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5-Day Challenge Trainer Series: Bored Easily with Erica

5-Day Challenge Trainer Series: Bored Easily with Erica Strength and Conditioning Workouts with No Repeat Exercises

40 Min/Day • 1 Week
  • Daily Duration Avg. 40 Minutes
  • Min. 36 Minutes
  • Max. 44 Minutes
  • Body Focus Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body
  • Training Type Balance/Agility, Cardiovascular, HIIT, Low Impact, Plyometric, Strength Training, Toning
  • Equipment Dumbbell, Mat


Join me, Erica, through this challenge of 5 bored-easily-style workouts! "Bored easily" means that within each workout, you won't see any repeat exercises. Although there is great variety both in the exercises and workouts themselves, this challenge was still created with optimal effectiveness in mind. By the end, you'll have completed a large variety of exercises and targeted your muscles from various angles, under various types of tension — all while keeping your mind engaged. 

Who is this challenge for?
The bored easily formatting itself is especially geared toward those who tend to lose focus or motivation during workouts or simply like to keep things new and fresh! On top of that, we add in more variety through several training types from strength training, to bodyweight cardio, to balance and proprioception work. Benefits include increased strength, lean muscle mass, endurance, metabolic conditioning, power, bodily control and awareness, balance, functionality, and more. Each of the 5 days comes with its own unique formatting on top of the bored easily promise. Those who enjoy a wholesome total body conditioning experience are in luck! 

What to expect
The 5-day split starts out with total body strength training, then onto bodyweight cardio, upper body strength (chest & arms) for day 3, lower body strength and plyometrics for day 4, and finishes with a total body balance challenge that emphasizes the shoulders and back. The longest workout is 44 minutes and the shortest is 36, making the average workout 40 minutes. The difficulty ratings are either a 3 or 4, with reminders in both the write-ups and the workouts themselves on how you can ensure each one is suited to your preferences. All workouts include warm-ups and cool-downs along with modifications. 

Equipment needed
The only equipment you'll need to be set up for success is light, medium, and heavy dumbbells and a mat. Better yet if you have a broad range of weights to cater to the great variety of exercises.

Even among the constant change-up of exercises and multiple angles on training, I know you'll be able to begin noticing physical changes and benefits in your mentality toward exercise. Have fun with this challenge and be proud of each effort you put forth!