled with the 8 minute abs routine, and believe me when i tell you that i was really tired during the workout, but 8 hours later i feel really really good.
I would like to know what warmup and cooldown routines you suggest for this type of high impact routine. thanks for you amazing videos and for helping me transform my life. god bless!

fitness blender

02/15/12 8:40am

Hello Emmeline,
If you have the time and/or stamina for two sessions back to back that is a great way to get some serious calorie burn and toning progress. I would suggest finding one other workout that you like so you can alternate between the two every other day. Do them 4 days a week or 6 days a week if you want to be more aggressive. It is always good to switch up your routines so try and swap out the workout you do every 4 to 6 week or less. Hope that helps.

Daniel S.


02/15/12 6:56am

This is great! I too delivered 4 months ago and miss getting to the gym, this is fuss and equipment free and quite tough -which is good. How many times a week should I try this? I am going to try and do two sessions a day back to back.

fitness blender

01/09/12 9:52am

Hello Preetha,
I am glad you have found our site helpful, and don't worry about doing only one round, it takes a while to get used to this type of routine. For your warm up try our Total Body Warm Up and for a cool down do one of our stretching routines. Use the search under Full Length Workout Videos to find them. Hope this helps.


01/09/12 6:11am

after my delivery i have restarted doing aerobics since 4 months. only yesterday i found ur website and its really WOW... i was searching for exactly this kind of exercise. i could complete only round 1 and get exhausted. it will take some time to complete all the rounds. if you can post the warm up and cool down it would be better to start and end with that session. or do you suggest to straight away start this workout?

fitness blender

12/09/11 9:15am

That's a good point & we are about to post some new ones, so watch for them. You have signed up for our newsletter, right? That's the easiest way to find out about our newest routines.


12/09/11 4:54am

More on the abs videos, I have seen only one video on abs


12/09/11 4:51am

I did this cardio this morning and the upper body workout this morning and will repeat the cardio again in the evening.
It's challenging and very good, makes me feel good and excited.

fitness blender

12/08/11 10:16am

Thanks Selmed, glad you are enjoying it! Let us know if you think of a workout type that you would like to see that we haven't covered yet.


12/08/11 3:39am

Thank you so much fitnessblender for this video. It is really a challenging video and I love it.

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