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10 Day Challenge Trainer Series: Feel Stronger with Erica

10 Day Challenge Trainer Series: Feel Stronger with Erica Traditional Strength Training with Power, Cardio, and Total Body Conditioning

36 Min/Day • 2 Weeks
  • Daily Duration Avg. 36 Minutes
  • Min. 16 Minutes
  • Max. 50 Minutes
  • Body Focus Total Body
  • Training Type Strength Training
  • Equipment Dumbbell, Mat


Join Erica for ten days of her most popular strength training workouts, infused with traditional strength training techniques as well as her signature flair for unique exercises and functional movement. This strength-focused challenge includes a variety of resistance training approaches, with elements of power, cardio, and total body conditioning. The workouts have been assembled in a progressive manner to help you build strength and cardiovascular health gradually and safely over the course of two weeks. 

Who is this challenge for? 

We recommend this challenge for exercisers with a baseline of experience in traditional strength training and an interest in unique training modalities. For intermediate exercisers, this is a great opportunity to challenge yourself with new training formats and techniques. For advanced exercisers, use this challenge to break through plateaus by lifting heavy and focusing on form. 

What to expect

This challenge is made up of Erica's "greatest hits" in strength training (so far!). If you've worked out with Erica before, you know that you can expect a blend of traditional exercises, unique but functional movements, and sneaky core work. Expect a progression of intermediate and advanced strength training techniques infused with other training modalities to help you improve strength, endurance, and cardiovascular function. This includes various strength training formats including metabolic conditioning (met-con), giant sets, tri-sets, plyometrics, and more. There are many ways to improve strength, and the combination of straightforward lifts and multi-exercise lifts in this challenge will help you additionally improve total body awareness. 

Here's how each week is structured: 

  • Day 1: Lower Body Strength (level 4)
  • Day 2: Upper Body Strength (level 4)
  • Day 3: Core + Cardio (level 3)
  • Day 4: Total Body Strength/Cardio Conditioning (level 4)
  • Day 5: Active Recovery (level 3/2)

Equipment needed

To make the most out of this challenge, we recommend sets of light, medium, and heavy weights for your upper and lower body. A mat will come in handy for floor-based exercises.